AST 2056 - Black Ice Poison, Black Ice Divine Worm, Blaze Moth

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2056 - Black Ice Poison, Black Ice Divine Worm, Blaze Moth

The dinner this time was very sumptuous. There were about nine dishes. Four of them were vegetarians whereas the other five consisted of meats. There were also two sets of soups, the fishball soup and tortoise soup.

“Don’t you think that we may have prepared a bit more than what we can eat? Do you think that we can finish them all by ourselves?” Shen Huang was staring at the dishes on the table while asking the question.

To her, this was the only genuine time when she actually cooked. She felt great. Maybe because Qing Shui was there with her and they both cooked together, she felt that the dishes that she prepared just now were the best. From Shen Huang’s perspective, this was the most delicious food which she had ever prepared. They tasted great.

“We can finish it. A year is about to come to an end. We must make sure that we fill our stomach so that we can be prosperous and receive the things that we want in the new year.

As Qing Shui was speaking, he took out a Plum Blossom Wine. This was one of the best wine which Qing Shui had stored so far. At the instant he opened its seal, a kind of fragrance already started spreading across the entire room. One could be intoxicated by this fragrance. A person who had yet to smell it would never expect for a wine to smell so good. This was one kind of a fragrance

“It’s a great wine!” Shen Huang’s eyes turned bright.

Qing Shui took out two jade cups that had the same size as teacups. He then poured the wine into each of the cups.

“Actually, there is a lot of happiness which one can seek while they are alive. For example, a person can enjoy teas and wines with their friends while reminiscing about their pasts and compare it to now. They could also share about the futures that they sought. Isn’t this already considered a kind of happiness?” Qing Shui put down the altar of wine.

“That’s true. I am feeling very happy at the moment. In fact, I rarely feel this way, but I enjoy it when I do. For this kind of feeling, cheers.” Shen Huang held up her wine cup.

Qing Shui toasted with her before he finished the cup of wine in one go.

Shen Huang, on the other hand, drank very slowly. In the end, she still managed to finish it. Both of her eyes immediately turned bright, “This is indeed a good quality wine. I have never gotten to drink something this delicious.”

“I have given you a few in the past. It’s just that they weren’t as old as this one.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“Oh! So you mean to tell me that you are reluctant to give me the good ones!” Shen Huang smiled and said.

Qing Shui shook his head. Actually, the ones which he gave her back then were the best ones yet. It was because Qing Shui had the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Furthermore, the altar which he took out had been raised in quality by 40% thanks to the Treasure Basin. Thus naturally, it would be better than the wines which he gave her in the past.

“The wine helps to clear one’s mind and relaxes their spirit. It also has the function of helping a person cleanses his tendons and meridians. Furthermore, it also was capable of strengthening one’s base and helping them strengthen their perception. This in turns raises their realm and increases their ability to comprehend new things. This wine is unbelievable! Were you the one who brewed this?” Shen Huang left her mouth opened slightly. Her look when she was amazed was quite attractive.

Qing Shui only found out after drinking the wine; the quality of the wine had become a lot better after it got boosted by the Treasure Basin. He revealed a bitter smile, “To be honest with you, actually, I also just realized it right now. The reason why the wine has this kind of effect is that it has been boosted by the Treasure Basin after it collected enough qi. You should also know how the original one was. The effect wasn’t as strong.”

“The Treasure Basin? I can already tell that it is something great just by its name. However, this wine itself is the best. Putting other things aside, even after the effects of the other wines were boosted by the Treasure Basin, it didn’t necessarily mean that they would share the same effect as the wine which they were drinking.

“I have got quite a few of them stored here. Let me give some to you later.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

Very quickly, they managed to finish an altar of wine. Qing Shui proceeded to take out another one only to be stopped by Shen Huang from opening it, “We must control ourselves even if we are enjoying the good stuff.”

Qing Shui stopped opening it. The two were also almost done eating, “Would you like to go and enjoy the fireworks in the sky with me?”

“Sure!” Shen Huang said in joy.

Qing Shui used to be the only owner of the courtyard. But now, they were both living here. The two were enjoying the fireworks in the sky at the moment. The fireworks could be seen filling up the entire sky, and in addition to that, the noises of firecrackers exploding could also be heard from time to time.

Qing Shui took out the fireworks and firecrackers which they bought themselves. First, he placed the firecrackers on a spot far away from them. It was very long. After lighting up the firecrackers, he immediately ran back here.

He then took out the fireworks and arranged a few of them in the shape of a plum blossom. After that, he lit all of them at the same time. Each of the fireworks shot out rays of bright light as it soared into the sky. The moment they burst, they formed gorgeous light shaped like flowers. The lights scattered all over the area.

