AST 2016 - A Treasure Map, Someone Was in Danger!

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2016 - A Treasure Map, Someone Was in Danger!

Waves after waves of formless pressure could be felt coming out of it. It was resisting against the people or beasts that were attempting to go inside the cave.

Suddenly, a message appeared in Qing Shui’s mind.

Violent Axe Battle God!

This was a cave which once belonged to a Battle God, the Violent Axe Battle God. Or speaking about it more precisely, it was the graveyard of the former Violent Axe Battle God. There was a room behind the skeleton of the Battle God. Moreover, this was the deepest part of the cave. Thus, Qing Shui felt eager to go and take a look. This energy which didn’t take any form was guiding Qing Shui to go forward.

Qing Shui made his way into the deepest part of the cave. Each of his steps felt heavy, as if he was being stopped by the formless energy.

There was a series of clear footprints on the ground. By the time Qing Shui was beside the Violent Axe Battle God, this figure disappeared into dust, leaving only its armor and the huge axe. The entire skeleton turned into dust.

The formless energy also disappeared.

The two young ladies also followed along and made their way here. Qing Shui, on the other hand, entered the room. The room looked very simple; there was a table, a bed, and a chair in it. A Beast Parchment could be seen on the table, and Qing Shui picked it up to take a look at it. The writings on the Beast Parchment was very clear.

‘My name is Feng Leikuang. I am known by others as the Violent Axe Battle God.’

Qing Shui looked over it for a while. To put it simply, back then, the Violent Axe Battle God was too arrogant and did things too extravagantly. Eventually, he fell into the enemy’s traps... It was stated in the letter that he had no children or disciples, which was the most regretful thing that ever happened in his life. He couldn’t be considered to have died an untimely death, but when he died, he was still very young and didn’t get to even have a wife.

He hoped that someone could one day take over his armor and battle axe; he hoped that a person could be brought here by fate to inherit them, or alternatively, the person could also help him find a suitable candidate instead.

‘There is a jade box under the bed. Inside, it contained my Origin Qi and Origin Essence before I died. Remember! Those who aren’t the Violent Axe Battle God Inheritor mustn’t absorb its Origin Essence. Or else, the consequences would be unbearable.’

‘There is another jade box. If the person who comes is unable to inherit the armor, the things that are inside the jade box are a gift to thank the person for attempting to wear them. Hopefully, you can help to look for a person that is qualified to inherit my will.’

‘If you are able to inherit my heritage, this jade box would naturally be yours.’

Other than these, there was no other things. Qing Shui found two jade boxes under the bed. On top of one of the boxes, the words ‘Origin Essence’ were written on it. The other jade box, on the other hand, had nothing written on it.

“Let’s go out first!” Qing Shui smiled as he took away the two jade boxes. When he walked past the armor and battle axe once again, he also kept them. The martial techniques of the Violent Axe Battle God were all written on the axe. Only after one received the Violent Axe Battle God Inheritance could one comprehend its martial techniques.

Qing Shui kept the Origin Essence Jade Box and also the Battle Axe Armor. The two young ladies in front of him weren’t suitable to be the Violet Axe Battle God Inheritors. Thus, he kept them.

Qing Shui was the leader of the Battle Gods. Naturally, he would keep this thing in mind. After all, in the future, the Violet Axe Battle God Inheritor would be his ally. Thus, he was more than willing to find the heir for the fallen Battle God. At the same time, he could also help people.

The Violent Axe Battle God was very picky when it came to picking his next heir. After all, to be a Battle God Inheritor, one must have strong innate talents and physiques. However, deep down, Qing Shui had already found a suitable candidate. If nothing went wrong, it would be none other than him.

“Guys, look at this jade box and try to see what’s in it. I really want to take a look into it very badly.” Yu Xixuan said with a curious voice.

“Alright, let’s take a look and see what it is.” Qing Shui opened it as he spoke.

Merely with one look, Qing Shui could already tell what it was. Something was written on a Beast Parchment.

Treasure map! It was a treasure map! Qing Shui was a bit agitated. It had been so long since he last found a treasure map. In the past, Qing Shui had once gotten a few of these maps. Each of them had also given him huge benefits.

