AST 2135 - Let It Go, We Are Still Brothers

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2135 - Let It Go, We Are Still Brothers

“Qing Shui, are you confident? If you’re not, everybody doesn’t have to risk it for me,” Nuolan hesitated before saying this after the Golden Battle God left.

“Don’t worry, just focus on getting well soon. Nobody can bully you from now on, I will make you live happily,” said Qing Shui casually.

Nuolan seemed calm on the surface, but there was a big stir in her heart. A woman liked to be pampered, the feeling made her feel in trance. This man was younger than her, but she felt smaller now.

At this moment, a figure rushed in. The man in a hurry was Beihuang Yu.

“Nuolan, Nuolan, how are you?” asked Beihuang Yu anxiously.

“I’m fine, thank you,” Nuolan smiled, but there was a strange feeling. At present, which one was more important between the two persons in front, which one was close to her heart, she had a distinct idea about it.

“Nuolan is injured, why would you let her injured when you’re around?” Beihuang Yu looked at Qing Shui.

Qing Shui frowned and said nothing while looking back at Beihuang Yu. Nuolan replied, “He saved my life.”

Beihuang Yu was in a struggle. Yet, Qing Shui said at this moment, “Nuolan needs to rest, please go back!”

This statement was obvious enough, you did not deserve to stand here questioning the others, did you?

Beihuang Yu wanted to say something, but he calmed down eventually and said to Qing Shui, “Sorry, I have no rights to blame you. I was just too impulsive to see Nuolan being injured.”

Qing Shui did not expect that this guy would apologize. Regardless of his sincerity, Qing Shui waved, “Alright, let’s go out and leave Nuolan to rest.”

While saying that, Qing Shui walked out together with Beihuang Yu.

“The battle with the Firecloud Palace, Count me in,” said Beihuang Yu to Qing Shui directly. The news spread out, stating that Nuolan from the Divine Palace hurt the Second Young Master of Firecloud Palace. Now, the Firecloud Palace challenged the Divine Palace with a five on five battle.

Though the Divine Palace did not agree yet, the opponent spread the news to force the Divine Palace to accept it. However, the Golden Battle God left earlier and should have accepted it by now. As for the time of battle, Qing Shui was waiting for the news.

“This is the battle between the Divine Palace and Firecloud Palace. Since you are the young master of Taiyi Immortal Palace, this is not right,” Qing Shui shook his head.

“Let me in, I guarantee that I won’t pull your leg,” said Beihuang Yu seriously.

“But you don’t belong to the Divine Palace, people will talk about it,” said Qing Shui softly.

This was the taboo of the Main Continents and Beihuang Yu was contemplating too. After all, he was someone popular. He was the young master of the Taiyi Immortal Palace and the future Lord of Taiyi Immortal Palace. He was the ultimate genius of Northern Emperor Domain, so everyone was eyeing on him. Many people wished for his disappearance too.

“Alright, you should just watch it this time. The Divine Palace will not lose,” Qing Shui sounded confident.

Even after seeing Qing Shui’s confident look and experienced his skills, Beihuang Yu was still a little worried. Anyhow, the participants of this battle were absolutely stronger than their level. They would get killed with the slightest mistake.

Beihuang Yu was not a rookie. He worried about Nuolan, but Qing Shui saved Nuolan this time and he felt it in Nuolan’s room previously that he was now further apart from Nuolan. Besides, he sensed that Nuolan was against him secretly. Although she never wanted to accept him, now she was slightly against him.

She rejected him because of someone else in her heart and the man would never be him. Thus, it could only be Qing Shui. He knew Nuolan well enough, it was definitely Qing Shui.

“You’re still better than me. I have no chance to chase after Nuolan, but I wish you will treat her better,” Beihuang Yu sounded upset.

Qing Shui knew that this man sincerely admired Nuolan despite having many women outside. A man like him could hardly let it go, but there were no other choices sometimes. The sooner he let it go, the better. Otherwise, he would be hurt and it would be worse as the time went by.

“There is nothing between us,” Qing Shui took it lightly. Even though he had seen Nuolan’s body, the situation was special. She was a patient and Qing Shui would not have any thoughts about her and would never do anything with that.

“I know, but Nuolan will never accept other men anymore. There is no place for me in her heart,” said Beihuang Yu bitterly.

“Fight hard for this battle. You have to win this, for Nuolan’s sake and for yourself, we are still brothers in the future,” Beihuang Yu looked at Qing Shui seriously.

“I will. By the way, do you know about your condition?” Qing Shui decided to say it out after listening to Beihuang Yu’s words.

“What condition?” Beihuang Yu trembled.

Qing Shui knew Beihuang Yu was aware of his condition and said gently, “You did not stay single for Nuolan and you never thought of marrying Nuolan. You never even thought of doing anything to her, because you have only three years of life. You don’t want your wife and your children to get bullied after you leave.”

Beihuang Yu shivered uncontrollably; then, he turned around slowly, “How did you know? Nobody else knew it except myself, even my family members knew nothing about it. I train and live as usual so that they don’t suspect anything.”

“You forget that I’m a doctor, a Miraculous Physician,” Qing Shui smiled.

“Unfortunately, even a Miraculous Physician could do nothing for me. I was poisoned during training. I could only extend my life by thirty years if I break through my current level. There is no other way. I can never break through within three years and my life is coming to an end,” sighed Beihuang Yu slowly.

He kept this secret for twenty years. Previously, he experienced breakthroughs continuously. Initially, his realm was low, so he could extend his life for several years. Now, the extended lifespan was coming to an end, but it was as hard as climbing to Heaven to break through.

Qing Shui smiled, Beihuang Yu’s situation was caused by the worsening of hidden illness. It was several times deadlier to accumulate the hidden illness, thus, he reached his end of life at a young age. In the Main Continents, this situation was incurable. Many warriors who had a thousand years of lifespan only survived up to five hundred years. These were all hidden illnesses, the long-term training brought a different extent of damages to the body. Even after recuperation and having supplements, the hidden illness would remain.

“I just wanted to tell you, I can cure your condition,” Qing Shui smirked.

“It was curable?” Beihuang Yu was not surprised, he was only doubtful and in disbelief. Like a late-stage cancer patient listening to an unlicensed doctor in a small clinic in the past life, it was too good to believe.

“I know you won’t believe it, let’s do it today then. I see that you could barely stand it,” Qing Shui stood up and gestured Beihuang Yu to follow him to a quiet place.

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