AST 2116 - Elder Sister Had The Biggest Heart, Martial King Origin Essence Pill

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2116 - Elder Sister Had The Biggest Heart, Martial King Origin Essence Pill

“You’re the best, Elder Sis. You have the biggest chest...heart,” Qing Shui nodded seriously.

Nuolan blushed at once, she did not feel the magical vibe like Shen Huang. Looking at Qing Shui’s serious face now, she was unsure whether this guy was teasing her or not. She could not help but look at her chest, very tall indeed. Even she thought that they were full and round…

Nuolan glared at Qing Shui with a grudge. The meaning behind her stare was unknown, but she blushed slightly. A normal woman would feel lonely and empty sometimes, no matter how she protected her dignity. It was impossible that a woman never thought of a man by her side.

It was just like a normal man thinking about a woman, but they were different. A man emphasized on visual and could have desires on his first glance of a pretty woman, but a woman would not usually have a strong feeling like this.

A woman like Nuolan thought of a man too, but she would not settle for a lesser one. She would rather be alone than to offer herself like that. In this matter, she would not let herself loose. Otherwise, she would not be an inexperienced woman now.

Nevertheless, she longed to meet her Mr. Right someday too. She was unsure of her preference. Over these years, her experiences grew along with her age. She used to think that she liked a certain type of man, but now she realized she was too childish at that time.

Hence, she was even more lost now. She was afraid to find out someday that her standards today were still immature.

Despite her insecurity, she did not change his standard of man for ages, implying that her thoughts were matured now. Once she met someone she liked, she would surely go for it. Still, she knew that this man already had other women. If a man could stay single until they met, he would certainly have some problems such as hating women or unable to mate…

Thinking of that, Nuolan felt helpless. As for the young man in front of her, she reckoned that he was slightly younger. She could not tell if she liked him for now, but he was at least the closest one to her heart for the time being. In her opinion, this man never hid the fact that he had more than one woman and children.

This was not a big deal in the Main Continents, it was not an excuse. It was not in a woman’s consideration regardless of her power and excellence. Unless, she forced her man to cut off his past to only be with her.

Things like this existed too. However, this strong woman was eventually unhappy. She could never be happy when the man she loved was unhappy.

The stronger a person was, the more selfish he or she was, especially in love affairs. When a woman was stronger than her man and she had great beauty and strength, could she take it if her man kept finding other women?

In most cases, the man was stronger and the woman had no rights to object. In the Main Continents, many women from rich families married with the men of stronger families. These women would be handling the family affairs while the man could lose his dignity and status.

In short, the strength made the difference, especially for the warriors. The family force was one of the strengths of a warrior.

Qing Shui waved his hand before Nuolan’s eyes, “Wake up, did the little girl get aroused?”

Qing Shui noticed her flushed red face and that she lost in her thoughts while watching him. He knew she was entranced by her thoughts, but he wondered what she was thinking. The initial thoughts must have to do with affection.

Nuolan seemed uneasy and pushed away Qing Shui’s hand, “You are the one who gets aroused. You are just a little kid. How dare you call me little girl, call me Elder Sis Nuolan!”



After this incident, the Zhen Clan did not create chaos here. The head of the Zhen Clan even made an official apology here. Qing Shui didn't take the offense to his heart and the incident settled down.

The influence of Imperial Cuisine Hall expanded ceaselessly and Qing Shui received more and more treasures. Yet, there were no Divine Square Cauldron, Divine Weapon Crystal, Lightning Fruit, and Tilted Moon Branch. He received some Redcloud Grass and could skip the trip to the Red Cloud Valley.

He continued collecting the Redcloud Grass but lowered the points in exchange. Initially, a Redcloud Grass could get one point in exchange. Now, three Redcloud Grass equalled two points. Qing Shui planned to stop collecting, but he changed his mind. After all, he might refine other stuff using this herb.

Today, a customer brought in something Qing Shui was deeply interested in, the Martial King Origin Essence Pill! Qing Shui asked for it for some time since he only needed this last ingredient to refine the Golden Martial King Pill. To his surprise, he got it today.

The Martial King Origin Essence Pill was rare and required luck to find it. Theoretically, any Martial King level demonic beast could have the Martial King Origin Essence Pill, but the possibility was low.

Besides, the Martial King Origin Essence Pill was not very useful. Commonly, people would not check for the Origin Essence Pill in the Martial King Demonic Beasts’ corpses. Even if they saw it, they would only feel strange. They would probably throw it away since it was not very beneficial.

“You have the Martial King Origin Essence Pill? Can you tell me how you get it?” asked Qing Shui curiously.

The man was middle-aged with the strength of Peak Martial King. He was well-built and wore an ordinary outfit, his identity was unknown.

“I’m Zhang Dali, I have a butchery shop of demonic beasts, just a small shop. Hence, I collect the demonic beasts’ corpse. Many people would sell their demonic beasts at Xiantian or Martial King level to me. At that time, I discovered this Martial King Origin Essence Pill and kept it since then, as it did not occupy a large space. I didn’t expect that you will want to collect it,”  said the butcher with a smile.

Zhang Dali thought that it was a great destiny to have some sort of connection with the Imperial Cuisine Hall, so he was excited.

Qing Shui smiled, he did not see that coming. However, that was really great. He nodded, “I wonder how many Martial King Origin Essence Pills do you have?”

“I have 43 of them,“ replied Zhang Dali.

“I want all of them, what price do you want?” Qing Shui skipped the bargaining. As long as the price was reasonable, he would accept it.

“I heard the Miraculous Physician can help people to have a breakthrough in their strength. I was thinking if you can help me to… If it is too hard, I’ll change the request,” Zhang Dali sighed as he saw Qing Shui frowning.

Qing Shui smirked, “Not too hard, but you have to endure some pain,” said Qing Shui after a brief thought.

Zhang Dali was already at the peak of Martial King. He would be a Martial Saint after breakthrough. Despite being a Peak Martial King, the obstacle was very tough. Qing Shui frowned previously when he felt that it was almost an impossible request, but with his Heavenly Vision Technique, he noticed that many meridians were open in Zhang Dali’s body. Only the Yangguan Acupoint on the Yangyuan Meridian was closed. Previously it was impossible, but Qing Shui felt it was achievable now. He would break through instantly once the Acupoint was open. This was a trivial matter for Qing Shui.

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