AST 2063 - The Fearsome Golden Spiral Horn of the Dragon Slaying Beast

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2063 - The Fearsome Golden Spiral Horn of the Dragon Slaying Beast

“You aren’t half bad, to think that you are actually able to block my Flower of Desire.” The Flower Demon seemed surprised.

Qing Shui felt uncomfortable when he heard the old and decrepit voice of the Flower Demon. He was trying his best to make the Flower Demon’s appearance as ugly as possible from his perspective. This way, at least he wouldn’t think twice to hit her when he attacked. After all, it was undeniable that the Flower Demon was beautiful. Good thing that he had Shen Huang by his side since she was able to completely suppress the Flower Demon with her beauty.

“Let me repeat this one more time. I am not looking for trouble, so it’s better if we leave things as it is and forget everything. You will never get to eat me. In fact, you might die trying to do so.” Qing Shui said after thinking for a while.

“You want to kill me? Haha, do you know what I am? I am no ordinary beast. I am the Spiritual Body of Heaven and Earth, a fairy born from the flowers! Only the unique flower of at least ten thousand years of age has the chance to breed out a Flower Immortal Fairy. And even then, the possibility of it is infinitesimal”

A Flower Immortal Fairy? Qing Shui was able to figure out what she had meant after thinking about it for a while. The Flower Immortal Fairy was precisely the Flower Demon which was currently in front of them. But Flower Fairy or Flower Spirit was the way she addressed herself.

“So? What are you getting on?” Qing Shui asked a bit confused.

“We are a kind of spirit body, and normal attacks won’t work against us. Even if it was to really hit us, its damage would be greatly reduced,” said the Flower Demon while smiling gently. She sounded very confident about herself.

After her explanations, Qing Shui finally understood what she was. Physiques like this were immune to physical attacks and spirit energy, but it could be hurt by attacks like for example from the Force of Soul. However, the Flower Demon was even able to reduce 50% of the damage caused by soul-based attacks.

The attacks of the Flower Demon involved spirit-poisons. The only thing which could counter the poisonous flowers were soul-based attacks. A lot of strong warriors were powerless in front of the Flower Demon. They would end up turning into dead souls.

However, Qing Shui didn’t seem nervous as he didn’t fear the soul-based attacks of the Flower Demon. His Nine Yang Dragon Soul was dominant and strong; thus, he wouldn’t worry about it. If it had been someone else, they would have been very unlucky. After all, she could even reduce half the effect of Spirit Thunder Attack.

In Qing Shui’s case, he should be fine due to his special attacks imbued with the Nine Yang Dragon Soul’s power. Thus, he wouldn't have problems in that aspect. His only issue now was his own pure attack power; he wasn’t sure if his attacks could cause any damage to the Flower Demon. After all, the current Flower Demon in front of him was formidable. Adding on the 50% mitigation of soul-based attack, he didn’t know if he could hurt the Flower Demon.

One more thing which Qing Shui wasn’t sure about was the capability of the Dragon Slaying Beast and Dragon Spider to execute this kind of attacks.

“Brat! It’s about time for you to die!”

A Flower Sword appeared in the hands of the Flower Demon. A dazzling light was slashing towards Qing Shui and Shen Huang. From how it seemed, this attack was definitely more powerful than what Little Rin was capable of doing now. Since Qing Shui and the others had gotten half of their strength reduced, it might seem difficult for them to defend against it.


Qing Shui and Shen Huang immediately got blown away along with Little Rin. She had struck them very hard, and Little Rin let out a furious roar. Even though Little Rin might be very powerful, it was currently still inferior to the Flower Demon. Since it had yet to fully mature, it was unable to hurt the Flower Demon. It would only be able to do so once it reached its adulthood.

Shen Huang felt a bit worried and looked at Qing Shui, “What shall we do?”

“Don’t worry about it, let me give it a try. Just stay by Little Rin’s side and don’t move.” Qing Shui must stay close to Shen Huang. Otherwise, once the effect of Area Dominance was gone, things might turn out to be really ugly.

Nine Yang Dragon Soul!

The Dragon Force within Qing Shui’s body started scattering across his entire body. His body was fueled with astonishing power. After that, he stretched out his arms.

Dragon-capturing Hands!

The Dragon-capturing Hands with Nine Yang Dragon Soul mixed in it seemed even more terrifying. Qing Shui grabbed the Flower Demon right away and tossed her down from the Flower Demonic Beast.

She was unable to stop herself from temporarily feeling dizzy. The Dragon-capturing Hands might not be able to hurt the Flower Demon, but it could make her fell in disbelief. Not only was she unable to dodge Qing Shui’s attack, but she was even paralyzed momentarily by it. Her entire person as well as her mind got wobbly for an instant and disrupted all of her actions.

