AST 2051 - The Flying Sword is Hard To Forge, Someone Had Come To Seek Treatment

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2051 - The Flying Sword is Hard To Forge, Someone Had Come To Seek Treatment

The man was infuriated, after seeing the Young Master being done in under his watch at an insignificant place by a weakling. However, he couldn't kill the other party right now. Putting aside whether what the other party had said was the truth or not, there would always be situations where one had no choice but to believe it. It was because if drastic measures were to be taken, the results would be irreversible.

"Although your strength isn't bad, you won't be able to kill me. However, it's extremely easy for me to kill you if I wanted to." Qing Shui looked at the middle-aged man and said coldly.

The middle-aged man had wanted to refute that, but the words couldn't come out from his mouth after he saw Qing Shui's gaze. This guy's gaze was too strange. It contained confidence and backing that made him feel a little hesitant. He knew that when such words were said between cultivators, it would only be when the other party was truly capable of such things. If he were to say that he didn't believe them, then there would only be two possible consequences. He would be either bluffing or only take a moment to finish off his opponent. 

"You guys may leave. The seal will be removed by itself after three years. However, I hope that you won't appear in front of me in the future. Otherwise, you'll end up in a terrible plight. This is punishment for having thrashed up my restaurant." Qing Shui waved his hand and said.

Qing Shui didn't want to be in a tussle with these people for too long. They had an influence backing them up and that influence was definitely very powerful. If there were no accidents, it was likely that it was even stronger than the Zhan Clan. It should be a sect with strict regulations. Although Young Master Pan's status was very high, he no longer dared to create too much trouble.

"Help me get rid of the seal now and I'll pay back the things here in ten folds. No, 100 folds." Young Master Pan looked at Qing Shui and said calmly. He had also calmed down during this and could tell that there was no more feeling coming from his lower body part. If he weren't able to recover after three years, he'd be a goner. Moreover, even if he could recover after three years, how was he going to live on for these three years? He had already lowered his stand.

"Everyone must be responsible for their own actions. If you still refuse to leave, I don't mind making you into a cripple completely." Qing Shui didn't even take a look at Young Master Pan as he nodded toward Yu Xixuan, signaling her to leave.

Young Master Pan's eyes were filled with fury and a violent gleam as if he wanted to eat someone whole.

"Young Master!" The middle-aged man called out carefully.

The Junior Martial Brother Song was deep in thoughts as he looked at Qing Shui's departing figure. He felt pity for Young Master Pan as well. This martial senior of his loved women the most and leaving him as is was a fate worse than death. Three years... This was the most brutal punishment.

"Let's go!" Young Master Pan's cold and vicious gaze was like that of an ancient desolate beast.


"Did you really sealed up his Yang Meridian...?" Yu Xixuan asked in a soft voice,

"Yeah." Qing Shui replied.

"Can it really be resolved by itself after three years?" Yu Xixuan asked outright.

Qing Shui shook his head, "Of course not!"

Yu Xixuan looked at Qing Shui in surprise. "Didn't you say earlier that it'll be resolved by itself after three years?"

"Even a hoodlum would have their own principles. It's just like what his junior martial brother had said. It'd be fine if the women were willing or if he had paid a price in exchange. He can play around as much as he wishes then. However, someone like him doesn't have any principles at all. He can forget about being a man in this life."

When Yu Xixuan heard Qing Shui's words, she laughed, "You're actually pretty evil yourself."

"Get someone to clean up the mess. The damage isn't that great. You must also quickly send the news to the Ji Clan and get them to seek treatment as soon as possible." Qing Shui gave it some thought and said.

"I understand. You want to get the Ji Clan in as well. Not bad, not bad. If the Ji Clan found out, would they choose to stand by idly?” Yu Xixuan asked.

"You already said before that this expert is very important to the Ji Clan. Before I manage to heal this person, it's unlikely that they'll let other people lay their hands on me. Moreover, I have nothing to lose. If the Zhan Clan were to lay their hands on me, I'll show them a thing or two. I'm not to be trifled with either." Qing Shui said without a care.

