AST 2137 - Divine Palace and Firecloud Palace, Five On Five

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2137 - Divine Palace and Firecloud Palace, Five On Five

Beihuang Liefeng was Beihuang Yu’s grandfather and the present Lord of Taiyi Immortal Palace. He looked at the old man in red robe calmly to say, “I will definitely be fair, but if anyone tries to cheat, I don’t mind to stand out.”

“Great then, I know the Taiyi Immortal Palace and Divine Palace have a good bonding, but this battle is a fair play. After this, no matter who is the winner, no one is allowed to make a fuss out of it,” The old man laughed.

“Miao Yonglong, time to let both sides in,” Beihuang Liefeng continued.

Next, five from the Divine Palace and five from the Firecloud Palace were showing on the battle stage.

On Qing Shui’s side, the Golden Battle God took the lead, followed by the Hill Moving Battle God Yuwen Da, and the Diamond Battle God. Diamond was his name; Qing Shui was amused to find this out. The Diamond Battle God was not the most muscular one, but he seemed like lumps of steel. He was an honest and gentle guy. However, his greatest strength was his resistance power.

The Giant Spirit Battle God Yang Tai and the Tiger Knife Battle God Hu Kuang were next. The Tiger Knife Battle God was a middle-aged guy who held a golden, big knife all the time. His knife was never released from his hand. This was one of the factors that brought him to this level.

The Giant Spirit Battle God was the biggest one on the team. He was like a little giant, holding a huge hammer, the Giant Spirit Hammer. The hammer was a great weapon and even better than the one Qing Shui owned.

Together with Qing Shui, they made the team of five. They were considered the five strongest men of the Divine Palace, that made Qing Shui feel that the Divine Palace was relatively weak. Though Beihuang Yu could theoretically stand as a participant here, he was still a tad too weak. If it was not for the Golden Battle God, the current Divine Palace was really fragile.

The Diamond Battle God was straightforward and honest; he could not lead the Divine Palace despite his great strength. The Giant Spirit Battle God was the same too. The Tiger Knife Battle God was obsessed with cultivation and had no interest in other stuff. The Hill Moving Battle God was eligible, but there still was something lacking.

Hence, Qing Shui felt like Nuolan had the highest hope of being a leader. As for himself, Qing Shui did not take it into consideration for the time being. Even if he really became the Lord of the Divine Palace, he would pass over the affairs to others. Yet, it was not the time to think about this; the Golden Battle God was still present. With him around, everything was fine.

Qing Shui observed the five people from the Firecloud Palace’s side. The leading two people were elderlies. One of them was the Lord of Firecloud Palace, Huo Xing; Another one was the Great Elder, Huo Yan. The remaining three were Elders of the Firecloud Palace. The youngest and most good-looking middle-aged man was Huo Chen; a man with a lot of potentials.

The other two were Huo Ye and Huo Yi, the top warriors of the Firecloud Palace. Unlike the Divine Palace, the Firecloud Palace would not harm its core even if they lost all of these men. Yet, if the Divine Palace lost these five men, it was basically finished.

The Divine Palace was no match for the Firecloud Palace in terms of core strength. It was far behind the Taiyi Immortal Palace too. The Divine Palace seemed to be great and have a huge potential, but it could not take any losses now.

Both sides were set in position!

Qing Shui activated the Formation calmly. The Five Elements Formation connected the five of them instantly and covered them with the 18% damage reducing aura of the Divine Weapon Flying Sword.

Qing Shui was very confident now since most of his teammates were tough. For example, the Diamond Battle God, the Giant Spirit Battle God, and the Hill Moving Battle God. Only the Tiger Knife Battle God was more inclined to violence.

Battle God Halo!

Qing Shui used the strongest halo and increased everyone’s defensive power by 40%. Qing Shui decided to rely on the Golden Battle God for the offensive output. With the Violent Heavenly Fate Treasure Pagoda, several times of Violent Attack were enough to secure their victory.

The battle began!

