AST 2059 - The More Beautiful A Woman, The Bigger The Calamity She Would Bring Upon

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2059 - The More Beautiful A Woman, The Bigger The Calamity She Would Bring Upon

Qing Shui didn’t make any move, but instead, he looked at his opponent quietly. He was no longer as impulsive as he was before. This situation was caused by the femme fatale beside him. It was not him who was looking for trouble, the woman beside him looked too outstanding, which was why she tended to cause troubles wherever she went.

Be it in his previous incarnation or the World of the Nine Continents. It wasn’t necessarily a good thing for a woman to be too beautiful. After all, she would be at the center of attention. A lot of people would want to lay their hands on her and bring her into their rooms. A beautiful woman who had no family background nor strength would immediately be in tragedy.

This was what people meant by a femme fatale’s calamity. It was not that the woman wanted to bring misfortune to others. It was like a principle that was formed over time.

At the moment, Qing Shui was feeling the particularly strong pressure. It was as if he immediately ran into situations like this as soon as he set foot on the Blazing Fire Domain. Things like this wouldn't have happened if Shen Huang didn't look so beautiful. For someone like Huo Lei, ordinary women wouldn't catch his attention.

The others also stared at Qing Shui with entertaining looks. One of the men who was standing on the Blazing Fire Dragon Eagle said, “Brother Lei, it seems that this man may not have heard about you. But the woman beside him is truly gorgeous. Haven't you always been saying that you couldn't find a woman good enough to be your wife? I can tell you that she definitely fulfilled all the requirements to be one!”

“That’s enough! I have never seen a woman who looks as beautiful as her. I, Huo Lei, vow that I will definitely make her my wife.” Huo Lei looked at Shen Huang. His eyes were filled with fire as he was saying it.

“How do you plan on dealing with this man? He is the husband of the woman.” Another man beside him asked.

“Huo Bao, my eyes are telling me that this woman is a virgin. She is just using that man as an excuse. We will confirm his identity later. If he happens to be the woman’s brother, we can spare his life. If they don’t share any blood relations, kill him immediately.” Huo Lei said with a smile on his face.

Qing Shui knitted his brows. The opponents didn’t have the intentions to hide what they were discussing from Shen Huang and him. Thus, both of them managed to hear them clearly. It seemed that the incident today wouldn’t be settled peacefully just like he thought.


Little Rin let out an intimidating roar. After that, it soared up high into the sky under Qing Shui’s guidance before charging forward.

As if Huo Lei would let Qing Shui and Shen Huang escape from him. The Blazing Fire Dragon Eagle continued to stand in Qing Shui’s way.

Art of Pursuing!

Emperor’s Qi!

“Little Rin! Let’s go!” shouted Qing Shui energetically.

Qing Shui rode on Little Rin and immediately charged forward. Meanwhile, he formed a seal with both of his hands. The Buddha Light Seal.


Qing Shui landed his palm on Huo Lei’s mouth, “You have a filthy mouth. Consider this a lesson for you. If there is ever a next time, I will make sure you die like a pauper.”

Immediately after he slapped him, Qing Shui grabbed his neck and tossed him away, “I can kill you with no effort at all. Make sure that this is the first and also the last time. Since I dare to say it, I will definitely be able to do it.”

All of this happened swiftly. Meanwhile, the Blazing Fire Dragon Eagle had also started facing off against Little Rin. After getting half of its speed and 20% of its overall strength reduced, the Blazing Fire Dragon Eagle was inferior to Little Rin. Little Rin’s strength became even more terrifying after attaining the Four Phases Firecloud.

The Blazing Fire Dragon Eagle got blown backward by just a reckless clash against Little Rin.

Qing Shui immediately got onto Little Rin and left. He didn’t kill anyone. The strength of the Blazing Fire Dragon Eagle was supposed to be the same, or maybe even superior to Little Rin’s. Unfortunately, thanks to Qing Shui, it became weaker than Little Rin. Its speed was totally unable to be compared to Little Rin’s. Up to an extent, one’s speed could overwhelm the strength of the opponents.

As Huo Lei looked at Qing Shui disappearing far away in the distance, he had an unsightly expression on his face. What a terrifying young man. Before this, he had already known that his opponent’s strength was superior to his and that Qing Shui could have killed him without breaking a sweat. However, he never thought that even the Blazing Fire Dragon Eagle would be defeated by his beast. He and his mates had been relying on the Blazing Fire Dragon Eagles simply because they were significantly stronger than all of them combined. Not only was the Blazing Fire Dragon Eagle an outstanding mount, but it was also a terrifying battle beast. It was very fast, had good endurance and specialized in fire attribute attacks and poisons.

