AST 2107 - A seductive immortal aura, the Nine-tailed Demon Fox

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2107 - A seductive immortal aura, the Nine-tailed Demon Fox

At the moment when Qing Shui saw the people who were drooling, he calmed down a bit more. However, Nuo Lan didn’t seem to find their actions weird. She rarely smiled whenever she was in a crowd. She would always have her cold face on, in fear that situations like this would happen again.

“As I thought, women are the source of all calamity.” Qing Shui muttered a few words.

“What did you say?” Nuo Lan glared at Qing Shui.

“Big sister, I am saying that your beauty is enough to cause an entire country to crumble.” Said Qing Shui as he looked around while continuing to move forward.

Hearing that, Nuo Lan was unsure if he was trying to compliment her, or belittling her. Nevertheless, she still made her way to the tiny building with Qing Shui.

One of the main reasons why the building seemed small was because of the comparisons that were made to the other buildings around it. Especially because the two that were right next to it were even bigger than the standard ones, further making the building looked even smaller. By the time they went in, Qing Shui had realized that it wasn’t actually as tiny as he predicted it to be. Each of the floors was about the size of 150 square meters.

In his previous incarnation, this size would have been considered to be big. But across the World of the Nine Continents, it could only be thought to be very, very small. Still, Qing Shui was satisfied with it. Any mountain can be famous with the presence of an immortal. It didn’t matter how big a clinic was so long as a Miraculous Physician was in it.

“How is it? If you are not satisfied with it, we can still consider other options.” Nuo Lan asked Qing Shui when she noticed him observing the areas around him. 

“It’s good enough. A clinic’s quality doesn’t have to do with its size. So long as the physician is good, anyone will come no matter how small the clinic is. Not to mention our clinic is also different from other people’s.” Qing Shui smiled and said. 

“We don’t demand money when we save people.” Qing Shui continued. 

“Hmph, there are many things which money cannot buy. So what exactly are you after?” Nuo Lan asked.

Qing Shui soon realized that being with such an enchanting woman was a burden. If the both of them had been husband and wife, Qing Shui felt that he would have definitely stayed in bed with her for more than half a day. Thus, at the moment, he felt that he was being tortured. He had even begun to suspect if it was a mistake to ask her to tag along. 

“What we are after is friendship.”

“Do you think that friendships can be earned that easily? Unless you are able to cure diseases which other people are unable to cure, who would want to come to you for treatments? Money has a value, but friendship does not.” Nuo Lan shook her head.

“You are right. That’s why I have told you that we won’t be treating ordinary diseases. We will only treat people who are at the brink of death. Also, people who are evil, or people who are unpleasant to our eyes are excluded from the lists of people who we attend to. There are also a few exceptions though. We can cure ordinary people who are infected with fatal illnesses at a price which they will definitely be able to afford. We will only demand one of the things which they will already have. Of course, it is up to us what we want.”

“Little boy, wake up and stop dreaming.” Nuo Lan laughed. She waited until Qing Shui finished talking and waved her hand at him.

Qing Shui was speechless. It seemed that he was left with no choice but to show her his medical skills. He proceeded to take out a Beauty Pellet, “Hey, big sister. I am one of the most powerful alchemists as well as physicians there ever is. This is a Beauty Pellet which I refined many years ago. It can help you retain your young look for an extra 30 years.”

It was a woman’s nature to be beautiful. The more beautiful a woman was, the more she would care about her look. The reason was that if she lost her beauty on one of these days, she would feel even more tormented than dying. 

Nuo Lan’s eyes sparkled the moment she heard Qing Shui’s words. 30 years weren’t long, but it was very important. Warriors tend to age very slowly, but they would still become older and older at the same time as ordinary people. 30 years were equivalent to 150 years from a warrior’s perspective. To ordinary men, it was very important but to warriors, it played an even more essential role. 

She snatched the pill from Qing Shui right away and looked at him in shock, “Are you really an alchemist?”

Without any hesitations, Qing Shui quickly took out a bag of pills and gave it to her. In any case, he had still got plenty left. Qing Shui had refined a lot of medicinal pills. He would divide those that weren’t useful to him into separate packages. There was a Beast Parchment which stated the particular use of each of the pills. Often, he would give them to the people who he thought was brought together with him by fate. He had given quite a lot of them to his friends.