As Miao Yonglong announced the start of the battle, Qing Shui used the Buddha Diamond Seal and the Buddha Wisdom Seal. Then, he used the Area Dominance against the opponent.

Qing Shui knew very well that the opponent had some Formations and boosting abilities too.

Thus, the Area Dominance stunned the opponent.

The battle was about to break out at any moment. Suddenly, an old man dashed towards the Golden Battle God immediately. The remaining men rushed over to Qing Shui’s direction. The Great Elder who was one of the two strongest Elders sprinted towards Qing Shui and used his most powerful Blazing Fire Poison Palm.

“Diamond, protect Qing Shui,” The Golden Battle God twitched his eyes. He did not expect the old guy to target Qing Shui directly. Once Qing Shui was down, they would be doomed.

Diamond yelled and blocked the opponent in front of Qing Shui; he was tapping out his palm which was as big as the cattail leaf fan.

Great Strength Diamond Palm!

Diamond felt like a small mountain now. His defensive power increased more than half and his body felt heavy and comfortable. He felt at ease to use the Great Strength Diamond Palm now.

Emperor’s Qi!

Qing Shui threw the Emperor’s Qi to the old man at once. At that moment, the old man’s palm and Diamond’s palm clashed together.


The dull noise flattened the small mountain below their feet. Yet, they were floating in the air at this moment.

Qing Shui noticed that Diamond was hit and got anxious. Yet, Diamond’s laughter was heard soon after. Then, he dashed toward the Great Elder of Firecloud Palace with his leaf fan in hand, saying, “Come again, it’s so refreshing.”

Emperor’s Qi, Art of Pursuing!

Qing Shui began to use the skills against others. After a series of techniques, Qing Shui was slightly relieved.

The Hill Moving Battle God fought against the youngest from Firecloud Palace, Huo Chen. It was hard to declare the winner in a short period. Huo Chen was being thrown away by the Hill Moving Battle God from time to time. Yet, the Hill Moving Battle God was forced to a tight corner by the opponent too.

The remaining two people surrounded the Giant Spirit Battle God. Qing Shui was impressed by the Giant Spirit Battle God. This huge guy looked clumsy with his big hammer, but he was actually very agile and flexible. He controlled both his contenders persons wonderfully. Though he was hit by the attacks sometimes, he evaded the major strikes. With the daunting defensive power, he suffered some minor wounds, but it was difficult to define the winner in such a short duration.

To the outsiders, the breaking point laid between Qing Shui, Diamond, and the Great Elder of Firecloud Palace. After all, the Golden Battle God and the Firecloud Palace Lord, Huo Xing were almost at the same level and it was hard to tell who was stronger. However, many unbelievable things happened.

Initially, they thought the battle would end very soon since Diamond and Qing Shui would be cleared out by the Great Elder instantly. The others next, and then, they would fight against the old Golden Battle God together.

However, the old Golden Battle God was basically pushing the Firecloud Palace Lord. They had similar strengths initially, but the old Golden Battle God was now at an advantage.

The Firecloud Palace Lord, Huo Xing was extremely terrified now. He used the emergency boosting pill for this battle. The effect would last for six hours and he would be weak for three days after that. Yet, during the battle, his existing strength was largely reduced and oppressed. He should be as strong as this old guy even if that was the case…

The old Golden Battle God beating Huo Xing was not the most surprising news. Instead, the Great Elder of Firecloud Palace did not take down the two juniors of Divine Palace and was now being counter-attacked. Qing Shui used the Dragon-Capturing Hands, Buddha Bright Seal and Gouging Strike alternately. Occasionally, he used the Nine Continents Mountain’s Shield Attack and the Repulsion Move.

Qing Shui saw that the condition was getting stable now since he could not win over the Great Elder of Firecloud Palace as well. Qing Shui sensed the steaming fury of the Great Elder and the terrifying energy building up in his body. Qing Shui knew that something was wrong.

“Diamond, back off! Quick!” yelled Qing Shui hastily. He pushed out the Nine Continents Mountain all of a sudden!

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