AST 2093 - The Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain appeared, Water Silver Dragon

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2093 - The Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain appeared, Water Silver Dragon

The Imperial Cuisine Hall had just opened. And at the moment, Qing Shui was working here alone. Thus, in comparison to the other Imperial Cuisine Halls, the business here was colder and more cheerless. Similar to his previous incarnation, once the people got used to treating their illnesses at a particular place, they would be reluctant to switch to a new one.

Qing Shui wasn’t hurried about it. He knew that he mustn't rush things. Besides, it might not be a good thing if he tired himself too much as soon as the business just started.

Qing Shui had yet to find any disciples or receive patients in his clinic. With so much free time in his hand, he started daydreaming. But right at this moment, a few people entered the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Qing Shui was very happy to see his first customers. However, he was stunned as soon as he lifted his head to see who they were.

It was a pair of couple. They had the look of people around middle-age. The man was handsome, while the woman looked elegant and beautiful. The reason why Qing Shui was stunned wasn’t because of their good lucks, it was the aura that was around them. The couple was giving out auras similar to Muyun Qingge. It also shared some similarities with the aura of the Ancient Golden Battle General Crab.

This couple was evidently from the Water Silver Dragon Tribe, as Qing Shui was able to sense fierce dragon’s qi emitting from their body. He also managed to see through their origins with his Heavenly Vision Technique. The both of them had the strength worth millions of Dao Force, which was almost equal to, or maybe even higher than the current Shen Huang. But once Shen Huang came out of her seclusion, she should be able to surpass them. Of course, for the time being, Shen Huang should still have the upper hand in actual combats with the additional aids from the Rainbow Divine Dragon.

Despite the Rainbow Divine Dragon not being fully matured yet, it was already a terrifying existence.

“I suppose this place is a clinic!” The man asked Qing Shui with a gentle voice.

“Yes, it is. Is there anything which I can help you with?”

While they were having the conversation, Qing Shui could more or less already figure out the purpose of their visit. The woman’s face looked unusually pale, and she seemed to be in a lot of pain. With just a quick glance, Qing Shui had briefly examined her body and noticed that she was pregnant, but yet she had also been injured. What was worse was that the damage caused to her body had begun to influence the baby as well. However, the woman seemed reluctant to give up on the baby, and that was why she attempted to protect the baby in her stomach with her Origin Qi.

The man stared at Qing Shui and slightly knitted his brows. From his perspective, he didn't believe that Qing Shui could help them judging by his age and the fact that he was a man. They had gone to see a lot of physicians, but every single one of them would only tell them to abandon the child.

Qing Shui knew what the man was thinking as soon as he saw his expression. He concluded, “Your wife is injured. She seems to be in a dire state as the wounds which she suffered had begun to influence the child.”

“Yes, it is as you thought. Dear Physician, can you please try to save our child? We have waited a long time to have a baby of our own. I am reluctant to let it go away from us again.” At this moment, the woman said anxiously.


If his memory didn’t deceive him, the Water Silver Dragon Tribe was a formidable tribe which desired peace, unlike the Giant Dragon Men, Yaksha, and Golden Dragon Tribe. All of those stated above were brutal tribes. They were the total opposite of peace and often caused bloodshed wherever they had gone to.

The woman dressed tidily and looked beautiful. A pure and sacred aura was emitting of her body. Adding on that she was currently pregnant, it only made the aura even more intense.

“Ah, sir, can you please help us?” The woman asked Qing Shui, feeling very agitated.

“Sir, please help us. I can guarantee you that all of the things that you do for us will not be for naught.” At this moment, the man also followed along and said emotionally.

“Alright, let’s go inside to get the treatment started. Since I can't just cure it right away, it will take at least three days for you to recover fully. Meanwhile, you can choose to either stay here or visit the clinic every day.”

“Since there are some empty spaces here, we might as well just stay here for the time being.” This time, the man responded calmly.

“Alright, let’s head straight to the courtyard and get on with the treatment. After that, you will need to take some rest.” Qing Shui led the couple to the courtyard after he finished speaking.