“A treasure map. Everyone, please remember. We will go and search for it in the future. Take a look at this, can anyone recognize this landform?” Qing Shui opened the treasure map and put it on his hands.

This place was a mountain peak that was covered in white. Even the plants around the peak were snow white in color. If not mistaken, these white substances should be snow. The most unique thing about it was its mountain peak that was shaped like a curved sword.

“The only thing we could pay attention to was which mountain peak snows all year long or try to find a mountain which is shaped like a sword during winter.” Yu Xixuan said.

“Look at the overall shape of the land here. This mountain peak that was shaped like a sword was the tallest. Furthermore, it was located at the center of the area. The shape of this land looks just like a formation.” Beiming Xue said in a serious tone.

Qing Shui smiled. Indeed, this was a formation. Furthermore, he realized that Beiming Xue had very meticulous observation skills.

At this moment, Little Rin came back, and Qing Shui happily tossed some food to it. After that, the group decided to rest here for the day. They still had to gather up tomorrow morning in the area 500 Lis from here.

The food for tonight was prepared by the two girls. Since they used Qing Shui’s ingredients, the food that they made was just as good as his. Because they had enough ingredients, they seemed to be very willing to prepare the food.

At night, Qing Shui camped outside, leaving the two girls inside. Little Rin and the Dragon Slaying Beast, on the other hand, guarded the entrance of the cave.

At midnight, a beast’s roar was heard. Following on, a signal that asked for help appeared.

Someone was in danger! They weren’t sure if it was the member of Great Sun Immortal Palace or the Bright Moon Palace. Regardless of who it was, actually, Qing Shui wasn’t that fond of any of them.

If Qing Shui was to compare, he had a better impression of Lei Bao than Qu Bai. The people of the Bright Moon Palace were all incomplete people. Thus, it was perfectly normal for them to be mentally unstable. After all, for a man to lose his rightful ability as a man since they had lost their male organ, their nature would follow along and undergo changes.

Right at this moment, the two girls came out. Qing Shui also followed along and looked at them, “Let’s go and take a look at what’s going on.”

The two young ladies nodded.

Since it was already agreed before, now that someone was in trouble, they must go and take a look.

After packing up everything, the three of them rode on Little Rin and made their way towards the direction where the signal came from. Little Rin was very fast; its speed was faster than all of Qing Shui’s demonic beasts. This was the difference between their strength.

By now, Qing Shui only knew how to distinguish between demonic and Spiritual Beasts. Even for existences like the Immortal Beasts and Divine Beasts, actually, they were also considered as Spiritual Beasts.

Qing Shui didn’t know if the Dark Phoenix could be considered as a Spiritual Beast, although it should be one. After all, among the beasts which Luan Luan tamed a long time ago, there were also some Spiritual Beasts. However, even Spiritual Beasts were divided into low, mid, and high-level beasts. There was a huge difference between each level.

Thus, it was no longer weird when he thought about all of this. However, Little Rin was no doubt a Spiritual Beast with a high-quality bloodline. This was because it already possessed such formidable strength before it even fully matured; it possessed a natural Spiritual Beast Bloodline.

Unlike Qing Shui’s Spiritual Beasts, they all grew up little by little from a low level. Even the current Dark Phoenix was once only a Fire Bird of Xiantian Realm.

While thinking about this, Qing Shui felt that he had achieved a lot. He felt like he was looking at a child that was slowly growing up.

They arrived very quickly. It was a fierce demonic beast! It had a huge figure and was about a hundred meters long. It looked like a snake, yet it had legs. Its entire body smelled very bad; it did not only stink but was also poisonous.

The person asking for help was Lei Bao of the Great Sun Immortal Palace. One of the two people who followed him had died, whereas the other one suffered heavy injuries and was inflicted with poison. Lei Bao had also been poisoned, but luckily, he only suffered light injuries.

As soon as Little Rin appeared, the big guy trembled. It turned around and ran away immediately as soon as it encountered Little Rin, leaving everyone else present dumbfounded. Only Qing Shui and the two young ladies would know what was going on.

This caused the two young ladies to show even more admiration in their eyes when they looked at Little Rin. With a demonic beast like this, they would have been able to do as they pleased in the Northern Ice Domain.

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