AST 2047 - Forever Be the Young Miss That Belongs Only To You

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2047 - Forever Be the Young Miss That Belongs Only To You

Qing Shui would have never expected that he would see this person here. The Phoenix God Organization... Shouldn't she be in the Dancing Phoenix Continent? He hadn't thought of her the last time he went back. This person’s appearance had made Qing Shui extremely surprised. To think that he had almost forgotten about her existence.

Qing Shui looked at her in astonishment. It was until when she walked right up before him and noticing that graceful fragrance that he finally got back to his senses, "Why are you here?"

"I heard that an Imperial Cuisine Hall is set up here and wanted to take a look. I hadn't expected that it was really you. Now, why are you here?" Wearing snow-white clothes with the phoenix print, she exuded a sacred aura.

Unsurpassed beauty of a generation... Qing Shui didn't know how to describe her better. He felt that this term was insufficient to describe her.

He didn't have any tainted thoughts about her. It wasn't that he didn't harbor those thoughts, but that he was ashamed and felt unworthy, like a beggar standing before a noble. He had an urge to escape, a feeling of inferiority, and there was also unease.

Qing Shui was now very strong, but hadn't expected this loser mindset of his was still around. It could be that she was too outstanding. This was despite the fact that they had come into contact in the past. Qing Shui had saved her before and helped her detoxify a powerful aphrodisiac. However, he hadn't used the most direct method and back then, Qing Shui even hated himself for having such great medical skills.

Although they didn't go all the way, he had embraced her and touched some sensitive parts of her body. However, these had happened a very long time ago and after having experienced so many things since then, he had almost forgotten about the existence of such an unparalleled beauty.

"All the Imperial Cuisine Halls you’d encounter in the future will belong to me. I want to set up Imperial Cuisine Halls all over the world. Do you want to come and help me? I'll pay you a salary." Qing Shui jokingly proposed.

"I have neither any medical skills nor can I cook. Unfortunately, I can't help you." Shen Huang quickly declined his offer.

Her smile was graceful and transcendence, yet seemingly holy and dignified. Qing Shui was attracted to that smile for a moment, but he quickly turned his head and said, “Why don’t we go inside and take a look at the place I swindled?"

"You swindled it?" Shen Huang smiled and asked.

"Every place I go to, I wouldn’t know the people there nor do I wish to fork out money. In the past, there would be people who didn't know any better and would come to offend me, get beaten up, and then bring out a manor as compensation. This time around, someone had gifted it. I promised them to save a person. How about it? Not a bad deal, right?" Qing Shui smiled casually and recalled his story as they walked.

"There'd be countless people who'd be willing to gift you houses if someone of your ability were to speak up. Is there still a need to swindle?" Shen Huang asked.

"They fail to appreciate what is good for them. Young Miss has a good sense of judgment."

"You've become a glib talker now." Shen Huang smiled, not appearing to be unhappy. A hint of a heartfelt smile appeared on the corner of her lips. She was very happy to see Qing Shui. Very happy, indeed. She had always remembered this man who had saved her. If it wasn't for him, she would probably not be in this world anymore. She might have chosen to commit suicide back then.

"Young Miss, Have anyone told you before that you look very pretty when you smile? You should smile more and think about happy things more often. This world is actually wonderful."

"Have I ever said that the world isn't wonderful?" Shen Huang asked calmly, looking at Qing Shui with her beautiful eyes.

"You didn't, but would you dare to say that it is?" Qing Shui replied. His spiritual sense was very sensitive and he could tell that this woman harbored a feeling of detesting the world, unable to see the good of this world. She would stand outside and not join in with the rest of the world. Although the feeling that she was giving off wasn't as strong as Tantai Lingyan, her heart wouldn't lose out to Tantai Lingyan in the least.

"I dare to!" Shen Huang said.

"You dare to what?" Qing Shui continued.

"I dare to say that this world is wonderful." Shen Huang said calmly.

"Can you share with me the three reasons that make you feel blessed? I'll believe you if you can." Qing Shui looked at her and urged on.

Shen Huang was stunned by his words. "Then, do you feel blessed? Do you think that the world is wonderful?"

"Of course. My mood is like this fine weather. I feel that this world is very great and wonderful."

Shen Huang also knew that Qing Shui had led a tough life, traveling around without stopping. She couldn't understand and asked, "Then give me three reasons."

"Pay attention. There are too many of them. Does having many wives count?"

"Coarse, but alright. That will count as one." Shen Huang didn't object.

"I have playful sons and beautiful daughters. Does this count?"

"It does."

"I have parents, my grandfather, uncle, and other relatives. I feel very warm being near them and they are very close to me. I feel great bliss to be with them..." Qing Shui stopped after saying this. He suddenly realized that he said the wrong things. It was fine to say anything but family and parents.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way." Qing Shui said awkwardly.

"I know. That is actually the greatest source of happiness. Treat them well. Don't end up regretting when you can no longer see them anymore after they are no longer around. We can't turn back many things in life and that yearning feeling makes one's heart ache. You must treasure what you have now." Shen Huang said softly.

Qing Shui tugged at her sleeves softly. She trembled, but didn't try to get out or pull away. Moreover, Qing Shui didn't take her hand.

"You actually have a lot of things and there are many people of all kinds in this world. All of them face life strongly, having anticipation for the next day, that tomorrow will be better." Qing Shui saw that Shen Huang was feeling down and his heart ached. However, she wasn't his woman. Otherwise, he'd be able to give her a hug to let her know that he was around. Even if she had lost everything, he would still be there.

Therefore, Qing Shui held onto her sleeves to tell her that she must be strong.

"I won't do anything rash. If I did, I would no longer be here ever since that day. Are we friends?" Shen Huang asked seriously.

Qing Shui nodded affirmatively. "Of course. I've always treated you as a good friend and felt proud to have a beautiful friend like you. It's a great honor for me, being able to tell this to others."

Shen Huang smiled, "Thank you. Now, I also have a reason to believe that the world is wonderful."

"Oh? What is it?" Qing Shui asked.

"I have a good friend."

Shen Huang’s answer had completely taken Qing Shui by surprise and his gaze turned soft. It was actually very hard for some people to have a friend. Shen Huang was someone like that. Right now, Qing Shui still felt that this woman was like a puzzle. It was because her strength had gotten mysterious again and even stronger than that Liu Dongsheng. This made Qing Shui very astonished, but he didn't ask any further.

"Alright. You must remember that you have me as a friend. No matter what happens in the future, you must remember that I'll stand on your side. No matter who dares to bully you, I'll seek revenge from them, no matter how strong they are." Qing Shui encouraged.

"It's no wonder you have so many women and all of them treat you so well." Shen Huang had a slight chuckle.

"You still haven't said why you're here." Qing Shui rubbed his nose, feeling a little embarrassed as he tried to change the topic.

"There's an influence in the Northern Blue Domain called Phoenix. My name here is called Phoenix." Shen Huang smiled and said.

"I realized that I'd never been able to see through you completely. You're always so mysterious. Can you tell me how far away I am from you at the moment?"

"I'm actually very, very close to you, but you had never realized it. You'll always be my friend. No matter what I'm called, you can always call me Young Miss. I'll forever be the Young Miss that belongs only to you." Shen Huang looked at Qing Shui and said.

"Young Miss, there’s something I want to confess." Qing Shui looked at Shen Huang and said seriously.

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