AST 2005 - Qing She, Tianhe Renmo?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2005 - Qing She, Tianhe Renmo?

Qing Hanye now realized that her man was jealous. She couldn't help but burst out laughing and threw a charming glare at him. "He's your child."

Even if Qing Shui was acting jealous, he wasn't really so. Therefore he smiled and nodded, "I know."

"Give him a name!" Qing Hanye now felt very satisfied and said blissfully.

"Let's call him Qing She!" Qing Shui saw this little guy's physique, it was unique and Qing Shui knew that he would have a great future before him. Therefore, he hoped that this son could have a benevolent, righteous, and forgiving heart[1].

"We'll go with your decision. Little guy, you'll be called Qing She in the future." Qing Hanye said happily.

This time around, Qing Shui's return was very timely. He hadn't expected to be able to coincidentally arrived this time around.

Qing Hanye was a cultivator and the Nine Yin Physique couldn't be measured by conventions. Although she had just given birth, with Qing Shui’s help, she had recovered a lot after half a day. At the very least, she became stronger than an ordinary person would feel after giving birth.

Therefore, there wasn't a need for her to have a confinement period after the childbirth, nor was there a need to worry that she would suffer from chills.

However, Qing Shui still made her rest in bed for a couple of days.

The other ladies came back again, but they left together with Qing Shui after a short while. The child had fallen asleep and Qing Hanye was also resting.

Qing Shui told Yiye Jiange and the others where he was currently at, and also shared with them about his recent situation.

After knowing that Qing Shui was now at the Great Shang City, they told Qing Shui to be careful. Qing Shui shared with them some of the thoughts he had, which made them want to help Qing Shui immediately. It was a pity that they couldn't leave the Sunset Sea King Palace alone and Qing Shui didn’t agree to them disbanding the Sunset Sea King Palace. After all, the current Sunset Sea King Palace and the Easternpeak Dragonwolf Palace together were not inferior to ordinary Immortal Palaces.

"I'm thinking of setting up a Battle God Palace comprising of Battle God Inheritors. Qingge (Sun Shooting Battle God Inheritor), what are your plans? Qing Shui gave it some thought and said.

Muyun Qingge was originally the Sea King Palace's Palace Mistress, but the Sea King Palace had merged with Luo Qingcheng's Sunset Palace to become the Sunset Sea King Palace.

Right now, she was one of the Palace Mistresses of the Sunset Sea King Palace.

"I have nothing to do here anyway. Why don't I go with you to take a look?" Muyun Qingge said.

Luo Qingcheng smiled, "It's fine even if Qingge was to go now. Anyway, we'll still have to merge together in the future. She's a Battle God Inheritor and has her own mission."

Qing Shui gave it some thought, "If Qingge was to leave right now, I won't feel assured to leave this place."

"What's there to be worried about? Jiangge and Lingyan are both here. There are too few people here who can be a threat to us. This isn't the True Nine Continents World." Luo Qingcheng smiled and said.

Qing Shui thought about it. It made sense. With the ladies' abilities and the Sunset Sea King Palace, they would be able to have a relatively high status even if they were to head to the Great Shang City.

"Let's wait a little more. The Battle God Palace has just started. We'll talk more about this next time." Qing Shui gave it some thought and still felt that Muyun Qingge shouldn't be leaving right now.

"Then we'll leave this for the future. When your Battle God Palace gets stronger, then I'll head over." Muyun Qingge smiled and said. She didn't feel too much about it.

There hadn't been many changes over half a year. Tantai Lingyan had improved a lot and Yiye Jiange’s progress was also very fast. Muyun Qingge could keep up as well. However, half a year was very short after all. Despite so, the ladies' improvements let Qing Shui know that they would be able to stand up for themselves in the Nine Continents World.


"Little Yanyan, I'll be leaving tomorrow." Qing Shui went to Tantai Lingyan's room.

Toward this ice-cool goddess, Qing Shui would "work hard" every time he had an opportunity to. He hoped that he would be able to embrace the beauty one day.

