AST 2072 - Struggling Between Life and Death? You’re Thinking Too Highly of Yourselves!

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2072 - Struggling Between Life and Death? You’re Thinking Too Highly of Yourselves!

Strikes after strikes, Huo Yun was critically injured from them. If Qing Shui wanted, he could have ended his opponent in split seconds. However, there was no need for him to do that as becoming a nemesis of the Fire Manor wasn’t something to be proud of. Besides, if he were to leave now, the Northern Blue Domain was still a great distance away. He reckoned he would never be found.

Still, Qing Shui did not intend to stay in the Northern Blue Domain forever. He believed in karma. It was a magical connection. The seed you planted today might ripe in just a day’s time; where virtue has its reward, evil has its retribution. In this mystical world, there were many of such amazing things happening on a daily basis.

Qing Shui looked towards Huo Lei after defeating Huo Yun to say, "It seems that you have already forgotten what I said just a few days ago."

Huo Lei’s legs were shaking. This person was a monster. Huo Yun had been one of the strongest among the younger generation of Fire Manor, even if he wasn’t close to being in the top five of Fire Manor's younger generation. It was well-noted that the man opposite was also very young, and those who could gain a win against Huo Yun must have wielded quite the power. After all, even the most powerful young man of Fire Manor wouldn’t be able to defeat Huo Yun in just one move.

How dreadful this was. At this moment, Huo Yun returned Qing Shui’s gaze with panic evident in his eyes, forcing a smile that was uglier than crying. He said, "I have made a really poor decision. We admit defeat this time. I hope you can be magnanimous."

Qing Shui didn't think that this guy could have such a drastic change. Even when members of a big clan were in front of death’s door, they wouldn’t have surrendered this soon. Moreover, there were still stronger contenders who had yet to make a challenge.

Huo Lei was a rich man’s son and an even bigger jerk, but he still had some brains. Enough to know when to fear death, at least. Sometimes, not only would it help in saving your own life but it could also prevent the clan from falling into ruins.

Even if the other party couldn’t compete with the clan in terms of strength, they could always gain back their dignity at a later time. To back away from a battle meant it was a decision made under special circumstances. Hence, he believed that backing out was no big deal. On the contrary, one might never be able to prove oneself otherwise.

"Each of you can leave after slapping yourselves on the face twice. Of course, you may choose not to do so. However, I cannot guarantee your lives if you don’t." Qing Shui said without requiring many thoughts.

Qing Shui was putting them on the spot, knowing that some of the middle-aged men were not of a low status. In fact, they might even have been of a higher status than Huo Lei. These people were here to take the position of the tyrant, so how could they leave just like this? If they didn’t slap themselves then Qing Shui could help them do so in a moment.

Huo Lei frowned. "I have already admitted defeat. Is it really necessary to throw us into this dilemma of life and death?"

"You think too highly of yourselves. You wish it’d be a dilemma. Killing you would be an easy feat for me, but I don't want to kill innocent people. Even so, I will not hesitate to abolish your cultivations or leave you handicapped. I’m going to count to three. You will bear the consequences if you don’t do it. It’s your choice: To give yourselves two slaps, or for me to do it for you before destroying your cultivations as well as breaking your legs. Don’t blame me when the beast from this area comes out to play."


Right after his speech, Qing Shui began to count. The expressions of his opponents changed drastically. Humans naturally liked to gamble, but not many of them dared to gamble with their lives, especially under these circumstances. Although it was not Qing Shui’s intention to force them to their deaths, he was sure there would be people unable to take the pressure.


Piak, piak!

One after another, the resounding slaps rang, leaving all but the two middle-aged men who were staring daggers at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui wasn’t surprised. Those two men were pretty strong, and warriors at their level had their dignity. Furthermore, no one could be sure that this young man would be able to defeat them and they had their confidence. If they could be so easily intimidated by Qing Shui’s threats then their lives up till this point would have been a waste.


Qing Shui turned his attention toward the two middle-aged men once he was done counting. "Alright. Since you have made your choice, you may go. The two of them will stay."

Huo Lei was now caught in a dilemma, and it would be even worse if he withdrew.

"If you don't go then you will be dealt with after I’m done with them. Don’t say that I didn’t give you a chance. Of course, you can always choose to place your faith in both of them."

What a joke. Why would they slap themselves if they had wished to place their faith in the two men? Wouldn’t their slaps be a waste if they did? The others made a hasty retreat, taking Qing Shui’s words as a cue.

The two middle-aged men didn’t react much at all. It was no surprise that Fire Manor’s young masters would do this, nor was it the first time. Still, it was good that at least they were not in danger. Everything would be well once they defeated the young man.

Qing Shui was just thinking of approaching the two men when they began advancing toward him with their weapons. They each held a long sword, but they seemed to have no wish to challenge Qing Shui alone, nor did the latter care that they were going to fight him together.

Mighty Earth Stomp!

A flash of his silhouette cut across at the landing of Qing Shui’s foot. 

With a glimpse of a golden glow, the Golden Battle Halberd appeared in the hands of Qing Shui, slamming down with immense power.

The increment of the realm, coupled with the Heavenly Dao made Qing Shui’s attack feel as though a mountain was pressing down from above.

Qing Shui had already managed to make a lightweight object grow heavy in the past. Even a wicker could transform into a thousand pounds. Even so. His realm was not worth mentioning. His realm now, compared to the past, was very different. This was the true power of Heaven and Earth, the power of a Heavenly Dao.


Golden Battle Halberd struck heavily against the two Fire Swords, and their legs shook at the same time. Despite using only his might, Qing Shui had actually managed to compete with those who were a lot stronger than him. Furthermore, there were two of them against a single Qing Shui, amounting to double the strength mustered.

Those two people were even more powerful than every single person from the Yu Clan from the Azure Rainbow City, even though they must have been mere senior serving members in Fire Manor. It seemed that Fire Manor, as expected, was really powerful.

Qing Shui didn't use Emperor’s Qi, or the Art of Pursuing, not even the Heavenly Vision Technique. The Golden Battle Halberd in his hand was swept forth horizontally, emitting a powerful force.

His attacks were quick, but his opponents did not lag behind either, with their attacks colliding with Qing Shui’s. Both sides had their own techniques which allowed them to unleash thousands of attacks with great speed.

With every collision, Qing Shui’s bones were becoming stronger. After the combination of consuming the Peach of Immortality, and the improvement to his Heavenly Dao realm, his body needed to be stabilized. The two people in front of him happened to be much-needed candidates to make it happen. After all, the strength of each opponent was nothing less than 30 million Dao. Qing Shui merely used his body’s strength to counter his opponents and realized that it was just enough. Such opportunity was truly hard to come by.

The longer the fight dragged on, the more skilled he got. Qing Shui had long mastered his Nine Stances of the Ancient Divine Battle Technique and had integrated it with Tai Chi and other techniques. However, during this battle, Qing Shui didn’t exhibit too many of those techniques and instead countered with brute force.

On the other hand, the two middle-aged men were becoming more surprised by the minute. This young man was powerful, being able to fight against both of them without lagging behind at all. It was like his Origin Qi was still in surplus, and they were beginning to feel powerless.


The Fire Sword broke. Qing Shui’s Golden Battle Halberd had cut through the broken Fire Sword and toward one of the middle-aged men’s shoulders, disabling his arm.

The Golden Battle Halberd's precise penetration took its effect. Although the opponent's weapon was decent, it was nothing when up against the Golden Battle Halberd.

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