The more she looked at it, the more she became surprised and happy. As she was speaking, she released a snow white fox and immediately, Qing Shui was stunned by it. The Nine-Tailed Demon Fox! Qing Shui had never seen a fox as good-looking as this one. It was about three feet long. The moment it got released, it immediately jumped into Nuo Lan’s arms and settled in between her bulging breasts.

Qing Shui could only look with admiration. He almost drooled. 

Very soon, Qing Shui noticed what was different about this fox. This fox might not have enough wounding prowess but it was capable of boosting its user’s charm by a few times. Even though it wasn’t a good offensive partner, it could create waves after waves of illusions to the opponents. The illusions would either reflect the victim’s most desired image, or the things which they feared the most. 

Qing Shui remembered the medicinal pill which he once refined, the Heart Toxin Pill. However, this pill required the user to consume it for it to work. Thus, Qing Shui had never used it before. However, he had never expected for this fox to be so unusual. 

Not only so, but the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox was fast. It was capable of creating after-images of itself and thus, made it difficult to catch or attack it. This was how nature worked. Since the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox didn’t have wounding prowess sufficient to kill its opponent, god decided to give it the most formidable ability to keep itself alive instead.

The woman took out some of the things which Qing Shui had given her which were suitable for demonic beasts and fed it to the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.

“Give this to her too. It is much more powerful than those.” Qing Shui passed Nuo Lan an Ancient Demonic Fruit. This thing, along with the Fortune Golden Pellet, could help raise the overall strength of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox by a few levels. 

Nuo Lan was very happy. As she was overwhelmed with joy, she revealed her seductive appearance once again by accident. This caused Qing Shui to feel very tortured. This woman was too seductive. Her fox-like aura was too intense. In his previous incarnation, people often called people like her a fox-spirit. They would often describe this as having a fox’s charm. Truthfully speaking, this actually contained a negative meaning up to a certain extent. By now, Qing Shui had finally tested it for himself what a real fox’s charm was like. Fox’s charm actually had another name. That was, the Fox Immortal Aura. 

It was no wonder Nuo Lan was able to tame the Nine-Tailed Immortal Fox. One of the major reasons was because she possessed the Fox Immortal Aura in her body. Though this woman might not seem like a threat, she could actually be one of the most dangerous people if she were an enemy. Qing Shui didn’t know exactly how Nuo Lan’s offense worked, but he knew that she was capable of unleashing her killer-moves as many times as she liked while the opponents would have difficulties defending against it. 

Unknowingly, it was already noon. The Nine-Tailed Immortal Fox had been tamed by Nuo Lan. By now, the two were already discussing how they should open the clinic. Nuo Lan no longer had any doubts on Qing Shui’s medical expertise. Instead, she was scratching her head, thinking how exactly this brat had practiced his skills. How could he possibly be proficient in his medical skills, refining medicines, as well as cultivations all at the same time?

How surprised would she be, once she found out that Qing Shui knew many more things than that?

“Oh yes, big sister, how’s your medical techniques?” Qing Shui felt that he might as well just call her his big sister. He knew that it wouldn’t take long until the woman asked him to change the way he addressed her. 

Upon hearing Qing Shui’s words, Nuo Lan got a bit embarrassed and responded, “There is nothing special about my medical skills. Please don’t put too much hope on it.”

“Let me teach you a treatment technique then. I am sure you will like it.”

Qing Shui passed down the Meridians Knocking Soul Pulling technique to Nuo Lan. Provided that it was under the supervision of an expert, learning it wouldn’t be that tough. It was somehow similar to an inheritance. In the process of learning it, one would find it like a piece of paper when they first comprehended it. Once they mastered it, it would be equivalent to them piercing through the piece of paper. Nevertheless, it was a unique and mysterious technique to learn.

“Usually, I don’t simply pass these things on to anyone. So, if you plan on teaching other people about it, you must be cautious of who they are.” Qing Shui warned Nuo Lan.

Nuo Lan nodded, “I will make sure that I only keep it to myself.”

Qing Shui began decorating the places and set up a few shelves to be put around the area. All of his stuff were those that had been used in Northern Blue City before. He conveniently took them out from the realm.

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