AST 2125 - Golden Horned Black Mountain Python's Golden Horn

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2125 - Golden Horned Black Mountain Python's Golden Horn

Qing Shui thought of the big monkey which belonged to Beihuang Yu. He had no idea what it was, but its strength was definitely over 20 billion Dao force. It must be some kind of mutated species, like a blown up version of a snub-nosed monkey. It was extremely agile but had the strength of a King Kong.

Qing Shui brought along Nuo Lan and used the Nine Continents Steps to arrive at the entrance to the Redcloud Valley immediately. It was the place where he had encountered the Battle God Team previously. There would always be many people here every day.

There were towering mountain peaks, sparse trees, and thriving grass. The natural carpet, in addition to the radiant sunlight shining down, made the place looked very radiant. It was already the afternoon and many people were resting under the trees. Occasionally, there would be people who exited and entered.

Qing Shui and Nuo Lan didn't stop and entered directly. The people outside were those who wouldn't enter the Redcloud Valley. It was more dangerous inside and it would be too dangerous for most of the people, outside given their current strength.

The Redcloud Valley was still very far from this place. After all, it was the depths of this mountain range.

"Qing Shui, be careful. I saw people from the Demon Gate previously." Nuo Lan reminded Qing Shui.

Qing Shui, upon hearing that, recalled the black-robed man he had seen earlier. He did not pay it much heed back then and only felt that the other party was very strong. Qing Shui wouldn't use his Spiritual Sense on every single person since it wasn't a very polite thing to do. It could even bring him trouble. Therefore, unless the situation called for it, he wouldn't casually use his Spiritual Sense to observe others.

Thinking back, he felt that that middle-aged man in black robes should be from the Demon Gate.

Qing Shui nodded, "Our targets today are the Advancing Divine Worms."

"Alright, I hope that we are lucky today. I'll be satisfied with just being able to get one."

"If we only got our hands on one, who would it go to?" Qing Shui wondered.

"Well, we can decide over a rock–paper–scissors game." Nuo Lan jokingly answered, as if she had thought of the best method to resolve this.

Qing Shui rubbed his head, stunned, "This is really a good method."


Redcloud Valley!

This was the first time Qing Shui had seen the Redcloud Valley. The skies were really filled with red clouds, as if the clouds were on fire. Even the entire valley was covered in a red color. This place had a very beautiful feeling but as time passed, one would feel unaccustomed to it.

The ground and other aspects of the Redcloud Valley weren’t any different from other places. It was just that they were reflected in a red color coming from the clouds in the sky. However, the red on the ground was slightly lighter. The plantations here were still green.

Only the Redcloud Grass was red. Qing Shui had already received some and he had no idea if these Redcloud Grass were red because of the red clouds in the sky, or if they were red to begin with. He didn't give it much thought way, as it was just a passing thought.

The valley was very big and there quite a number of rocks that were several meters tall. Therefore, it wasn't that easy to spot it, unless the person was in the most spacious spot. Qing Shui looked at the towering peaks in the area and the occasional large-scale demonic beasts that would fly by occasionally.

"This place is so big. Where can we go to look for the Advancing Divine Worms?" Qing Shui looked around and tried to search for the Divine Worms that were the size of cows that could burrow underground. This was like searching for a needle in the ocean.

"Let's just try our luck. It's not easy for us, but it's not easy for others either. However, there's a rumor that Advancing Divine Worms like the Red Swamp that's located in the depths of the Redcloud Valley. If my assumption is correct, everyone should be trying their luck there." Nuo Lan looked toward the depths of the Redcloud Valley and said.

"Oh? Then let's head to the Red Swamp. Is that swamp big?" Qing Shui asked.

"Yes, it's very big. You'll know when we arrived Nuo Lan smiled and took the lead to bring Qing Shui to the Red Swamp.

Qing Shui let out the Dragon Slaying Beast. This creature was also a treasure beast and might be able to find some kind of treasures.

15 minutes later, a huge roar suddenly rang out and a giant demonic beast appeared before them.

Golden Horned Black Mountain Python!

This Golden Horned Black Mountain Python's head was the size of a house and its huge body was speechlessly thick and strong. Its several hundred meters body coiled around and it had one huge golden horn on its head that was bright, shimmery, and over ten meters long.

It was pitch black all over and had a pair of eerie-looking eyes. Right now, it was letting out resonating cries. Legend had it that it was a cross breed between the Black Mountain Python and the Golden Horned Tiger, and that it was extremely strong. Its horn was extremely sharp, and it had a strong venom.

Nuo Lan wasn't very worried. Although this Golden Horned Black Mountain Python was very strong, it didn't pose much of a threat to Qing Shui and Nuo Lan.

Qing Shui saw how it was blocking their path so arrogantly and reached out toward it with his Dragon-capturing Hands. The Dragon Slaying Beast charged out as well.

In an instant, its head was smashed completely, bashed up brutally by the Dragon Slaying Beast. It was very easy to deal with this Golden Horned Black Mountain Python. Qing Shui walked over to pick up its huge golden horn, the most valuable thing on this Golden Horned Black Mountain Python. It was even more precious than that of a Golden Horned Tiger.

It didn't take them too long and the two of them went on their way again. They would just deal with demonic beasts that didn't know any better and stood in their way. Before it was dark, they had already arrived at the Red Swamp.

Qing Shui was astonished at the sight of the endless swamp. Even the mud in it was a fiery red, looking as if it was boiling. Right now, many people had set up their tents at the entrance and there were also quite a number of figures darting around in the Red Swamp. After all, the Advancing Divine Worms weren't really strong and only had excellent digging skills. Therefore, many people were holding a special kind of net, hoping to catch them directly with the net if they were to encounter the Advancing Divine Worms.

The Advancing Divine Worms' bodies were said to be the smoothest material and even blades would slide off their bodies if one were to slash at them. Moreover, their bodies could change from the size of cows into snakes that were the width of one's finger or even smaller. They could slide away, burrow through the ground, rocks, and water, but they couldn't fly.

Therefore, some people who didn't know any better who were holding the nets didn't know that it would be useless, even if they were to successfully catch the Divine Worms with their nets.

It was even harder to catch with one’s bare hands, no matter how strong one was. Confining typed moves were useless as well. These things were of extremely low levels and wouldn't be affected by any kind of spiritual sense. They were immune to spirit energy and attacks would slide off from their bodies upon contact. It was even harder to capture these Advancing Divine Worms in this Red Swamp as the Advancing Divine Worms were also a fiery red color. There were also lots of holes in the soil in the swamp. One might not even notice if an Advancing Divine Worm were to appear right in front of you. They were covered in the mud from the swamp and could also take all on different shapes and sizes.

"If the Advancing Divine Worms were to enter the swamp, we won't be able to capture them. Those things have amazing speed underground and even people who are masters of the earth element won't be able to catch these Advancing Divine Worms." Nuo Lan brought Qing Shui to a relatively quieter place and said this.

People who were masters of the earth element could move about in the ground like how masters of the water element could in water. However, it was harder to comprehend the earth element compared to the water element. A mediocre level of mastery wouldn't work. Even now, Qing Shui had yet to acquire the actual earth element which could allow him to move about underground.

Qing Shui's mastery of the earth element was only in the earth element techniques, especially in the Five Elements Divine Refining Technique.

He had no idea if the Five Elements Divine Refining Technique could allow him to move about in all five elements freely in the future. As of now, he could currently only move about freely through water and in fire, part of which was thanks to his Primordial Flames.

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