AST 2089 - Big Tiger Wants to Wed the Yu Clan Third Young Lady

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2089 - Big Tiger Wants to Wed the Yu Clan Third Young Lady

Qing Shui would rather accept a person like Big Tiger than a talented yet unethical one, as doctors prided themselves on their ethics. An unethical doctor could cause widespread harm.

High noon on the next day, Qing Shui saw the Yu Clan Third Young Lady.

She was a tall and fashionable girl who seemed younger than Big Tiger, with a light green dress. They were happily talking with each other while Qing Shui observed from afar.

Big Tiger and the Third Young Lady didn’t seem like a good match at first, particularly due to his commoner air, which would require a long time to change. He didn’t have an explosive personality but rather, a tempered and calm mindset. The two discovered they were a good pairing with time.

Qing Shui didn’t sense any ulterior motives on her part. She looked gentle and warm, especially when she was chatting with Big Tiger.

Qing Shui was glad that Big Tiger was fortunate enough to have such a woman fall for him. She wasn’t from a tyrannical force. Qing Shui had some ability as a fortune teller. Though he couldn’t predict the future, he could tell that Big Tiger’s life was destined to change with this pairing.

Big Tiger’s life was originally destined to be middling, slightly richer than wealthy mortals, but with her appearing in his life, his future was bound to be different.

This kind of changes was not surprising as it was accepted that a lady would always bring fortune to his man, perhaps due to their air, Qi, and aura. Some people could cause others to become healthier, wealthier, etc.

There was also the compatibility between a couple’s auras. With mutual complements, there also existed mutual diminishing between couples.

Those who could analyze these kinds of intangible forces were few in number and so were those who could tell if a couple would mutually diminish each other. If a girl had experienced 3 different relationships, all ending in the male’s subsequent tragic end, though it wasn’t confirmed that the girl was a jinx, there was a good likelihood that she was.

The union of their Qis had to be perfect, much like Duo Cultivation. Qing Shui could tell based on this that Big Tiger’s life would be transformed. That meant the two could last a long time, even until they were old and grey.

Qing Shui was relieved when he discovered this, as he was initially worried that the woman had ulterior motives like trying to steal medical techniques. After he observed for a while, he no longer had any reservations as he headed toward the Yu Clan.

The Yu Clan (Note: Not the Yu Clan that Yu Xixuan comes from) was one of the top three clans in the Azure Rainbow City, similar to the Liu Clan which was nearly exterminated. Nobody would dare to provoke the Imperial Cuisine Hall, especially with their reputation of having Miraculous Physicians and the inn. Even the Zhan Clan wouldn’t get any benefits from provoking them.

The Yu Clan wasn’t far from the Imperial Cuisine Hall. It, too, was based in the Azure Rainbow City.

The Yu Clan’s courtyard was grandiose. This was normal, as there was an unspoken rule of this world claiming that the major clans would have large courtyards. The greater the air of prosperity and the quality of the facilities, the more appealing the appearance.

There were four guards stationed at the entrance.

They became wary when they saw Qing Shui: “Who are you looking for?”

The voice came from a bright-eyed middle-aged man, seemingly the man in charge of guarding the entrance.

“Just say that Qing Shui from the Imperial Cuisine Hall has come to pay a visit,” Qing Shui said courteously.

The middle-aged man’s faced changed, as he rushed to bow: “Honored guest, please wait. I will report this.”

A short while after the man ran off, a few people from the Yu Clan came out, led by an old man flanked by two others, as they briskly walked forward.

The leading old man wore plain clothes. He stood with a dignified air, his expression solemn. One of the other old men was wearing a purple and gold robe, while the other wore an elegant, green robe.

“Mister Qing, please enter!” The leading old man called out courteously.

“Hope senior is well!” Qing Shui gestured for them to enter together.

“Mister Qing, let me do the introductions. I am Yu Zezheng and these are my third and sixth brothers, Yu Zemian and Yu Zehuo respectively,” Yu Zezheng said as he pointed at the green-robed man and the purple-gold robed man.

“Hope the two seniors are well!”

“Good to see you, Mister Qing!”

“You’re acting like an outsider. You can just call us Old Yu, Old Three and Old Six,” Yu Zezheng said with a laugh.

“That is not proper. You guys can just call me Qing Shui. If you don’t think of it badly, I’ll call you Uncle Zheng.”

Yu Zezheng was contemplating. At his old age, he was naturally aware that there were no free lunches in this world. Although he wasn’t sure why Qing Shui came, improving relations with him was crucial. Still, he couldn’t help but worry about the potential costs.

“This is akin to putting this old man on the spot. Those with power should take the lead. I may be old, but I can’t handle being your elder.” Yu Zezheng stated, trying to reveal Qing Shui’s intentions.

“Back in my home, there’s an order of seniority. We only consider age. No matter how powerful a son is, he can’t be the big boss in front of his father.” Qing Shui smiled as he said.

“Fine then. I’ll take up this mantle,” Yu Zezheng said, feeling uneasy in his heart.

Qing Shui could naturally detect his unease, as he comforted him: “Senior, you don’t need to worry. I have come here for a good thing.”

“I know, I know.”

“Third Uncle, Sixth Uncle, you seem to have reached a bottleneck, I will help you break through it later,” Qing Shui offered as he looked at the other two old men.

“We can really break through?” The two were filled with joy.

“You’ll see later. This is not a difficult task because you have already reached the pinnacle. You’re just missing that one opportunity.”


The men sat down at the guest hall. Yu Zezheng then decided to start the conversation: “May I ask the reason for Mister Qing’s presence here?”

Qing Shui knew that he couldn’t loosen up without knowing, so he just said: “I’m here to propose a marriage.”

Qing Shui’s words naturally surprised the three elderly men as they simply couldn’t speak, their facial expressions changing quickly.

Qing Shui realized that they were perhaps led astray, as he followed up: “Not for myself, but for my disciple, Big Tiger of the Imperial Cuisine Hall.”

They took a breath of relief when they heard his words, as they asked: “I wonder which of my Yu Clan’s little lasses have caught Miraculous Physician Big Tiger’s eyes?”

Yu Zezheng’s face lit up with joy as this was a great opportunity to forge closer bonds with this youth before him. Big Tiger was this youth’s disciple, and this relationship was sufficient, as disciple and master were akin to father and son.

“I only know that it’s the Third Young Lady and that they are both in love with each other. I just saw the Third Young Lady with Big Tiger. However, Big Tiger is afraid that Uncle Zheng would reject him, so I’m proposing this on his behalf,” Qing Shui explained, already knowing that this was guaranteed to be a success.

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