AST 1993 - The advantage of being a nobody. Be content with what you have

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1993 - The advantage of being a nobody. Be content with what you have

The strength of the Dragon Slaying Beast was also gradually increasing. Its strength wasn’t based on how much Dao Force worth of strength it had, but how fast it could get. To the Dragon Slaying Beast, the amount of Dao Force it had would only help it increase its own resistance toward how much damage it could take before being blown away. With how formidable its body was, there was rarely anything which could actually damage it. 

Because there were very few attacks which were actually capable of stopping the Dragon Slaying Beast, so far, Qing Shui had yet to see anyone or any demonic beasts which were able to stop it. Those who clashed with the Dragon Slaying Beast would usually either be blown away by the beast again and again, or if the opponent was inferior to the Dragon Slaying Beast in terms of strength, only one outcome would await. That was none other than being crushed and killed immediately. 

Strength-wise, the Dragon Slaying Beast had achieved the level of Divine Grade. Even though it was just at the most beginner level of Divine Grade, its most formidable feature was that it could already compete against opponents at the Seventh level of Divine Grade. If it could stack abilities which helped paralyze the opponent and the Dragon Slaying Beast were to follow up by attacking it, the battle’s result could already be determined.

The Hell Nightmare Beast was mainly used by    Qing Shui for its Foolish Loyalty. Occasionally, Qing Shui would take it out and use it as a shield. However, rarely did Qing Shui ever do that. The reason was that it didn’t hold as much advantage in its speed.

The strengths of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant, Dark Phoenix, and Dragon Spider were also increasing rapidly. Nevertheless, it was still a bit difficult for their strength to increase even further and they were only barely able to battle against opponents at Qing Shui’s level. The Thunderous Beast, on the other hand, could take part in certain battles. It was also getting better and better at cooperating with the Dragon Slaying Beast. 

Normally, both the Dragon Slaying Beasts and Thunderous Beasts would attack their opponent by using the pincer movements method. As soon as the opponent attempted to attack the Thunderous Beast, the Dragon Slaying Beast would immediately unleash its sharp attacks. If the opponent went for the Dragon Slaying Beast instead, the Thunderous Beast would also follow up with its Thunderbolt. Occasionally, it would use the Violet Lightning Strike. Particularly when the Violet Lightning Strike was used continuously, once that happened, the Dragon Slaying Beast would have had enough time to finish off a powerful enemy. No matter how strong the opponent might be, so long as it got struck by the Violet Lightning Strike, it would be doomed.

However, the Violet Lightning Strike could only be used for a limited time every day. Though the Violet Lightning Strike could become very overwhelming once enough of it had stacked together, this process required a lot of preparation time. Some of the passive abilities which the Thunderous Beast had could help increase the power of its Thunderbolt and Violet Lightning Strike. At the same time, it would also be able to exercise even more control over it.

Qing Shui had already saved up quite a lot of Fortune Golden Pellets and Nine Revolution Golden Pellets. Qing Shui’s demonic beasts were no longer capable of taking it. If his demonic beasts were to take it now, it could increase their strength by a very minor amount of strength, which was something which could never be compared to the value of the Fortune Golden Pellet itself. Consuming it now would only be a waste of resources.

As for the Yang Pill, he had saved up quite a few bottles of it. By now, the Yang Pill which Qing Shui had refined before became the Nine Yang Pills.  Furthermore, he had used all of them and would no longer have any more effects, even if he took another one. This was also a part of the reasons why Qing Shui was able to reach this level of strength. He had completely used up whatever resources that were available to him.

And also, as of now, Qing Shui was able to refine the Quintuple Portion Medicines.  

After about half a month of hard work, those brats had gotten a lot stronger. This time, Qing Shui went on to test their improvements himself and made them went through some examinations one by one. 

The one who improved the most was the teenage boy whom he met the earliest, the one who had said that he needed to take care of his siblings. He had the best body physique among all those people. He also had decent talents in his movements and speed of his Solitary Rapid Fist. 

But the most powerful in terms of strength was Qing Two. The teenage boy was Qing Nine. 

Before this, after the initial three days of training, they were all given a Five Elements Fruit each. Throughout these years, Qing Shui had collected a lot of these fruits in the realm. In the beginning, these fruits were very useful as it could help improve one’s body physique. However, its effect could only be taken once. 

Still, these fruits were quite delicious. Qing Shui would often eat it like they were normal fruits. Sometimes, he might even make some fruit salads out of it. 

