AST 2145 - Beihuang Fan’s Domineering Threat

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2145 - Beihuang Fan’s Domineering Threat

“I only have one daughter. You have a daughter too. Do you dote on her?” Beihuang Liefeng tried to appeal to Qing Shui emotionally.

“Yes, I do. Of course, I dote on her. Even if she wants the moon, I’ll bring it down for her.” Talking about his daughter, Qing Shui realized that he had not gone home for a long time.

“Yes, me too. I’m getting old. She’s outstanding but couldn’t settle down and have her own family. Do you think as her father, I can be happy? She’s still young now but as time passes, I’m afraid she’ll grow old alone. That won’t be good,” said Beihuang Fan helplessly.

Actually thinking about it, a father asking someone to court his daughter was not a common sight. Furthermore, asking someone who had a wife and children to do so.

Qing Shui understood where Beihuang Fan was coming from. After thinking for a while, he said, “Do you know your daughter’s character?”

Beihuang Fan laughed. “Are you trying to say that she has a flawed character and she lacks emotions?”

“No…” Qing Shui laughed awkwardly.

“You don’t have to worry about this. It’s more of her state of mind and not because there’s a problem with her character. Though she’s indifferent, that’s just her. So you don’t have to worry. Go, she’s at the Sword Heart Pavilion,” Beihuang Fan smiled and pointed in a direction.

Qing Shui walked deeper into the Taiyi Immortal Palace.

The size of the Palace was massive. There were many halls and huge empty grounds. There were people everywhere training with their swords or practicing boxing.

Deep inside, there was a gigantic bamboo forest that partitioned the Palace. The thick towering glossy green bamboos exuded vitality and robustness.

It was Qing Shui’s first time at the Palace. This visit was prompted because he was being beaten up by a person, a woman in fact. He had put up a fight but could not defeat the woman. Her level was beyond him. Thus, Any move from her was too powerful. Qing Shui could slow her down but could not limit the speed of her attack. Although he could weaken her force by a bit, he was still badly battered.

She wasn’t holding any sword. Qing Shui could not imagine if she had a divine weapon. At her level, she would have crushed him entirely.

After flying past the bamboo forest, a stretch of bamboo houses that were three-level high was revealed. A gentle breeze was blowing here, slightly moving the houses that were made of bamboos which were growing around them.

But these houses were built by experts and the bamboos that were used to make them were sturdy and strong. So even a typhoon would not be a problem as they would not collapse.

Seeing these bamboo houses made Qing Shui think of the Southern Sea and Yehuang Guwu. Some beautiful memories were triggered such as the first time he entered Yehuang Guwu’s backdoor...

The bamboo houses here resembled those in the Southern Sea. Although there were no seas here, there were fake mountains, lakes, and beaches.

At this moment, Qing Shui looked up and saw a beautiful figure on the third level. From this angle, the view of the voluptuous breasts was astonishing.

After seeing Qing Shui, the corners of Beihuang Fan’s mouth curved upwards slightly. It almost seemed like she was smiling but she was not. This made Qing Shui feel really dejected… The woman, who wanted his life, was making her way down from the third level and stood in front of him.

“I thought you weren’t coming. Why did you come?” asked Beihuang Fan.

In a split second, Qing Shui really felt like hitting her but knew that he was not her match. So he said, “I’m here to woo you, please marry me. I will be good to you forever. Let’s get married and consummate tonight. We will have many children…”

Beihuang Fan looked at Qing Shui with an expressionless face. It was her first time hearing such words although he had exaggerated them and made them seem like a joke. The impact on her was immense, but only she would know what kind of impact it was.

“Fan Er, marry me. I really love you. They say hitting is a sign of love. You hit me so many times because you want to get close to me.” Qing Shui hugged Beihuang Fan after saying that shameless statement.

He managed to get a feel of that ever-mesmerizing chest of hers, but immediately received a beating from her.

Beihuang Fan was shaking a little. She really wished she could kill this man but she couldn’t. To go beyond her level, she had to overcome a love obstacle. This was her predestined fate. Everyone had their own predestined fate that they need to deal with, for example, illness and death, and hers was love. To her, this was the hardest kind of predestined fate to overcome.

She had to fall in love with a man. This might not be difficult or could even be too easy for other people. However, it was extremely difficult for her because of her character. It was challenging for her to like a man.

The love must be real; thus, she had set her mind to fall in love with Qing Shui after being groped by him. Perhaps her life would experience a major change if she overcame this obstacle of her fate.

She did not like men and definitely did not like women either. She just did not any sort of relationships. She preferred peace and being alone. She liked to observe the bustling world from afar. But deep down, she knew perhaps she wasn’t what she thought she was. Maybe one day she would walk out of her comfort zone and that might bring misery to her.

Although she did not like men and relationships, she did not detest them or felt disgusted by them.

This was exactly how Beihuang Fan felt, so she had decided to fall in love with Qing Shui, who might be a good choice.

“You are an asshole,” Beihuang Fan looked at Qing Shui and said helplessly.

To Qing Shui, it seemed like her emotions were only slightly ruffled. She was an extremist who knew no boundaries. The person who was groping her would definitely be killed by her, especially since it was her first time being touched by a man. She was definitely a novice.

But after touching her twice, Qing Shui knew she wouldn’t kill him. Thus, He felt relieved. Moreover, touching her would just write off the numerous times he got beaten up by her.

“Do I need to come every day in the future?” Qing Shui touched his swollen face and asked. Despite having good recovery ability, it took a while for his swelling to subside because he was being beaten up consecutively.


Qing Shui waited for a while but got no response after that. Did he come here just to touch her and get beaten up? Was this the purpose of this visit?

“What do you want me to do exactly? Please let me off, I beg you,” Qing Shui looked at Beihuang Fan bitterly.

“You touched me and want me to forget about it like this? Chopped off both your hands and I’ll let you off,” said Beihuang Fan calmly.

Qing Shui thought she didn’t care about that. He said without thinking, “I’ll let you touch me….”

“Say it once again, I will strip you naked and dump you on the street.”

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