AST 2120 - Giant Monkey, Dragon Spider, Surrender

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2120 - Giant Monkey, Dragon Spider, Surrender

Qing Shui definitely would not kill Beihuang Yu, so he did not call out the Flying Sword nor the Dragon Slaying Beast. Yet, they could not keep fighting like this. Not all of his moves were effective, and the controlling moves consumed more energy than the other moves. Otherwise, it would be against nature to keep controlling the opponent.

The Gouging Strike, Buddha Bright Seal, Dragon-Capturing Hands, Repulsion Move, and Nine Continents Mountain could hardly control him with such high energy consumption. If Qing Shui was any other man, he would probably faint because of the consumption rate.

Qing Shui had many consumption-canceling techniques, so he liked the high energy consuming techniques and moves. If the energy requirement of an ability was high, the ability would also be strong, including the output power or the controlling power of the said ability.

Beihuang Yu was extremely irritated and wished to kill this young man with a single move. He was now being shamed, what a great humiliation. However, he remained calm in his heart. This young man was extraordinary. Although he could hardly be harmed by the young man’s attack except for the heavy move, he was slightly afraid of the unstable attack now.

Beihuang Yu was afraid of the Repulsion Move. The attack was slow and heavy, but it was really powerful. The attack would only be effective when the opponent was defenseless and only Qing Shui could use the Repulsion Move to its max.

This was also the most effective move against Beihuang Yu. Since they were only sparring and testing their skills, it was unnecessary to go to the bottom line. Qing Shui reckoned that he could kill Beihuang Yu if he used his trump card.


Suddenly, a gigantic demonic beast appeared in front of Beihuang Yu, an enormous monkey?

Qing Shui took a glance, it should be a monkey instead of a gorilla. It was like a magnified golden monkey, about the size of a hundred meters. It was not really well-built, but it gave out a dash towards Qing Shui instantly.

Qing Shui’s face changed after seeing its speed. In a flash of consciousness, the Nine Continents Mountain blocked in front of this gigantic monkey.


In a loud noise, the Nine Continents Mountain was thrown away.

Qing Shui dared not to be negligent, he activated his consciousness. Dragon Slaying Beast and Dark Phoenix appeared.

At this moment, the monkey dashed towards Qing Shui again. Qing Shui waved and used all of his weakening skills rapidly. Simultaneously, the Dragon Slaying Beast went up.

Even the strong monkey took caution about it, but suddenly it grabbed the Dragon Slaying Beast like a man holding a fish directly. The Dragon Slaying Beast could only struggle but he could not get away.

Qing Shui was new to this scene. The Dark Phoenix turned into a gigantic black phoenix and use a weakening skill on this giant monkey.

Qing Shui made this giant monkey dizzy by using the Dragon-Capturing Hands, but before he could do anything, Beihuang Yu’s sword came.

Previously, it was not stated that the demonic beasts were prohibited, so this act was not over the limit. Nevertheless, whoever called out the demonic beast first was already at a disadvantage.

The giant monkey had terrific strength. Even after the weakening, the Dark Phoenix and Dragon Slaying Beast were not his rivals. The Dragon Slaying Beast was strong, but the giant monkey was too fast. Most importantly, the monkey’s claws were so agile, it could grab the Dragon Slaying Beast in a whim…

The monkey was totally its nemesis by nature.

Qing Shui evaded Beihuang Yu’s sword and called out the Dragon Spider.

Upon its emergence, the giant monkey was trapped in its spider web.

Of course, Qing Shui used the Dragon-Capturing Hands and Buddha Bright Seal once in between.

The Dragon Spider only had 5 billion Dao Force worth of strength, but the spider silk was very terrifying. After absorbing the ability of the giant water monster, with its own talent, the hardness and insane entanglement of spider silk made the giant monkey lose its battle spirit immediately.

After a while, it was tied up into a dumpling, unable to move…

Qing Shui was dumbfounded. He saw the power of Dragon Spider for the first time. Surprisingly, it could trap something at least four times stronger than itself in a brief period of time and made it unable to escape. Certainly, Qing Shui made the monkey giddy; otherwise, it was not so easy to trap this speedy monkey. Now, Qing Shui reckoned that the Dragon Spider could conquer the giant monkey alone as long as the giant monkey did not escape.

Beihuang Yu stopped. After seeing his demonic beast being conquered, he knew he was defeated. He did not want to end up like the giant monkey. While Qing Shui was present, the big spider could trap him easily. If even his demonic beast could not escape from the spider web, then neither could he…

“I surrender!” said Beihuang Yu bitterly.

These three words sounded extremely hard as he was someone who would not succumb to anyone. Yet, he felt that he met someone weird today, an evil existence, someone who was even more fascinating than him. This person was abnormal and extraordinary; his demonic beasts were even scarier. Once the demonic beast stepped out, he lost all of his battle spirits. That was a painful helplessness.

Qing Shui kept his demonic beast away, the Dragon Spider disengaged its spider silk too. Beihuang Yu looked very awkward and uneasy, but Nuolan walked over with a smile, “Very nice. Qing Shui, I didn’t know you know so many things, are you a Beast Tamer?”

“No, my culinary skills are my pride. I’m a cook,” said Qing Shui seriously.

Listening to Qing Shui, Beihuang Yu looked at Qing Shui angrily, “The Beast Tamer would be frustrated to death after listening to you.”

“Mr. Yu, don’t be upset. All the skills that I have learned was very strange and you don’t know me well initially. It could be said that I had the advantage of the first strike.” Qing Shui decided to leave a bit of the man’s face intact.

“I lost, I truly admit it. I’m sincerely convinced. The skills that you have learned were tricky. My strength was reduced by half. Plus, you’re very tough and also have a lot of tricky moves. If your attack were sharper, you could end this battle instantly,” Beihuang Yu shook his head bitterly.

“Practically, it is. There are many changes in an actual battle. If you knew beforehand that I have such skills and use your strongest moves with your demonic beast, it is hard to tell who is the winner.”

“That sounds about right, but you know too many things. The mountain-like object could block my attack. I have treasures too but I had no chance to use them. I did not even use the strongest moves of my Taiyi Divine Sword,” Beihuang Yu felt more depressed the more he talked about it.

“My current strength is weaker than you. I would have been finished if you used it earlier,” Qing Shui was being frank.

Friendships were often made after fights. Both of them seemed to be closer after the battle. Beihuang Yu became more talkative, looking at Qing Shui, he said, “Younger Brother, tell me honestly, do you like Nuolan?”

Nuolan gave a fierce glare at Beihuang Yu, “What are you talking about, don’t talk about this!”

“I like beauties. I have wives and women but I still like beauties. Yet, I feel guilty.”

“Guilty? Why?” asked Beihuang Yu curiously.

“My women are beautiful, as beautiful as Nuolan. They are excellent, but they can’t get a complete love from me.  Even though I like them very much and can risk my life to protect each of them, I have a bigger responsibility as well. I feel guilty for not being able to spend all of my time with them,” Qing Shui shook his head, feeling helpless.

“You’re really a weirdo and a Casanova,” said Beihuang Yu slowly after some time.

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