AST 2023 - Absorb the Origin Essence Pill, The Evolution of Dragon Spider

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2023 - Absorb the Origin Essence Pill, The Evolution of Dragon Spider

Yu Xixuan did not question how they killed it and what kind of creature it was. However, a woman had a strong curiosity, so she planned to ask either of them later.

Upon arrival at a safer place, Qing Shui felt slightly relieved. The hazardous pace was exhausting, physically and mentally. This was mainly because of their lack of strength; if they were strong enough, the giant monster would have been killed with a palm move.

“We should take a rest here today. Let’s look around tomorrow and see if we can find something nice,” Qing Shui thought and said. 

Beiming Xue escaped and felt happy. Thought Qing Shui took advantage of her, she was pleased to breathe in this fresh air and see this beautiful sunshine.


Yu Xixuan said to Qing Shui while holding Beiming Xue’s hand, “Let’s have a look there.”

Qing Shui nodded and ordered Little Rin to look after them for safety reasons.

The Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal!

Qing Shui saw the Dragon Spider lingering around the Origin Essence Pill of the giant monster once he entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. It ran towards Qing Shui as it noticed him. It had the physical form of a Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider, but it had the voice of a little girl. In Qing Shui’s heart, the Dragon Spider was like his own child.

“I want to absorb these,” The Dragon Spider conveyed a message to Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was startled; he recalled the Dragon Spider’s spiderweb and the big guy’s tentacle. Now that the Dragon Spider wanted to absorb its Origin Essence, he wondered if it would obtain the big monster’s abilities.

“Absorb them then, but take it slow. These things have a strong energy,” Qing Shui said with a smile.

Initially, Qing Shui wanted to refine it for medicine, but he could not maintain the giant monster’s Origin Essence then. This Origin Essence consisted of the demonic beast’s original abilities besides its strength; that was what made it so precious.

However, some of the original abilities in the Origin Essence Pill would not be absorbed entirely. It was very unlikely, but still possible. Hence, it depended on one’s luck. Besides, there were more than one original ability in the Origin Essence Pill. Thus, it was highly possible to obtain one of them.

Dragon Spider understood it; then, it swallowed the Origin Essence Pill happily. Next, it also swallowed the Core and the other materials from the giant monster.

Qing Shui’s heart skipped a beat; it was too late to stop. The giant monster had a terrific strength, and now the Dragon Spider had swallowed the Core and the Origin Essence. It would gain more than half of the giant monster’s strength, even if it did not absorb the total strength.

Indeed, some would be lost during the transfer and absorption. Qing Shui looked at the Dragon Spider anxiously.

In a short while, the Dragon Spider’s body was enlarged and its nine heads made continuous shrieking noises.

Initially, only the middle one was a dragon head. This was the major head, but two dragon heads appeared in between shortly. They were smaller than the middle one. It was still nine-headed, but there were three dragon heads now.

The Dragon Spider’s strength spiked tremendously.


One head was crushed but a new head emerged instantly. Qing Shui was relieved; this was the giant monster’s regeneration ability. Qing Shui knew it was alright now. The most terrifying ability of the giant monster was its regeneration. Surprisingly, the Dragon Spider obtained this regeneration ability.

Indeed, the regeneration ability was not endless. For instance, it was applicable once or twice, or even ten times a day. However, there was always a limit for everything, it was impossible to regenerate continuously. It was against nature to regenerate, one regeneration equaled another life.

Qing Shui was dumbfounded. Suddenly, a thick spider web appeared around the Dragon Spider. These spider threads were much thicker than the usual ones. They looked a bit like the giant monster’s tentacles. Still, there was one distinct difference. The Dragon Spider’s threads were white while the giant monster’s tentacles were black.

Thunder gathered in the air; a catastrophe was coming. The Dragon Spider’s strength was improving rapidly. The catastrophe was over very soon and reappeared again shortly…

Qing Shui was excited, he was about to own a strong Control Type demonic beast. The Thunderous Beast was not going to cut it anymore since there was a huge strength discrepancy. The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant and the Dark Phoenix were unable to battle for the same reason. Only the Dragon Slaying Beast could come out. However, he had Little Rin and the Dragon Spider now. The Dragon Spider would probably become a demonic beast as strong as Little Rin this time. Most importantly, it belonged to the Control Type. Together with the Dragon Slaying Beast, they might overturn the world.

More than half a month passed, catastrophe appeared once in a while and the body of the Dragon Spider changed constantly. Currently, the sparkling golden dragon head in the center of its body appeared larger and more ferocious than ever. The huge spider body was like a king kong, its legs were so sharp that they could penetrate everything. Though the overall size increment was not big, the aura was completely different from before.

The surrounding eight little heads were all dragon heads. They were small, but the charisma was terrific.

Qing Shui sensed the Dragon Spider’s strength roughly, but he was unsure of its actual state. It was definitely stronger than the Ice Burst Demonic Bear. Although it could not obtain all of the giant monster’s strength, it already obtained more than half of it.

He looked at the Dragon Spider with the Heavenly Vision Technique.

The Dragon Spider’s strength was invisible, but Qing Shui felt it was around 5 billion Dao Force, similar to Little Rin. That was a lot greater than the Ice Burst Demonic Bear which might achieve this strength by chance. After all, it had the resistance power.

Qing Shui looked at the battle skills of the Dragon Spider. He wanted to see if there were new powerful abilities.

He realized the great transformation, the Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider experienced an evolution, its body structure changed greatly, too.

Five Qi Origin: The Innate Skill of the Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider, a permanent increase of raw strength by five hundred times, zero energy consumption.

Body Regeneration: Three times regeneration for any body part daily.

Poison Web Entanglement: The Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider’s Inescapable Net Attack with powerful corrosive poison, adhesiveness, and strong entanglement. Reduced speed of the trapped target.

Poison Silk Tentacle: The Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider would attack and entangle a target from a distance using a poison silk. The speed is extremely fast, the adhesiveness and toxicity are stronger, and it would reduce more speed of the trapped target than the Poison Web Entanglement.

Ultimate Spider Swarm:  The unique ability of a demonic beast king, the powerful followers around it would complement its attack. The followers would evolve up to the Eight-Headed Demonic Spiders. Special mutated demonic spiders might appear. Ten times increase of all existing abilities, including defense, endurance and resilience.

Spider Silk Sky Net: Passive skill, zero energy consumption, permanent speed increase by a hundred times, able to form a huge net on its surroundings instantly and reduce the speed of all trapped targets. In the sky net, the Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider’s speed would increase by ten times.

Sharpness: The eight legs of Seven-Headed Demonic Spider is extremely sharp with an incredible toxicity and penetration effect.

Unyielding Shield: The Seven-Headed Demonic Spider had a powerful defense.

Demonic Spider-Dragon Head: Passive skill, increase the hardness and sharpness of Seven-Headed Demonic Spider’s Attack by two hundred times, and increase the hardness, adhesiveness, and toxicity of the spider silk… Apart from that, a hundred times increase of attacking power, endurance, and stamina, zero energy consumption!

Divine Spider Thread: Ten times increase of all of the Nine-Headed Demonic Dragon Spider’s strength, the toxicity, hardness, adhesiveness of spider silk, sharpness, and control.

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