AST 2036 - The Restaurant Is Open for Business, Beat Up Third Young Master Liu

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AST 2036 - The Restaurant Is Open for Business, Beat Up Third Young Master Liu

After observing every detail of the place, Qing Shui felt that very soon, he would be able to open the Imperial Cuisine Hall for business. He had already prepared a lot of things in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Meanwhile, he had also been to the medicine shops nearby to collect some medicinal herbs. Following on, he took out a few shelves from the realm.

Since he just started, he didn’t plan to make it too big. Yu Xixuan, on the other hand, demanded one of the buildings to be a restaurant. The people who left along with Yu Xixuan were all already in Azure Rainbow City. To them, it was the same as migrating from one place to another.

However, Yu Xixuan felt that she might still need to make some changes to this place and add some simple decorations to it, so that she could make it look as close to how the previous Jade Fragrant Restaurant looked like.

This time, Yu Xixuan was quite happy. After all, opening the restaurant in Azure Rainbow City would mean that she was closer to her home. Aside from that, ever since she came back this time, some changes had taken place in her mind. Now, her goal was to be more powerful. Otherwise, her clan would forever be treated as an equipment.

Qing Shui refused some of the aids which the Yu Clan wanted to provide him politely. The restaurant was set to open after three days from now. Three days should be more than enough for them to prepare everything.

Ever since the incident involving the Yu Clan, Yu Xixuan seemed to have gone through a bit of change. She had become a lot friendlier to Qing Shui. She also looked a lot more mature overall as a person. Now, she even had a new kind of temperament which words couldn’t describe. That was a feeling of independence.

There wasn’t much to be done for Qing Shui’s Imperial Cuisine Hall. Thus, he managed to prepare everything in half a day. Even though that might be the case, Qing Shui didn’t plan to start his business earlier than Yu Xixuan. Instead, he intended to open the hall once Yu Xixuan started her restaurant business.

Three days after, Yu Xixuan’s restaurant opened.

They worked hard for three days. Even though there were places which could be improvised, they still insisted on opening it.

This time, the people of the Yu Clan came to support her. Not only the Yu Clan, but a lot of other clans also joined in. After all, the Yu Clan was an aristocratic clan, there were still a lot of people who were eager to establish a good relationship with them.

Qing Shui didn’t stay outside to help Yu Xixuan greet the customers. He wasn’t that familiar with this place. Besides, there were people from the Yu Clan who were greeting the visitors.

“The people of Liu Clan is here!” For the time being, Qing Shui had nothing to do. Suddenly, he heard someone said that.

It was only after the person mentioned it that Qing Shui remembered. The fighting tournament between the Yu Clan and Liu Clan would be taking place two days from now. Thus, tomorrow would be the day when the Third Young Master Liu would be getting married to Yu Xixuan.

“Look at that. That’s Third Young Master Liu. Wasn’t he supposed to be crippled?”

“Even if he is crippled, it doesn’t mean that he can’t come out. Besides, can you be sure that he is really crippled?”

“What a scum! It’s such a waste that Miss Yu has to be taken advantage of by this kind of trash!”

“Third brother, talk softer. Don’t let the people of Liu Clan hear what you are saying. How many lives do you think you have?” His partner reminded him.

Among the group of people who came, Qing Shui saw their leader and he was a middle-aged man. There was a group of people with huge and muscular figure behind him. This sight was quite a contrast when Qing Shui saw the pale young man beside the middle-aged man. This was a kind of paleness which resulted from an illness. Qing Shui was able to tell since he was a physician. His illness came from him having excessive sex.

“Brother Liu, you came!” Yu Dinghe smiled at the man and said. At the same time, he also gestured him to come in.

“Uncle He, how have you been?” The young man smiled as he greeted Yu Dinghe.

“Tianrong, You don’t have to come if you don’t feel well.” Yu Dinghe smiled and said.

Liu Tianrong’s face looked unnatural. This time, he had truly embarrassed himself as well as his clan. Even though Yu Dinghe might sound like he was concerned of Liu Tianrong by saying that, he was actually just mocking him. Liu Tianrong was upset since Yu Dinghe not only insulted him personally, he even insulted Liu Tianrong’s clan.

“Uncle He, I am fine now. Everything that’s heard outside is just rumors. Where is Sister Xuan? I would like to talk to her.” Liu Tianrong revealed a forceful smile.

Yu Dinghe didn’t say anything. Instead, he spoke casually, “Brother Liu, please come in. My daughter has just started a small business of her own. Thank you, Brother Liu, for coming to show your support.”

A mischievous look flashed across Liu Tianrong’s eyes, “Hmph, I will make sure that I toy with your daughter as much as I want tomorrow. I will see if you can still be so cocky after that.” he thought secretly.

