AST 2150 - Heart of Spiritual Beast, Goddess Divine Set

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2150 - Heart of Spiritual Beast, Goddess Divine Set

It was a stone chamber. All clean, without a speck of dust, perhaps because of the sealed energy. However, this was not important since Qing Shui emphasized the treasures here; thus, he scanned through the surroundings as soon as he entered.

There were three boxes which were golden-colored. They were small boxes with an average size of one cubic meter. Since they were nice-looking, Qing Shui was very excited. These boxes seemed extraordinary so there should be some good stuff inside.

Beihuang Fan was not moved as she observed the surroundings.

“Miss Fan, let’s see what’s inside these boxes,” Qing Shui did not release her hand even after coming in; he was gripping her hand tightly until that moment.

Beihuang Fan struggled slightly but Qing Shui neither looked at her nor released her hand. He held her tight. Beihuang Fan gave up after her struggling attempts failed.

Qing Shui led Beihuang Fan to the first box and opened it without any hesitation.

Heart of Spiritual Beast!

Qing Shui saw a faint golden heart of a demonic beast and there was a great agitation of Spiritual Qi on it. It was a good item judging from its appearance, but to be sure, Qing Shui used his Heavenly Vision Technique to figure out the usage of this Heart of Spiritual Beast.

A Heart of Spiritual Beast: can upgrade one-tenth of the Divine Beast’s bloodline. Accompanied with a greatly improved strength.

This Heart of Spiritual Beast enabled the demonic beast to be a lot stronger than the usual Divine Beast and it was even the real, powerful Divine Beast. Though Qing Shui’s Thunderous Beast was also a Divine Beast, it was far from the actual level of a Divine Beast. Even an adult, completely awakened Thunderous Beast was far behind the normal Divine Beast; thus, It could only be considered as the weakest Divine Beast. However, the Thunderous Beast was still the strongest one among the rest of its level.

There were two Hearts of Spiritual Beast in this small box.

Qing Shui was unsure if he should be happy. Moreover, he also wondered about how much in strength improvement this item could bring. After wondering a bit, he passed one of them to Beihuang Fan, “Let’s divide the treasures!”

“I said I don’t want them. I’m just here to see,” Beihuang Fan shook her head.

“If you don’t want to take it, I will tear this Treasure Map into pieces, then we will end up staying here until we die,” Qing Shui smiled.

“Are you willing to stay here with me?” Beihuang Fan was surprised.

“It is fine to stay and be together with a remarkable beauty like you,” Qing Shui replied after thinking for a while.

“But we will die from starvation and thirst,” Beihuang Fan smiled.

Despite being powerful warriors, they could not stay long-term without eating and drinking.

“Don’t worry, we will never die of thirst and hunger. I can make you good food and drinks, it will be everlasting,” Qing Shui had the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal, so he was not worried about food.

“Never mind, I don’t want to stay here and wait for death with you. I can use this stuff so I’ll take one then,” Beihuang Fan accepted one and said.

“How about you take the other one too? It’s not so useful for me,” Qing Shui passed over another one from his hand.

Beihuang Fan shook her head, “I only need one of this, it is enough.”

Qing Shui knew from her words that her demonic beast only lacked a little bit of stimulus to break through. An item which improved the strength alone would be useless in this case, but an item which upgraded the bloodline of the demonic beast would be incredible. That would lead to a direct breakthrough.

Qing Shui kept the other Heart of Spiritual Beast and opened the next box. He was speechless to find a set of woman’s attire, but it kinda looked similar to Tantai Lingyan’s set. It was good enough then; this item was mainly for the improvement of Divine Weapons.

After so many years that Tantai Lingyan owned it, she had upgraded it several times. The current set seemed to be superior to Tantai Lingyan’s set. Compared to her set, this one only had a different level of Origin Qi activation; they had the same basics and attributes behind it.

“It seems like God takes a liking on you, only you can wear this thing,” Qing Shui stuffed the box into her hands. He recalled how Tantai Lingyan looked while wearing the Goddess Divine Set, so he was looking forward to seeing Beihuang Fan wearing the set.

Beihuang Fan hesitated, but she accepted it. Qing Shui looked at the last box now; he would be dissatisfied if there was nothing good in this box. Qing Shui reckoned that it was very likely that way, since they had the Goddess Divine Set which was a Divine item. 

Opening the last golden box, Qing Shui looked inside. There was a faded golden book with four big letters on top.

Stellar Transposition!

Qing Shui did not know about it. He picked it up and realized that it was very thin. There were only a simple drawing and some ways of practicing the technique.

Giving out an attack which could bypass defenses; it held no relations with the attacking power. The actual power of the attack relied on the user’s defense; the stronger the defense, the stronger the attack would be. Usable every half of a quarter hour, an absolute hit, the damage fluctuation was great.

Qing Shui was stunned as he did not know the existence of such a thing. Qing Shui’s eyes brightened up instantly; he had a strong defense but no attacking power. Now that he had this item, he could cover his weakness, though it was applicable only once every seven minutes. The defense of the opponent would be negligible, but the fluctuation of his own damage was big. The fluctuation’s rate depended on the defensive power. The greater the defense, the higher the starting point of the fluctuation. That would mean, the fluctuation could be controlled to kill somebody in seconds.

The Stellar Transposition was definitely a magical skill to Qing Shui; it was impressive even for others. However, it appealed more to a warrior with powerful defensive power.

Looking at this Stellar Transposition, Qing Shui felt that this trip was worth it. This item was much better than the Heart of Spiritual Beast and the Goddess Divine Set in his opinion. To others, the Stellar Transposition was just alright. Plus, it’s effect was weaker since it could only be applied every seven minutes.

However, Qing Shui was different; he could do more than just protecting himself, so the time interval was not a big deal. Yet, to some, they would have died several times within seven minutes. Hence, the Stellar Transposition was a magical technique to Qing Shui but it could not even attract others’ attention.

“Are you interested in this item? I will make a copy for you,” Qing Shui asked.

“It’s useless to me,” said Beihuang Fan gently. She felt strange. She was here to accompany him for this treasure hunt, but she took the best item…

Qing Shui kept the Stellar Transposition in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. He looked around and found nothing else, then he said, “Let’s go.”

Beihuang Fan nodded. She was about to say something but she held back; she realized that she cared about others’ feelings now. This man did not have the slightest hesitation to give her things. For sure, she would not be impressed by just a few gifts. Essentially, she wanted to love this man from the beginning. Hence, she had a mixed feeling now.

“To me, this Stellar Transposition is better than your Goddess Divine Set,” Qing Shui said casually, indicating that he was satisfied with his gain this time.

“Mm, great then. Come on, let’s go out!”

After leaving the place, the Treasure Map in Qing Shui’s hand vanished. The Door of Energy behind them disappeared too. Using the Nine Continents Steps, they were back on the following day.

Beihuang Fan returned to the Taiyi Immortal Palace while Qing Shui went back to the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

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