AST 1996 - Sacred Medicine Palace, Greed, Kidnapped

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 1996 - Sacred Medicine Palace, Greed, Kidnapped

The others also understood. It was just that they didn’t know why the old man seemed to think very highly of the young man. 

“Father, Do you think it’s necessary for us to protect the Imperial Cuisine Hall?” Zhang Danfeng asked the old man from before. 

“Yes, but don’t come out unless the situation is urgent.”

Zhang Dianfeng nodded after listening to what the old man had said. He understood that if he stepped in even for minor problems, it would seem like he was returning his debts. If instead, he only interrupted when they were in dangerous situations, it would have the best effect. 

Meanwhile, situated on the top of a mountain in Great Shang City, this place was exploited by men. There were a lot of manors here and the environment was also really great. The air was refreshing. This place was the headquarter for the Sacred Medicine Palace.

“You have mentioned that the Imperial Cuisine Hall had the cure to Zhang Miaoyun’s problem. Is that true?”

The person speaking was an old man. He was dressed in a plain gown and had thick brows and bright eyes. He didn’t really seem that sharp but it was more of a dignified feeling. The person standing opposite him was a middle-aged man. He had a huge figure and was wearing a grey gown. The middle-aged man had a very ordinary look. 

“Indeed. Zhang Miaoyun’s Dantian had begun gathering Qi again. Though it has yet to fully recover, it could already be confirmed that the Imperial Cuisine Hall was able to cure Zhang Miaoyun.” The middle-aged man reported in a firm tone.

“This is indeed a surprise. Not only was his Dantian crippled but his meridians has even snapped. No one has been able to cure him so far. That could almost already be classified as a terminal illness which targeted one’s cultivations specifically. When a person ends up like this, there would basically be no way for him to continue cultivating. The cultivations he had from before would also be crippled completely.”

There had been too many people who had lost their cultivation from injuring their Dantian or meridians. Among them, there were those with high and low cultivations. It didn’t matter what levels their cultivations were at. The impact of having one’s cultivations completely lost wasn’t something which anyone could take. Usually, it wouldn’t take long until they end their own lives. This was even more commonly seen the higher cultivations the person possessed. In the past, they used to live their lives in glory and luxury. Not only so, they could even have multiple wives at once. This was the kind of day which everyone had dreamt of living. Following the loss in their cultivations, it wouldn’t be very long until they lost all of these completely.

“Scout out every single detail about him and report to me as soon as possible.”

“Yes.” The grey dressed middle-aged man quickly left.

At this moment, another old man showed up. He seemed a bit older in age compared to the man from before. He was also dressed similarly to the old man in a plain, long gown.

“Senior martial brother, how do you feel about this?” The old man from before asked.

“If this is true, then the Imperial Cuisine Hall will definitely be a unique existence across the Nine Continents World. People, both good and bad, weak and powerful, will want to make sure they are friends with the Imperial Cuisine Hall. Merely from this, I can already tell that his medical expertise must be very daunting.” The Martial Brother said after pondering deeply.

The eyes of the junior martial brother suddenly turned bright. He then looked at his senior, “If we get the chance to steal his miraculous medical expertise, do you think that our Sacred Medicine Palace will be able to skyrocket in ranks?”

Hearing that, the senior lifted up his head and looked at his junior. He was slightly shorter than his junior. After a moment of thought, the senior responded, “Do you think that someone with such abilities will be an ordinary man? We mustn’t act carelessly. Also, there is definitely a lot of people who are planning to get him to join their sides. Not to mention, he must already be under Zhang Clan’s protection by now. After all, before he cured Zhang Miaoyun, Zhang Clan will definitely not allow anything to happen to the Imperial Cuisine Hall.”

“Senior martial brother, I am also aware of this situation, but there are also people who do not want Zhang Miaoyun to live. They will not sit still and watch as the Imperial Cuisine Hall cure him.” There was a bit of craftiness and greed in the eyes of the junior martial brother. This was quite normal. Indeed, if he could get his hands on such a miraculous ability, in the future, he would, without a doubt, become one of the top figures in the world.

“I am sure the Imperial Cuisine Hall will not teach outsiders their medical expertise.” The senior martial brother said after thinking for a while. 

“Senior martial brother, let me tell you something. Do you know Madam Lang?” The junior martial brother revealed an even more sinister smile than before.

“I have heard about her before. What about her?”

“This woman is following the mysterious young physician at the moment. Furthermore, according to some reliable sources, she is the disciple of this young man. Most importantly, he doesn’t seem to intend on reserving anything as he passed on his medical knowledge to Madam Lang. It’s said that what he is teaching her is precisely his formidable medical expertise, but I don’t think she has learned it fully for the time being.”