“Does it look good?” Qing Shui looked at Shen Huang and asked with a smile.

“Yes, it does. But it lasts for only a short period of time. Beautiful women tend to have fragile lives. No matter how beautiful a firework is, it will still be moments until it gets cold.” Shen Huang smile, but she seemed very lonely.

Qing Shui grabbed her hand, “What’s wrong?”

“I am fine, I really am.” Shen Huang said softly.

“Why is your body so cold?” Qing Shui could feel Shen Huang’s body slowly getting cold. It was freezing. From here, he could already sense that something was not right.

Shen Huang gently put her arms around Qing Shui’s neck, “Please hug me. I don’t have much longer left until I leave this world. I will be like the firework in the sky which disappears not long after it is released.”

Qing Shui was dumbfounded. How did he not manage to sense the condition of her body up until now? He was hugging her tightly in his arms. By now, Shen Huang’s body was already freezing. It was just like ice. Qing Shui then right away figured something out and quickly revolved his Nine Yang Force. As he did so, Shen Huang’s body was instantly warmed up.

“It’s useless. Let go of me. Nothing can stop me from turning into an ice statue.” Shen Huang said softly.

“Then I will just keep on embracing you.” Qing Shui said slowly while examining her body at the same time.

“How were you inflicted with the Black Ice Poison?” Qing Shui asked in shock.

“I got it when I was trying to tame a Black Ice Divine Worm. While I was looking for it, I noticed a Black Ice Divine Worm which has yet to reach its adulthood, but I never expected that it would be a mutated species. Even though I managed to escape from it. In the end, I still got inflicted by its poison.” Shen Huang explained gently. She didn’t seem depressed with what happened.

She felt that she was at her limit and thus, she wanted to spend her final moments celebrating the New Year with Qing Shui. However, before the New Year approached, she had come to the realization that she might not be able to hang on any longer.

Even though Qing Shui might be a miraculous physician, the Black Ice Poison was an unusual poison. Nothing except for the core of a Blaze Moth could cure it. The Blaze Moth might not sound intimidating, but it was the name of a species of worms which lived in the Blazing Fire Domain. It was a place that burned all year long and all of the things which existed there had fire attributes. That place was dangerous, and going there with their current strength was suicide. Furthermore, the Blaze Moth also possessed the bloodline of the Fire Phoenix, and just like the Black Ice Divine Worm, they were quite rare. It was another reason why Shen Huang didn't have much hope of getting the Blaze Moth.

“Why didn’t you tell me about it earlier?” Qing Shui knitted his brows. The body that was in his arms at the moment was delicate and exquisite, but yet at this moment, Qing Shui was totally not in the mood to feel it.

“I want to spend a happy New Year with you. At least by the time I am gone, I can still recall back to the joyful times we spent together.

“I am a miraculous physician. With me here, I can assure you that I will cure you of your illness so that you can stay alive.” Qing Shui said in a firm tone.

“I am aware that you are a miraculous physician. But I also know that other than the core of the Blaze Moth, there was no other thing which could nullify the Black Ice Poison. Both the Blaze Moths and Black Ice Divine Worm were very rare beings. Even if you were to head to the Blazing Fire Domain, there is no guarantee that you will run into a Blaze Moth.” Shen Huang shook her head.

As Shen Huang felt that her body was no longer as cold as before, she gently pushed away Qing Shui, “This has been a happy New Year to me.”

“We will head off to the Blazing Fire Domain immediately after New Year.” Qing Shui said after thinking for a while.

“Qing Shui, listen to me. That place is full of dangers, and the chance of you finding the Blaze Moth there is vivid. I am already supposed to be at the end of my life. But I never thought that you would have the Nine Yang Body, and thus, I can live for an extra fifteen days while I am beside you. However, your body is only able to warm me up from the outside. There is nothing that can cure it anymore. When the time comes, my heart is the first thing that will turn into ice.” Shen Huang said in a firm voice.

“Be a good girl and listen to me just this once.”

Shen Huang shook her head.


Qing Shui landed his palm on the well-rounded buttocks of hers. Shen Huang blushed immediately as soon as she felt the numb sensation from her butt. Meanwhile, Qing Shui felt that his hand had become soft. Even though she was wearing the Luan Phoenix Dress, it didn’t affect the sensation when he interacted with her butt.

“You… You are crossing the line.” Shen Huang lowered down her head slightly.

“Sorry. Can you please listen to me and don’t give up until the last moment?” Qing Shui regretted slapping her butt.

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