AST 2091 - Going to Northern Blue City, Against His Will?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2091 - Going to Northern Blue City, Against His Will?

Curing Kong Yi wasn’t a difficult task. It only took a few days. Even though 70% was a large probability, this still gave the Kong Clan a surprise as Kong Yi’s strength began to return.

Qing Shui also realized that Kong Yi was the successor of the Kong Clan with exceptional potential and strength. He had his own encounters which would bring the Kong Clan up another level, hence warranting the Kong Clan’s focus.

The Kong Clan members poured forth their endless gratitude as they left, leaving the courtyard’s proceedings to Yu Xixuan to handle, giving Qing Shui a lavish courtyard in Northern Blue City.

Peace followed and Qing Shui would leave for Northern Blue City after Big Tiger’s wedding. Having killed four of the Demon God Palace’s men, he didn’t know if they would be related to the Demon Gate.

Qing Shui had mixed feelings, apprehensive toward the Demon Gate, yet somewhat expectant as the Divine Palace would also emerge. His strength was also pretty good, but it was still worrying.

It wasn’t long before the wedding began.

Azure Rainbow City was filled with hustle and bustle as the wedding proceeded. Many were jealous of a mortal like Big Tiger, who usually wouldn’t be able to find a girl, being able to marry the Yu Clan’s Young Lady.

Many were envious, but everyone knew that he had found a good master and had become a famous Miraculous Physician. Combined with his powerful master, he was indeed qualified to wed the Young Lady.

Many guests had come, regardless of their clan, be it the other Yu Clan, the Liu Clan or the surrounding clans. As the wedding proceeded normally, the Ji Clan and the Kong Clan arrived by noon, despite having received the information late but still in time for the proceedings.

This gave the Yu Clan more face, which they knew should be attributed to Qing Shui, as those clans were top tier in the Northern Blue City, shocking many guests.

The wedding was a great success and ended without any incidents.

By night, many guests began to leave, including the Ji and Kong Clans. It seemed that Qing Shui had brought the two clans closer, as they left together.


“Master is leaving?” Big Tiger asked disbelievingly.

“All things must come to an end, Big Tiger. I still have disciples besides you, each managing their own Imperial Cuisine Hall. Etch this in your memory: A doctor’s morals are much more important than skills. I don’t want to hear of you using your skills immorally. Work hard!” Qing Shui said lightly.

“Master, please be at ease. I will never change.” Big Tiger began to feel sad, but he understood that he couldn’t be by his master’s side forever.

“A big man like you has to hold up the family. You have to know how to pick up and let go. I’ll be back at some point, if I have nothing to do.” Qing Shui patted his shoulder.

Big Tiger’s eyes brightened as he nodded: “That would be great! I’ll work extra hard to not disappoint you when you return.”

Bidding his farewells, Qing Shui told the various clans that he was out on business, followed by Yu Xixuan. Hence, nobody thought that he would never return.


Northern Blue City!

As Northern Blue Domain’s number one largest city, its splendor was incomparable to the likes of Azure Rainbow, even more prosperous than Blazing Fire Land. Due to the special environment there, it was even better here.

Qing Shui was shocked by the size of the courtyard, which was much larger than the one in the Azure Rainbow. As he entered the courtyard, the facilities were all sparkling clean and new. Somebody probably maintained it every day.

This world was extremely clean and pure, unlike the previous world filled with dust. Even if one didn’t sweep here daily, there would be no problems with dust.

“Not bad, not bad. I think we’ll be staying for at least an hour!” Yu Xixuan said and smiled at Qing Shui.

“At least a year, maybe even two or three. This place is very mysterious. I have a feeling that we’ll be harassed,” Qing Shui said and chuckled.

“People who can harass Young Master Qing are far too few.” Yu Xixuan’s eyes carried an indescribable beauty.

She was a mature woman who was well versed, cultured, and not willing to take a loss. She would occasionally exude a woman’s charm, and her strength and methods were not to be questioned. Unfortunately, with her insignificant background, though she was like a fish in water in Great Shang City, she had little achievements in the Northern Blue Domain, especially when she was forced to Great Shang City by the Liu Clan.

Qing Shui didn’t know why, but he just had a natural instinct to protect this beautiful woman. He didn’t want to do anything to her. She had an average, but happy family. Her parents doted on her and lived blissful lives.

“Why are you staring at me like that? Do you want to court me?” Yu Xixuan slyly said.

Qing Shui smiled back: “Heh, are you acting pubescent?”

“To hell with you. You’re the pubescent one.” Yu Xixian’s face was red as a beet. As a girl, she found herself enjoying his presence over this period of time, even if nothing happened.

However, thinking of Beiming Xue and Shen Huang, each one being a gorgeous, stunning beauty, she naturally felt inferior.

“Let’s rest for two days before we begin business. Same old rules: Find out who has some incurable disease, especially those with influence. Exclude those evil-doers no matter what.” Qing Shui went straight to work.

“Okay, no problems. This big sister likes this kind of working principle.”

Qing Shui was thinking about how adorable she was, constantly calling herself the big sister: “You’ve finally confessed! Come on, have you fallen for me?”

“Not to mention that I haven’t, even if I did, what can you do? Who I like is my business,” Yu Xixuan said, rolling her eyes at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui was surprised by her words. This was a display of dominance. Even if she liked him, he couldn’t do anything. Of course, with her tone, no one could tell if she was being serious or not, but outsiders would believe that she did like him.

“So what if you like me? I’m a principled man. Even if you do, don’t even dream about molesting me, or else I’ll scream.” Qing Shui chuckled.

Yu Xixuan was also flabbergasted. This man would do this often, shamelessly believing that he was very lovable. Smirking at Qing Shui, she said: “Even if Big Sister molests you today, I dare you to scream!”

Yi Xixuan then suddenly hugged Qing Shui, her lips planting themselves on Qing Shui’s, dazing him.

She used her lips to block Qing Shui’s lips, wanting to give him a kiss. However, she soon realized that she didn’t know how to so she continued unnaturally, beginning to move her mouth around when she felt it getting weird.

Qing Shui was finally enlightened. This woman was indeed in love with him, but her pride prevented her from simply saying it. This was her way of expressing her love.

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