The Flower Demon was in a great rage. It swiftly charged towards Qing Shui and unleashed a storm of flowers with the Flower Sword in her arm. Following on, she swung down the sword in her arm and immediately, the flower petals rained down towards Qing Shui. These flowers had thin and sharp thorns on it. They were charging towards Qing Shui with fearsome forces.

Once a person was struck by it, his skin would be stabbed by these small thorns. At the moment when the person started bleeding, the poisons on the flowers would intrude into the victim’s body, and he would lose his ability to fight instantly.

She was the Flower Demon, a fairy that controlled flowers.

Nine Continents Mountain!

The Nine Continents Mountain appeared in front of Qing Shui and immediately clashed into these flower petals.

So long as it wasn’t a soul-based attack, Qing Shui wouldn’t fear her. Moreover, the Nine Continents Mountain was also able to block the soul-based attacks. Its only shortcoming was the lack of Soul Energy in its attack. Thus, for the time being, the Nine Continents Mountain wasn’t able to hurt spirit bodies.

However, when it came to blocking the poisonous flowers in front of him, the Nine Continents Mountain alone would have been enough to handle the job.

The Flower Demon was furious. She immediately swung down the flower sword in her hand. A wave of fresh flowers turned into a huge snake and charged towards Qing Shui.

This was a soul-based attack. Furthermore, its offensive prowess was very tricky. Even though Qing Shui’s Nine Continents Mountain might possess decent strength, it was still significantly weaker compared to the Flower Demon's attacks.


A loud noise of collision came through. Despite being equipped with the formidable Shield Attack, the Nine Continents Mountain still got blown away. The difference in strength was simply too big. If the attack had only been two times stronger than before, the Nine Continents Mountain would still be able to withstand it. Sadly, it was around three times stronger this time. It had already done a decent job to be able to hold on after being repeatedly clashed against.

The Nine Continents Mountain had managed to deplete a significant amount of strength from the Flower Snake. Even though it might still be charging toward Qing Shui, the current Flower Snake was looking a lot weaker than before.

Nine Yang Dragon Soul Attack!

Qing Shui let out his arms and immediately, a fierce golden soul of a dragon appeared and bound the flower snake.


Qing Shui’s Nine Yang Dragon Soul was able to suppress every single type of soul-based attacks. Of course, there was a limit to which it could suppress them. For example, the Nine Yang Dragon Soul was able to counter soul-based attacks up to a ratio of about 1:1.5 or even 1:2. This would depend on the realm of the Nine Yang Dragon Soul.

The Flower Snake vanished immediately. Not only did it disappear, but the Flower Demon’s expression was also unsightly.

Qing Shui’s current Nine Yang Dragon Soul was yet to achieve a ratio of 1:2 in countering against soul-based attacks. But it was already close to it. Even Qing Shui’s current attack power was almost equal to this oppressing power against spirit bodies.


The Flower Demonic Beast suddenly attacked Qing Shui. In response to that, Qing Shui quickly summoned the Dragon Slaying Beast.

The Flower Demonic Beast wasn’t a spirit body. Thus, the Dragon Slaying Beast was able to suppress its enemy without much effort. To the Flower Demon, the Flower Demonic Beast was only a means of transport or maybe even just a meat-shield. The Flower Demonic Beast might not have outstanding speed, but its defensive prowess and controlling ability was still formidable. The Flower Demonic Beast was able to reduce the speed and defensive prowess of its opponent while increasing the speed and offensive prowess of its owner and itself.

Unfortunately, it encountered Qing Shui. He was able to completely suppress his opponent’s control skills with Area Dominance.

Meanwhile, Qing Shui effortlessly unleashed the Art of Pursuing and Emperors Qi. By combining them with the ability of the Area Dominance which boosted the allies strength while reducing the opponent’s, the Dragon Slaying Beast was immediately able to outdo the Flower Demonic Beast. Thus, Qing Shui could leisurely continue to face the Flower Demon, as the victor had already been decided for the fight between the beasts. Just as he predicted, the Dragon Slaying Beast completely destroyed the Flower Demonic Beast. It continuously pierced through the beast's body with its horn. Holes of the size of elephants could be seen all over the enormous body. Upon hearing the miserable shrieking noises of the Flower Demonic Beast, the expression of the Flower Demon changed.

She had her sight fixed on the Dragon Slaying Beast. Her expression was as if she had seen a demon, a demon that specialized in plucking flowers.

Qing Shui didn’t have the chance to try his Continuous Combo. He wasn’t even sure if striking the acupoints would be effective against spirit bodies. But after seeing the eyes of the Flower Demon when staring at the Dragon Slaying Beast. He seemed to have understood something. His eyes immediately turned bright.

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