“Sir, did you just recently start your business here?” The man asked by accident.

“Yes, it hasn’t even been a week since my business started. This courtyard is a consultation fee given by someone. That’s why I made up my mind to open a clinic here,” said Qing Shui with a smile on his face.

The man was in great shock upon hearing that. This courtyard was highly valuable, but yet it was just a consultation fee given to him by someone!? If what this young man was saying was true, then his medical skills might be quite promising.

“You guys don’t seem to be from around here.” Qing Shui guessed.

The man responded to Qing Shui in a calm tone, “We come from the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain.”

Qing Shui got shocked after hearing that. The Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain was located right beside Haohan Continent. Haohan Continent was a huge land, whereas the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain was a vast ocean. Together, they were spread across the northern part of the world.

No one knew how big the Haohan Continent was, nor did they have any idea of how vast the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain could be. The Northern Sea, Eastern Sea Domain, as well as the Southern Sea, they were all nothing when compared to the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain.

According to rumors, every single one of the seas eventually led up to the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain. But so far, only the Northern Sea and Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain were discovered to be connected with each other. As for the rest of the seas, there was no evidence to prove the theories.

Qing Shui might be aware of the true identities of this couple. But he was still surprised when he heard that they came from Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain. It was said to be located deep within the Haohan Continent, deeper than Northern Blue Domain itself. While they were there, it was as if both the World of the Nine Continents and the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain had merged into one. Some of the forces from the ocean made their way onto the land, and vice versa.

Just like deep within the Haohan Continent, the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain was just as dangerous. Usually, the main forces of the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain weren't located deep within the ocean, that was because no one was certain about its actual depth. Some people attempted to explore the place, but before they reached the bottom, they were assaulted by Ocean Demons and gigantic sea monsters, causing them to have no choice but to give up on their plan to continue their discoveries.

“Let me help you numb the pain first.”

The treatment started. Very soon, the woman didn’t feel any more pain in her body. Qing Shui first helped her stabilize the condition of the baby before using his Force of Rebirth to cure it along with the woman’s injuries.

Time went on little by little. After two hours, Qing Shui took back his needles, and he could be seen sweating all over his head. He casually rubbed them off and said, “I have already stabilized both their conditions. I will only have to carry out Acupunctures twice, and she would have recovered fully. Even though you two might be strong, it’s still a risky situation.”

The man nodded repeatedly. He revealed a bitter smile deep in his heart. He only came out to relieve his boredom. But who would have thought that the Golden Yakshas Tribes would follow him secretly? They intended to eliminate him along with his wife and his child that wasn’t born yet.

Those Golden Yakshas had crossed the line this time laying their hands on his wife to distract him. Even though he had managed to kill quite a few of them before escaping from the area, he still couldn’t have gotten away from the fact that his wife had been injured. Even the child, who hadn’t been born yet, had been at risk of dying!

The man felt very lucky to be able to meet Qing Shui. Even though he didn’t say anything about it, deep down, he was moved to tears by Qing Shui’s act.

“I never expected to meet a Miraculous Physician here. My name is Cong Yunlong. My wife is Tong Ruo.” The man said politely. Deep down, he was very thankful when he saw Qing Shui sweating all over his head.

Cong Yunlong was not young anymore. It was not easy for him to have a child. The chances for a person of Dragon Tribe to have a baby was small to begin with. If he had lost this child, it was unknown if he would have another one in his lifetime. That was why they had been both reluctant to give up on this baby.

“I am a physician. It is my job to cure the patients. By seeing their happy faces, I will also feel a sense of joy in my heart.”

Qing Shui smiled, “Take good care of her. Come and look for me once she woke up. Then we can have dinner together.”

“Alright, thank you!” Cong Yunlong said in a sincere tone.

By now, he felt that he was no longer able to see through this man. Even though they had the appearance of humans, usually, human physicians shouldn’t know how to treat them. But earlier, not only had Qing Shui managed to do it, but he even had been able to cure his wife. Truthfully speaking, Cong Yunlong was quite shocked to see that, so much that he started having a feeling that this young man might have figured out their identities.

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