That night, Qing Shui kept on cultivating in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. The continuous combos and killing techniques were Qing Shui's most powerful attacks for now. He had actually always been holding back on his acupuncture hitting. Qing Shui could kill the two middle-aged men whom he had encountered in the day within a short period of time. His agility was great and in addition to the Gouging Strike, Dragon-capturing Hands, and the Buddha Bright Seal, Qing Shui could kill his opponents without allowing them any means of retaliation.

Qing Shui's strength wasn't very powerful, being less than a billion Dao force. However, his unique skills and Hitting A Cow Through A Mountain could neglect a certain amount of defense and strike the opponent at their weakest spot. Some areas were very concealed and could be just a single point on the body. The requirements were very high, and wouldn't allow one to hit the spots too many or too few times. However, the results achieved would be many times better than ordinary attacks.

He had yet to forge the flying sword but once he managed to do so, Qing Shui's abilities would increase qualitatively in leaps and bounds. It would be an indescribable increment and the flying sword's sharpness wouldn't lose out even to the Dragon Slaying Beast. Most importantly, the flying sword's speed would sky-rocket and can even be locked onto the opponent. Other than the fact that it had a high depletion rate, it was definitely an amazing weapon.

If he were to have his own flying sword and used it together with his Dragon-capturing Hands, Buddha Ultimate Art, and other techniques, he would be able to instantly kill opponents who were a lot stronger than himself.

This was something which Qing Shui could already pull off, but he would need to work together with the Dragon Slaying Beast. His continuous combos were very overwhelming but it would be a little hard to deal with such opponents if the difference in their powers were too great.

Qing Shui had already mastered the Nine Palace Steps to a high level. This amazing steps technique allowed Qing Shui to unleash his abilities to their greatest potential. This was especially so for the continuous combos. WIthout the Nine Palace Steps, it would probably be very hard to perform continuous combos.

Qing Shui still didn't know much about the Northern Blue Domain as of this moment. He only knew of the Ji Clan and the Zhan Clan and didn't know if the sect which Young Master Pan belonged to was one of the five great influences in the Northern Blue Domain. However, Qing Shui had the feeling that the influence behind Young Master Pan should be above that of the Zhan Clan. At the very least, they shouldn't be weaker than the five great influences in the Northern Blue Domain.

This time around, Qing Shui had completely fallen out with the sect which Young Master Pan belonged to. Young Master Pan wouldn't recover from his condition and would still remain a cripple after three years. Qing Shui wasn't sure if they could wait for three years. They might just return for him very soon.

There was also the Zhan Clan. Qing Shui wouldn't look down on the Northern Blue Domain's five great influences. This was the Azure Rainbow City, the weakest in the Northern Blue Domain. Therefore, the Zhan Clan was definitely a powerful influence.

This was why Qing Shui wanted to build up his influence as quickly as possible. It would make others rethink their moves before making their moves on him since it would bring harm to many experts' interests. Once that happened, no one would dare to lay their hands on him recklessly.

The Jade Fragrant Restaurant continued its operation as usual. Everyone knew that the offending group had left in a pathetic state. One of them had even lost all of his teeth. Many people had witnessed that and also managed to guess where these people were from. After all, they dared to offend the Jade Fragrant Restaurant. Right now, everyone knew that the greatest influence in the Azure Rainbow City was the Jade Fragrant Restaurant and the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

The peaceful days continued on. Big Tiger had already started to provide treatment for patients. However, Qing Shui would observe from the sides while Big Tiger assessed the patients' conditions, came up with the prescription and even provided plans for the treatment.

One day, a few travel-worn people appeared at the Imperial Cuisine Hall. These people didn't seem to be ordinary people. There were two men, a lady, and two younger men. The man in the lead had a strong and tall figure with thick brows and big eyes, exuding a dignified aura.

Qing Shui stood up and when that man saw Qing Shui, he quickly said, "We're looking for Miraculous Physician Qing!"

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