“Brother Lei, who is he?” Huo Bao was a bit confused with what happened.

“We will head back for now! I can assure you that this isn’t the end! That brat must die!” Huo Lei spat out a tooth from his mouth. His eyes were flashing with a sinister look.

The grudge of getting slapped in the face wasn’t something which he would let go easily.

“Qing Shui, you were so reckless just now.” Shen Huang said softly.

“Did that garbage seriously just tried to hit on you? Does he check his mirror before leaving his room? I am already being very generous for not killing him.” Qing Shui chuckled.

“We must be careful. I have a feeling that our opponents won’t let things go so easily. The Fire Manor is one of the most powerful existence in the Blazing Fire Land. In this huge world, it is a clan that has been survived since ancient times. Legend has it that they are the servants of the Fire God and they specialize in fire attributed martial techniques.” Shen Huang seemed to know about the Blazing Fire Land quite well.

“A barefooted person wouldn’t fear a person wearing shoes. No one can stop me if I want to leave. If they piss me off, I will make sure that the Fire Manor would never be able to live a peaceful life.” Qing Shui didn’t show much concern towards this matter. He didn’t want to make Shen Huang worried.

Blazing Fire Domain!

It was said that long ago, a burning meteorite crashed down on this land. Since then, it continued burning for so long that it formed the entire Blazing Fire Domain. From time to time, some parts of the Blazing Fire Domain would start burning all of a sudden and the flame lasted for a long time. The Blazing Fire Land got its name from the Blazing Fire Domain. Other than that, it was also thanks to the Blazing Fire Domain that the Blazing Fire Land was so hot.

At this moment, a lot of people could be seen going in and out of the Blazing Fire Domain. This place was an enormous valley entrance. The huge Blazing Fire Mountain separated the entire Blazing Fire Domain from this land. Upon entering the valley entrance, one would be considered to have stepped into the Blazing Fire Domain.

The majority of the Blazing Fire Mountain was bald. It was a dark red mountain with poor vegetations. The same thing could be seen from the Blazing Fire Domain. The temperature around here was very high and Qing Shui felt that plants played a prominent role in the food chains. Without it, the chain would be broken.

Qing Shui did some researches along the way. They were mainly about the Blazing Fire Domain and Blaze Moth. The Blaze Moth was a species of worm. It had another name, the Blaze Demonic Moth. It was huge and possessed fearsome strength. Other than its fire-attributed attacks which could cause fatal damages, its best feature was its enormous wings. When it flapped its wings, they would disperse powder-like poisonous mists. The mist contained a mixture of ordinary poisons, anesthesia, fire-toxin and so on. Most importantly, ordinary Poison Avoidance Pill was ineffective against it. Most of the time, one wouldn’t even know if they had intruded the Holy Land of the Blaze Moth. By the time they were inflicted with its poisons, everything would have been too late.

They made their way deeper into the Blazing Fire Domain. The deeper he explored, the more he started to notice that the plants were becoming more and more abundant. The plants here all had fire attributes. Flame Flower Tree, Fire Tree, Flame Maple, and even the Blazing Flame Grass…

Even the majority of the beasts which they ran into were fire attributed. The Flame Cow, Fire Wolves and also the Fire Wild Chickens…

“Eldest mistress, do you know where the Blaze Moth is likely to show up the most?” Qing Shui looked around and asked.

“There is a chance that it might appear in areas with flowers. The more precious the flowers are, the higher the chance we will be able to find it. Furthermore, there has to be a great number of flowers to attract the Blaze Moths.” Shen Huang responded after thinking for a while.

“Is there any place with flowers in the Blazing Fire Domain? At least a place with more flowers than usual?”

“The flower ocean. If the Blaze Moths really exist, the only place we can bet on will be the flower ocean.” Shen Huang said helplessly.

“The flower ocean. Alright, let’s make our way to the flower ocean immediately. We might be able to find the Blaze Moths in a day or two.”

The Flame Flower Ocean was a very popular place in the Blazing Fire Domain. At the same time, it was also the most dangerous area to explore. It was located at the center of the Blazing Fire Domain. The place was filled with a boundless sea of flowers and its air was abundant with aromas. Despite how it looked, the place was dangerous with its poisonous flowers and demonic worms. Of course, it was also the best place to search for decent stuff at the grade of Sacred Medicines and Sacred Grass.

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