AST 2033 - You're being too disgraceful and hopeless as a Clan Head

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2033 -  You're being too disgraceful and hopeless as a Clan Head

Qing Shui wasn't angered. It was as if his expression didn't change at all as he looked at the person who had spoken. It was a young man who gave off strong Qi, but that was all he had. This young man was a little taller than Qing Shui and had handsome looks with bright eyes. However, the shape of his face was slightly sharp, giving off a cold feeling that would stop all living things from getting close.

Qing Shui reckoned that this should be one of the proud geniuses in the Yu Clan. He was even stronger than Yu Xixuan and had a strength at about a billion Dao force. 

There were several people of varying ages next to him. He walked up to Yu Dinghe and his wife, smiling, "Hello 6th Uncle, 6th Aunt!"

"Jianming, you've come." Yu Dinghe smiled in return and said with a calm tone.

Yu Xixuan looked at Yu Jianming with a displeased expression, "If you put up a strong front, you'll end up crying later on."

Yu Xixuan's words were very vague. No one knew whom she was talking about. It felt as if she was talking about Qing Shui, but yet also seemed like she was talking about Yu Jianming.

Yu Jianming looked at Yu Xixuan, "Xixuan, you've come back."

"Mmm. Qing Shui, let me introduce him to you. This is my Eldest Uncle's son, Yu Jianming." Yu Xixuan said to Qing Shui.

Yu Jianming felt uncomfortable. People with discerning eyes would be able to tell that Yu Xixuan and Qing Shui were on good terms with each other and she did not pay her cousin any heed. Yu Xixuan was also feeling displeased. Not showing her friend any respects was equivalent to not showing herself any respect. So why would she still show the other party any respect?

Moreover, Yu Jianming had also appeared nonchalantly toward Yu Dinghe and his wife. Although he appeared very polite, Yu Dinghe was still in a conversation with Qing Shui. For Yu Jianming to interrupt and his choice of words wasn't very pleasant either, this actually showed that he didn't care about his 6th Uncle and Aunt.

Yu Dinghe was an indifferent person and seldom interfered in the matters of the Yu Clan. He was a kind person and never mistreated even the people under him nor did he carry any weight. If the people working for him had any problems and went to look for him, he would always help them out.

Yu Dinghe didn't fight for anything in the Yu Clan, and there wasn't anyone who viewed him as an enemy. He didn't participate in anything either, unless something major were to happen to the Yu Clan. He would never get involved in the internal strifes in the clan. He was not interested in who would become the clan's head, nor was he interested in becoming the clan's head in the least.

"Hello. I'm Qing Shui, a physician." Qing Shui calmly introduced himself.

"I believe that you’ve said that you were very confident in your medical skills?" Yu Jianming revealed a smile. However, anyone could tell that Yu Jianming’s smile was mocking him. His look of disdain when looking at Qing Shui was like how a millionaire was looking at a beggar, as if the beggar was saying that he was rich just because he had ten dollars on him.

It was contempt, a feeling of superiority, believing that he was above others.

"Yeah, it's good. It's very good, actually." Qing Shui replied.

Qing Shui's reply took Yu Jianming by surprise. Who would reply like this? Even if a person’s medical skills were great, they should remain humble. However, Yu Jianming didn't think about his own tone when he had spoken earlier. This was a display of superiority, where one could only see others being disrespectful toward himself, but was blind to how he had treated others.

"Oh really? Then what kind of illnesses can you heal?" Yu Jianming asked further.

"I can cure any kind of illnesses from disabilities, mental deficiency to underdevelopment. I've yet to come across an illness that I can't treat." Qing Shui said seriously.

Yu Xixuan couldn't hold back her laughter. Qing Shui's words were indirectly calling Yu Jianming disabled or saying that he had a mental deficiency.

"Ignorance people have no fear. For you to be shamelessly boasting at such a young age... If it wasn't for Xixuan inviting you here herself, I'd have thrown you out by now." Yu Jianming maintained his smile, but the smile itself was very cold.

"To speak the truth, if it wasn't because Xixuan is my friend, I wouldn't have come here in the first place." Qing Shui shook his head, wearing an extremely disappointed expression.

