AST 2110 - Divine Square Cauldron

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2110 - Divine Square Cauldron

With the Tai Clan’s clan’s head cured of his illness, Qing Shui’s reputation as a Miraculous Physician in the Imperial Cuisine Hall was finally able to compare to the food which he sold. Words from the Tai Clan’s clan’s head had a significant influence on the people around the area. By now, everyone had learned that not only was the food he sold delicious, he also helped people maintain good health, so much that it could stabilize one’s fundamentals and raise their strength.

Since then, even more people started to demand things like wines. They didn’t mind spending money for it. However, the Imperial Cuisine Hall still stayed true to its principle. Nuo Lan responded to the customers by saying, “Do you think that we would lack such money?”

Not only so, but they had even bought two huge courtyards in an area not so far away. In return for the favor, Qing Shui helped them cure a patient and gave them the Plum Blossom Wine. In addition to that, they also managed to accumulate 30 Imperial Cuisine Hall’s points.

Moving on, a Divine Palace Food Hall and Qing Shui Hall were opened.

Nuo Lan was the one who made the decision to open the food hall after a discussion with Qing Shui. The food hall mainly served the purpose of filling up the stomach of people who couldn't afford food and from here, spread out their beliefs. Though the Northern Emperor City might be a rich city, no matter how prosperous a place might be, there would always be some poor people dwelling within it.

Even though the Divine Palace Food Hall provided free food, the dishes they prepared were simple and bland. Unless the homeless people were in a tight spot, they wouldn’t really come here to eat the food. Furthermore, strong youngsters whose bodies were in perfect shape were also not allowed to drink and eat as they pleased in here.

Qing Shui Hall, on the other hand, was mainly used by Qing Shui to look for orphans with good innate talent from the food hall. He also looked for a few warriors to guide them through their cultivations. They were allowed to leave anytime they wanted halfway through the practice. The Battle God Squad in the Divine Palace was also allowed to take turns coming. This way, without realizing it, the forces between the Divine Palace and Imperial Cuisine Hall would slowly blend along with each other.

Not long after, Qing Shui planned to let Yin Tong, as well as the youngsters whom he had trained, come here. After all, this place was where the battlefield would be set in the future.

The Divine Palace Food Hall and Qing Shui Hall were opened by both Qing Shui and Nuo Lan. The people across the area all knew about it. Since then, the Imperial Cuisine Hall became even more reputable. Initially, people tended to say that the Imperial Cuisine Hall was a fraud. Even though the food they sold might be delicious, the price was unreasonably high. 

However, now that the Imperial Cuisine Hall was taking out the money which they earned from the rich to bring prosperity to ordinary men, it had caused a lot of aristocratic clans to look at them in admirations.

Of course, there would also be people who suspected that they were only doing this to attract the public’s attention. But unlike his previous incarnation, the strong had all the sayings in this world. One couldn’t just lay their hands on everything by merely doing good things. The most important thing was still their strength. Without a doubt, the Imperial Cuisine Hall had it. Merely through treating illnesses and the food which they provided, this was enough for them to be successful. This was what symbolized power.

Under normal circumstances, very few people would provide service to people of the lowest social status when they possessed power like this. The reason was that those people had no ways of causing any significant influences on the society. This was also another reason why a lot of people admired Qing Shui.

As for suspecting whether or not Qing Shui was using this kind of methods to increase the reputation of the hall, this was an even more absurd statement. There was no need for the Imperial Cuisine Hall to use that kind of method. Even if they didn’t do anything, it wouldn’t take long for the Imperial Cuisine Hall to become an influential force across the city.

Everything was going on smoothly for Qing Shui. 

One day, an elite man entered the Imperial Cuisine Hall. The shop assistant immediately approached him to serve him. 

As of now, four men had already been recruited to help out in the Imperial Cuisine Hall. They were all from poor backgrounds. Back then, when Qing Shui gave out notices that they were looking for helpers, a lot of people came. Among the people who came, quite a few of them were the sons of nobilities. A lot of them had their own purposes for joining in. For example, they might want to learn Qing Shui’s outstanding cooking skill, while some only came so that they could see Nuo Lan.

Eventually, Qing Shui recruited four ordinary men. There was no particular thing which they were specialized in, but the salaries which Qing Shui had given them was enough for them to look after their entire family. To them, this could already be considered as an instant success.