"Mmm, be careful." Tantai Lingyan no longer bothered to resist against Qing Shui's nickname for her. He let him call whatever he wished...

"I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too."

"I love you!"

"I... love you too." Tantai Lingyan said, hesitantly.

Qing Shui smiled as he looked at this lady who was a little embarrassed. He could not hold it in and hugged her, but didn't do anything further, he was helpless with this woman. There were many things which Qing Shui could do, but he couldn't bear to use them. For example, he could use the Soft-Tendon Hand Technique, which he was confident in. However, it wasn't very effective against Tantai Lingyan, she had a very strong self-control

Qing Shui knew that Tantai Lingyan would be his, sooner or later and there wasn't a need to feel anxious. More haste, less speed.

Actually, they were only one step away. Qing Shui could now hug and kiss her just like lovers. Sometimes, he could even put his hands on her chest and her breath-taking beautiful bum, and have his way with them. Just thinking of this lit up a fire in Qing Shui's heart.

He lowered his head and kissed that charming lips, carried her up, and walked toward the bed.

On the soft bed, Qing Shui laid on top of Tantai Lingyan's beautiful body, kissing her as his hands moved around incessantly. This made the extremely charming woman tremble ceaselessly.

"You aren't allowed to take off my clothes."

Sensing that Qing Shui was taking off her clothes, Tantai Lingyan grabbed his hand and said.

Qing Shui had already made her feel comfortable, and thus he now said, smiling bitterly, "You've felt good, but I'm still holding it in."

As Qing Shui said that, he took her hand and placed it against that scorching part of his body. Tantai Lingyan shivered and instinctively drew her hand back. She then looked at Qing Shui, "You said that you wouldn't force me. Can you give me a little more time? I'll definitely be yours. Isn't there still Jiange?"

She rarely spoke in such a tone, and it made Qing Shui numb all over. Qing Shui had only wanted to tease her, but now laying on top of her, his chin was about to bury into her twin peaks. Looking at this charming ice-cold beauty, Qing Shui smiled evilly and said, "Then let me have a taste of this."

Qing Shui then buried his head into the twin peaks, and took in a deep breath of that fragrance. It was a fragrance that was better than any other scents.

Tantai Lingyan closed her eyes and didn't say anything. Qing Shui knew that she had given him consent through the silence, then he skillfully removed her upper clothes. A pair of astonishing snow-white peaks jumped out. They were soft and tender, yet smooth like jade. They were well-rounded, but were in a perfect peach shape. The pink tips had an indescribable charm that would make one's blood vessel expanded.

Qing Shui couldn't hold back, he kissed and bit on them for an hour...


Qing Shui left after staying for less than a week. He still needed to return to the Great Shang City. He didn't wish for there to be any troubles there and quickly used the Five Elements Divine Flag to arrive at the Dazang City. Qing Shui had set one of the locations of his Five Elements Divine Flags on the Dazang City. 

Qing Shui recalled that it had been half a year since he last came to the Dazang City. Should he head to the Northern Snow City to visit Luan Luan? If she knew that he was in the Great Shang City, she'd definitely be very happy.

Qing Shui flew toward the Xiyun City. Right now, he hadn't given it any thought whether he should head to the Northern Snow City, or to the Northern Underworld Immortal Palace.

When he arrived between the Dazang City and Xiyun City, he heard sounds of fighting in the distance. Not so long after, someone in a bad state ran in Qing Shui's direction. Qing Shui wanted to leave directly, but just as he was about to leave, he came to a stop. It was because he realized that the person who was being chased down and sought after, was someone he knew.

Tianhe Renmo!

The genius of Tianhe City's Tianhe Clan--Tianhe Renmo.

Qing Shui hadn't expected to see him here. It was too astonishing. After all, with how big this world was, it was really a great affinity to be able to meet each other like this.

[1] The 'She' in Qing She's name is the forgiving part of an idiom which meant benevolent, righteousness, and forgiving.

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