"You're courting death! This place isn't some place for you to behave with such atrocity!"

A middle-aged man next to Yu Jianming suddenly dashed out toward Qing Shui with a lightning speed. He swung his hand toward Qing Shui, clearly wanting to take his life.

For the sake of his reputation, Yu Jianming could not do anything himself. However, the same didn’t apply for his subordinates. He could just claim that he couldn't control his subordinates and the matter would be over.

Qing Shui felt this was bothersome and with a casual stretch of his hand, grabbed the man's wrist. That man had wanted to slap Qing Shui, thus Qing Shui only grabbed his wrist and twisted it.


A crisp sound that made one's head felt numb rang out. Qing Shui didn't hold back and had broken that man's wrist. It wasn't that Qing Shui wasn't showing Yu Xixuan any respects, it was the opposite. These people weren't showing her any respects.

Everyone turned silent. Qing Shui had been very vicious.

"Excellent. It has been many years since someone has dared to act so arrogantly in our Yu Clan." At that moment, a loud voice and a series of footsteps rang out.

Yu Xixuan's expression changed. "Qing Shui, my Eldest Uncle and the others are here."

Qing Shui rubbed his head as he looked at the over ten people who were headed in their direction. The person in the lead was a mature middle-aged man with a wisp of snow-white hair at his sideburns. This didn’t make him appear old, but instead, gave him an indescribable disposition.

This man was Yu Xixuan's eldest uncle, Yu Clan's current clan head.

"Eldest Brother!"

"6th Brother is here too." Yu Dingshan greeted calmly.

Right now, Qing Shui didn't have any good impressions of the Yu Clan. He only had good opinions about Yu Xixuan and her parents.

"The way that Yu Clan treats its guests is very interesting. Xixuan, it seems that I should be leaving." Qing Shui didn't wish to make it hard on Yu Xixuan.

"Qing Shui, I'll leave with you." Yu Xixuan gritted her teeth.

"Xixuan!" Yu Dingshan suddenly shouted.

Yu Xixuan turned to look at Yu Dingshan, "Eldest Uncle, is anything the matter?"

"Go get prepared. I've settled on your marriage arrangements. It's with the Liu Clan's Third Young Master. Prepare to get married within three days' time." Yu Dingshan one-sidedly said.

Yu Xixuan trembled, her face pale. This was how it was for the members of great clans. While clans provided you with plenty of benefits, they also make you -also lose a lot, especially their marriage. Most of the decisions were made with the clan's development as the goal.

"Eldest Uncle, I heard that there is going to be an upcoming battle between the Liu Clan and the Yu Clan [1]. If Liu Clan were to lose..." Yu Xixuan said carefully.

"There may still be a few days before the fight. Third Young Master Liu insists that the wedding must be completed within these few days before the fight. The Liu Clan has come and discussed this with us. No matter what, you're a member of the Liu Clan. Xixuan, you should also know that our Yu Clan isn't the strongest in the Azure Rainbow City, and we still have to take cues from other people. This is something similar to the clan's duty. Go get yourself prepared!"

Yu Xixuan now felt as if the entire world had become empty and was in a daze. At that moment, Yu Dinghe said, "Eldest Brother, that Third Young Master from the Liu Clan is already crippled. I think it's better for Xixuan not to be married to him."

"6th Brother, I know that Xixuan will be aggrieved, but this is a good chance for the Yu Clan and Liu Clan to join forces. You know that Yu Clan [1] has always wanted to do us in all this while." Yu Dingshan wasn't in a hurry to show his anger and explained calmly.

"Haha, Is this how it is for a great clan? Why do I feel that it's worse off than an ordinary clan? What's the difference between this and selling off your own daughters? I feel ashamed for you as well. This clan head is really hopeless. To think a person like you can become a clan head. I wonder if you have any daughters? Why don't you marry your daughter over?"

Qing Shui said, feeling displeased when he saw Yu Xixuan's completely disheartened expression.

[1] Not referring to the Yu(Jade) Clan. The other instances of Yu Clan in this chapter refers to the Yu(Jade) Clan.

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