What was most important was that these people had proper manners. Though they might be from the lowest social background, they were very disciplined. They might not have accomplished anything significant but to them, being content with what they had could already be considered as them being their true selves.

“I am here to look for your boss. There is something which I would like to hand over to you guys.” The elite man smiled and said.

“Please give me a second.”

Very soon, Qing Shui walked out. The moment he saw the elite man, he showed a smile and introduced himself, “Nice to meet you. I am Qing Shui. What would you like to offer?”

The elite man was surprised the moment he saw Qing Shui. He secretly talked to himself in his heart about how Qing Shui was young and yet was already the boss of a clinic. Nevertheless, he was still convinced with the reputation of the Imperial Cuisine Hall. He slowly took out a sachet, and then proceeded to open it and took out the object in it.

It was a cauldron!

This was an exquisite, small cauldron. It was giving out a heavy and abundant aura.

Just by a glance, Qing Shui could already tell that this was no ordinary stuff. It was written on his signboard that he would only buy things that were unusual and unique. So long as he felt that it was something that was quite decent, he felt that it would be worth a try. Whether they wanted some golds or medicinal pills would be up to them, as long as the hall was willing to buy it.

He right away examined it with his Heavenly Vision Technique.

Divine Square Cauldron. At the same time, its effect was also shown. The description was very simple: It was a unique substance which contained mysterious power. The material used to make it was an unusual ore. It only had one use. That was to increase the realm of Divine Weapons.

Increasing the realm of Divine Weapon?

Qing Shui was surprised. Was his Flying Sword also considered a Divine Weapon? To think that the function of the Divine Square Cauldron would actually be raising the realm of a Divine Weapon. Qing Shui was truly amazed by it. He couldn’t help but start wondering if the grade of his Flying Sword could be increased as well. In any case, he felt that he must buy this.

“What would you like me to pay you in return?” Qing Shui asked.

“Money isn’t what I am after. I have heard rumors saying that you are an alchemist. For many years, the progress of my cultivation has been halted. I would like to ask if there is anything you can do about it?” The elite man said with an embarrassing voice. After all, he didn’t know if the thing which he had given Qing Shui was actually valuable or not.

The strength of the middle-aged man could only be considered decent. He had reached a bottleneck ever since he had achieved peak Xiantian Realm. To the current Qing Shui, it was a piece of cake to help him break through. He could have done it through Strength Infusion. Alternatively, he also had medicinal pills which could help do the job. Though he was unable to skip through grades and help him achieve False God Realm or so on, with the energy from his Shield Attack, it shouldn’t be a problem for Qing Shui to help this warrior break past his current peak Xiantian Realm.

Qing Shui naturally agreed, “Sure! Why don’t we go there?”

Though this building might be small, there was still a courtyard behind it. That place was precisely where Qing Shui was heading towards now.

After about the time needed for incense to burn, the elite man had already broken through. He was immediately overwhelmed with joy. He was finally a Martial Emperor warrior. To cultivators, their strength was one of the most essential things they could ever have. In the end, Qing Shui gave him a few Tiger Bone Pills and entrusted him with two martial techniques.

The two martial techniques were quite decent. Considering that Qing Shui had gotten a lot of Interspatial Silk Sachets for these past few years, he would naturally have a lot of martial techniques at his disposal. In his opinion, the two martial techniques which he passed on to the man were no more than trash. But to the man, they could already be considered as divine techniques. There was no such thing as “the best technique”. It was only when a technique was suitable for the user that it could draw out the best effect.

In response, the man got very frantic and thanked Qing Shui again and again. Before he left, Qing Shui also gave him a token that was worth 10 points. With that, he could enjoy some dishes here. The token was something which couldn’t be bought even with 200 golds. The reason was that the Imperial Cuisine Hall was constantly innovating itself. In the future, the amount of money the hall could earn from their food would stay the same, but they planned to expand the use of accumulated points. After all, it was not money which Qing Shui lacked. What he was truly after was a lot, a lot of materials.

However, considering that both the Divine Palace Food Hall and Qing Shui Hall needed money to expand its business, the 100 packs of food was still necessary to run the business. The minimum requirement was to ensure that they could earn a total of 10000 golds in a day. Slowly, they could start to decrease the number of things that were sold for money. After all, both the Divine Palace Food Hall and Qing Shui Hall together wouldn’t require that much money in the end.

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