“You all have improved a lot. I am going to give all of you a present today. I am sure you will like it.” Qing Shui said, as he took out a few Tiger Vitality Pills and gave one to each of them. 

The Tiger Vitality Pills now were no longer like those from the past. The earliest Tiger Vitality Pills had only helped increase one’s strength by about 1000 Jin while the current pills could increase it by 3000 Jin. If it weren’t for the young men’s bodies not being able to handle the effects of the medicine, Qing Shui would have immediately given them the Quintuple Portion Medicines instead.

Unfortunately, he could only take it slow for the time being. One mere Tiger Vitality Pill was already enough for them to digest for a period of time. After two hours, each of them started standing up with the spirits and energies of a tiger, their eyes full of surprises. To them, 3000 Jin was an amount that was multiple folds higher than their strength. 

After taking the Tiger Vitality Pill, it could be said that they had already surpassed the average person. After all, normal people would have halted their progress once their strength reached about 500 Jin. For ordinary men, the maximum strength which they were able to unleash would range from 10 to 500 Jin. 500 Jin was basically as far as what a normal person could achieve.

In their case, their strength was already around 3500 Jin. This was their first time experiencing such a significant boost in strength. 

Before this, when Qing Shui had helped them train their basics through the use of Bone Strengthening Pills and Impurities Cleansing Pills, it was all for the purpose that they could have significant improvements in their strength. Apart from that, it was also to ensure that they would have a good foundation. It was very important for someone to build their foundation while cultivating. Luckily, this was Qing Shui’s forte. Particularly for people without any cultivations, once they began training, they would be able to achieve twice the results with half the efforts. A good example would be when a house was being built. Between a house which only began building its foundation after it was half-built and another one with a foundation that was already built before it even began its constructions, it was very obvious which path would be easier.

This was just the beginning. It would take a long time to nurture these young men. The things which he had accomplished today was very important. It helped them become more confident. They knew that Qing Shui was an alchemist. Across the continent, alchemist was a very precious existence. Even one of the worst alchemists would still be one of the most highly-regarded existence in his circle.

After a week, Lan Lingfeng and the others came along with the Thirteenth Prince. By following Qing Shui, they could at least improve their strength a lot faster. As of now, they could already take part in battles alongside Qing Shui. Even in Great Shang City, they were standing on the highest class circle. 

In just a moment, Qing Shui already had a few people who had entered the circles with that level of strength. It wouldn’t be long before the entire Great Shang City learned about the presence of the mysterious Imperial Cuisine Hall. It didn’t seem to be inferior even to both Shang Clan and Lang Clan, which were the peak existence across Great Shang City.

This was still far away from what Qing Shui wanted. Because of his formidable medical expertise, he wanted Imperial Cuisine Hall to become an extraordinary existence. Even if the Imperial Cuisine Hall only had normal people looking after it, he wanted to make sure that it would still become an existence which even the most peak clans wouldn’t dare to look down on. 

For the time being, the people in charge of collecting medicines in the Imperial Cuisine Hall had gotten themselves a few apprentices. There were five in total. They were all those with the least talents among the 45 people. Basically, they wouldn’t make a living taking the path of cultivations. Hence, Qing Shui immediately let them took the Xiantian Golden Pellet so that they could help Qing Ci in the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

By achieving Xiantian Realm, the apprentices managed to surpass those with good talents immediately. However, they were also made aware that for the rest of their lifetime, it would be hard to see any more improvements in their strength. Nevertheless, they were contented for now. They already had three times as much life force as an ordinary man. Xiantian warriors… It was not only something which they wouldn’t have dreamt about, but they also might not even be able to do so much as meet one. Yet now, they have all turned in to one, and this was all given by Qing Shui.

“Thank you, master!” They started kneeling down and shown gratitude to him.

Qing Shui didn’t try to stop them. It was a miracle for them, being able to show respect a person like him. Truthfully speaking, they weren’t supposed to even be qualified as his disciples. Nevertheless, they were thankful for this opportunity. Being nobodies also had its own good points. They get satisfied very easily. 

Qing Ci was now able to use her Meridians Knocking Soul Pulling. Though she was still a bit unfamiliar with it, it could already be put to use. Even though it hadn’t been too long, Qing Ci was completely different to how she was before. A part of it had to do with the fact that she had studied a bit of medicine before. Still, it was thanks to her innate talent that she had managed to learn it in such a short time. 

Furthermore, she was also being nurtured by Qing Shui. By meeting Qing Shui, she was able to realize her potential and work to the best of her abilities. This was the most important event.

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