“Well then, junior martial brother, what do you plan to do?” The senior martial brother didn’t know what his junior was planning.

“I think the relationship between those two must be quite special. Why don’t we use the woman to threaten him? Would he teach us the things he knows in exchange for that?” 

“It’s claimed that the woman was saved exactly by this man. What do we do if the woman refuses to be threatened and commit suicide instead?”

“In that case, we have another option. The first one is to threaten him directly. Madam Lang has a son. So long as we try to intimidate her with her son. We can get her to do whatever we demand. As soon as we got what we wanted, we can then kill all of them immediately. By then, no one will get suspicious of us.” The junior martial brother said in a confident tone. 

The senior became silent. All along, his junior martial brother had always been vicious and merciless. He did things very firmly. He wouldn’t mind doing things unscrupulously to achieve his goals. So far, he had never failed in getting whatever things which captured his attention. 

“Senior martial brother, I understand your concerns, but you have to know that this is a once in a lifetime chance. If we get our hands on this mysterious ability, by blending it into the current strength which Sacred Medicine Place already has, the Sacred Medicine Palace is bound to achieve a lot of great things in the future.” The junior martial brother continued, as if he had been cast an intoxicating spell by the so-called ‘abilities’. 

“I am scared that the Sacred Medicine Palace would get into troubles for it.” The senior let out a sigh and said.

“Senior, follow me. I will explain to you about my plan thoroughly. I can assure you that nothing bad will happen. Even if we are unable to get our hands on it, at least we can still make sure that nothing will happen to the Sacred Medicine Palace. But if in any cases where we manage to get it, the number of benefits we can get out of it will be unimaginable.” By now, it is already very tough for the junior martial brother to turn back.


Qing Shui wasn’t afraid of letting people see what he was capable of today. It was for him to build up his fame. Qing Shui knew better than anyone else that a person’s talent would arouse the envy of others. He didn’t fear people laying their hands on him. Instead, he was more worried about the people around him being targeted. At the moment, he already had his own people in Great Shang City. For example, the Barbarian Emperor, Qing Ci and her son, Yin Tong, and Ling Fei also had children of their own. Thirteenth Prince was on his own and last but not least, Lan Lingfeng and Ziche Sha.

What he was worried the most about at the moment were the two children. Other than Ziche Sha and Ling Fei, who were lacking a bit in strength, the others were already powerful enough to conquer a particular land by themselves.

Qing Shui informed everyone to be careful, especially when it came to taking care of their children. However, Qing Shui didn’t make it too serious so they wouldn’t be too terrified. However, at this exact moment, Qing Ci came in with a pale look.

“Master, Little Mo has been kidnapped.”

As she was speaking, her eyes began to be filled with tears.

“Calm down and tell me about the situation. Everything is going to be fine.” Qing Shui comforted her. Deep down, he was very furious.

Qing Shui knew that the opponent must have had something toward him. There should be two scenarios in which this could happen. The first one was that he must have saved someone whom he wasn’t supposed to save. The opponent did this to stop him from saving the person. The second one was the opponent thirsting for his medical expertise. It was unlikely that they had done this to get him to help treat a particular person because Qing Shui had not rejected any patient’s requests before. 

Little Mo was Qing Ci’s son. 

“I don’t know. The only thing I saw was a figure taking Little Mo before flying away. It happened very fast. I merely turned around to help Little Mo pick up a ball that was about ten meters away. I was unable to catch up to that figure.” Qing Ci started crying as she spoke. 

“Could it be the Lang Clan?” This was what Qing Shui assumed. After all, the Lang Clan had done some stuff before. This time, it was not entirely impossible that they would do something again.

“I don’t know. Master, what shall I do?” Qing Ci was very anxious at the moment.

“Everything will be fine, don’t worry. The kidnappers must have had their own motives for taking away Little Mo. Let’s wait for their news. It shouldn’t take long until we hear from them. Leave everything to me. I can assure you that Little Mo will be fine.” For the time being, the only thing that Qing Shui could do was to comfort her. He quickly let out a huge swarm of Jade Emperor Bees. They were all detective bees.

“Ci`Er, this is the detective squad. They can do some investigations on it, but it will take some time.”

“Alright. Thank you, master.” By now, Qing Ci had already calmed down.

“Foolish brat, do you still need to act so courteously in front of your master? We are relatives now. Keep in mind that whatever problems you may face from now on, you must talk to me about it. At the moment, you are being way too concerned with Little Mo. This will cause you to make the wrong decisions very easily.” Qing Shui reminded her.

“Don’t worry, master. I will make sure to do that.”

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