Deep down, the men from the Liu Clan felt very upset. However, they also didn’t want to ruin the entire thing just because of this. Actually, Yu Dinghe could only be considered an outsider in the Yu Clan. He was unable to make decisions for all the things that went on in the clan. He was also the person with the least ambition among the brothers of Yu Clan, so much that there weren’t any useful people around him.

Thinking up to this point, the Liu Tianrong smiled and walked in.

At this moment, Yu Xixuan just happened to arrange a seat for a customer. Liu Tianrong saw Yu Xixuan as soon as he came in. He wasn’t able to hide the greediness in his eyes as he approached her, “Sister Xuan!” he called.

Yu Xixuan was unable to hide the disgusts towards this man in her eyes. However, she still smiled and said, “Third Young Master Liu, you don’t have to come if you aren’t feeling well.”

Qing Shui smiled while he was looking from the side. Prior to this, Yu Dinghe had just mentioned exactly the same thing. He just didn’t sound as sharp as Yu Xixuan.

“My body is fine. It recovers completely as soon as I get to see you.” Liu Tianrong didn’t get mad because of it.

“You may be fine, but there are things which I still need to do.” Yu Xixuan walked towards Qing Shui as soon as she finished what she said.

Again, Liu Tianrong didn’t manage to hide the wicked look in his eyes. He followed Yu Xixuan along and when he saw Yu Xixuan sit down beside Qing Shui, he also looked for a place and sit down.

“Sir, you seem to be very close with Xuan`er. I will be getting married to Xuan`er tomorrow, please make sure to attend our wedding.” Liu Tianrong looked at Qing Shui and said with a smile.

Qing Shui smiled. Initially, he expected the cocky bastard to warn him to stay away from Yu Xixuan. However, to his surprise, he actually decided to respond with this kind of method. Thus, he smiled and said, “I am indeed very close with Xuan`er.”

Qing Shui stopped saying anything after that.

Liu Tianrong’s expression looked very ugly. He was thinking, “Was he trying to taunt him with this? Or could it be that he never once paid attention to him?” No one ever dared to provoke the Third Young Master Liu across the entire Azure Rainbow City. Suddenly, a vicious qi could be felt bursting out of Liu Tianrong’s body. He looked at Qing Shui and screamed, “Get out of here and never appear in front of me ever again! Or else, you will be in big troubles!”

Yu Xixuan looked at Liu Tianrong with a pitiful look. Yes, it should be a look which originated out of pity.

Qing Shui wasn’t angry at all. He took a look at Yu Xixuan first before saying to Liu Tianrong, “I am a physician, I can confirm with you now that that little thing on your body, it’s completely crippled. Marrying Yu Xixuan will not change anything.”

Yu Xixuan gave Qing Shui an angry look. Meanwhile, Liu Tianrong’s face turned even paler. An intense rage could be felt coming out of him. He immediately spread his hand and tried to grab Qing Shui’s neck.

“Brat, you are digging your own grave. Yu Clan isn’t strong enough to protect you.”

As Qing Shui looked at the hand that was nearing him, he could feel a bit of strength from it. However, it was only a tiny bit of power. Qing Shui immediately thrust out his fist.


Third Young Master Liu got blown away and dropped down on the entrance like a dead dog.

There were a lot of people at the entrance. The fact that the Third Young Master Liu looked like a dead dog still shock a lot of people nearby. This was the Azure Rainbow City. Third Young Master Liu might not be strong, but no one would actually have the guts to beat him up like that. In just a moment, a lot of people started crowding around the area. They were curious to see who exactly it was. It was satisfying to watch him getting beat up.

Very soon, everyone already found out who attacked the Third Young Master Liu.

Third Young Master Liu didn’t lose consciousness from it. His face was pale as he looked at Qing Shui with a hateful look. By now, the middle-aged man from before along with a group of people had already appeared next to the Third Young Master Liu. A slightly old-looking man supported the Third Young Master Liu up with his hand.

“Third uncle, kill him! I want him dead!” Third Young Master Liu said with his hoarse voice. He sounded full of hatred as he was saying it.

“He will die.” The man said coldly.

Yu Dinghe’s face looked very ugly. He looked in the direction where Qing Shui and Yu Xixuan were with a concerned look. He didn’t say anything for now. Instead, he walked to them. This was because he knew that there was no use in saying anything more.

“Xuan`er! Mister Qing!”

Even though Yu Dinghe didn’t say anything with that short sentence, deep down, Qing Shui knew that him calling out to Qing Shui was already his way of offering help. Thus, he smiled and said, “Don’t worry about it, uncle. This kind of people deserves to be taught a lesson.”

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