AST 2157 - Regrowing the Flesh and Bones

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2157 - Regrowing the Flesh and Bones

This was a milky white colored medicinal pill and was only at the size of a marble. It exuded powerful vitality and life, surrounded by a circle of white glow. 

Mo Tianzhi swallowed it down directly and in just a short moment, his face turned pale, and a layer of sweat broke out on his forehead. Even his body started to tremble.

"The process of regrowing your flesh and bones isn't an enjoyable one. Grit your teeth and hang on through it." There were no emotions in his cold tone at the moment Mo Situ said this.

It was normal for others not to feel anything, but Mo Situ had always been like this. As the head of the Demon Gate, or even if he was the head of another sect, he couldn't be too casual. Otherwise, other people would think that the sect leader was a pushover.

Of course, this was very superficial, but it was how things were. Regardless if the sects were big or small, the sect leaders would be a symbol of prestige.

Everyone then saw Mo Tianzhi's leg growing at a rate that could be seen by the naked eye. Red flesh, snow white bones, as well as his meridian channels, and tendons were all forming.

Mo Tianzhi's body felt like a patch of yellow leaves on a tree in autumn, on the verge of falling and continued to shiver in the wind.

This continued on for about 15 minutes, and Mo Tianzhi's leg was fully grown. The effect of this medicinal pill could allow a person to completely regrow half of the body, so just one leg was nothing. This regrown leg was no different from how it had been before.

"Zhi`er, come down and try walking!" The beautiful married lady's face broke into a happy and hopeful expression.

Mo Tianzhi nodded toward the beautiful married lady, "Mother!"

Mo Tianzhi stood up. In the beginning, he wasn't used to it, but he soon got the hang of it. At the same time, he also knew that the person who treated him the best and most selflessly was his mother. No matter what it was, she wouldn't do anything that would be harmful to him. However, his father was different. Although that man was his real father, there would be times when Mo Situ wouldn't even blink even if he had to sacrifice Mo Tianzhi.

“One who does big things in life mustn't harp on the small trivialities.” Aristocratic clans tended to be more heartless to begin with. For the clan's head position, father and sons would turn their heads on each other, and siblings would bare their blades toward each other as well.

After having thought about this, Mo Tianzhi no longer felt uncomfortable. This time around, it was a good thing that his father was able to bring out this medicinal pill. Since he was given another chance, he decided to work hard, so that he could stand at the world's peak. Otherwise, it would be a waste of this new hope he was given. Standing at the top of the world would allow him to control another person's rights to even live or die; unlike his current state where his life or death was in another person's hands.

"Alright, the things here are settled. Let's head to the assembly room." Mo Situ then took the lead to leave after saying this.

The others left progressively. Some of them would greet the married lady and Mo Tianzhi, while the others left directly. These people also had high statuses in the Demon Gate; thus, this wasn't anything much. However, Mo Tianzhi just watched and appeared to be smiling; he thanked these people and bade them farewell.

Few profligate sons of aristocratic clans would be liked by the clan. After all, they were still a part of the clan, and most of them would tend to still have a status in the family. Thus, the rest would often turn a blind eye to the things they did. Even the profligate sons' direct seniors might not know what was happening.

To be able to become someone who could dominate a leader, they tended to have great foresight, and naturally wouldn't allow their juniors to indulge in pleasures and not seeking improvement. This was regardless if they were from the righteous or evil paths. Even those who seemed to be on the evil paths wouldn't think much of it, as they had their reasons for doing so. There were people from the righteous paths who were hypocrites, while those from the evil paths would at most be villains. Villains were still better off than hypocrites since they were honest about their ways; unlike those from the righteous paths who wouldn't admit even if they were to do anything wrong. They might even push the blame and make someone else their scapegoats.

There were a lot of such things. Therefore, regardless if it was the Demon Gate or some evil sects, everyone would think that they didn't take the wrong path.

In the assembly hall, Mo Situ sat at the top. Right now, the people in the hall weren't just the people from before. There were now several tens or even close to 100 people. Quite a number of them were white-haired and looked like elderlies.

"What's everyone's take on this? That young man is someone from the Divine Palace." Mo Situ said directly.

"Sect leader, the other party has already gone easy on this matter. Even if it's in the Northern King Domain, one of us had attempted to lay his hands on his woman.  

"People from the Divine Palace must show some respect to our Demon Gate when they are in the Northern King Domain. If this matter had happened in the Northern Emperor Domain, then he would have been considered to have gone easy on this case. However, this is the Northern King Domain and although the Young Master was in the wrong, that guy shouldn't have been so vicious. This is a humiliation to the Demon Gate." At this moment, a man with a sharp gaze said.

The man had a muscular build and seemed to be in his middle-aged. His hair seemed as if they were all standing, and the same could be said for his beard.

"Mo Shi, then how do you think we should deal with this problem?" Mo Situ asked.

"The Divine Palace is on the decline, but recently, their reputation soared due to the matter with the Firecloud Palace and this young man. Therefore, we must do something about it but can't go overboard. We are going to get our Demon Gate's respect back yet cannot break the current balance." Mo Shi gave it some thought and said.

Mo Shi looked very rough and violent but was actually very meticulous. Otherwise, Mo Situ wouldn't have inquired his opinions on this.

"Mo Shi is right. Even the Taiyi Immortal Palace wouldn't just sit and watch if we were to fight it out with the Divine Palace. The Taiyi Immortal Palace currently is flourishing, and they have many great talents amongst their next generations. They'll be a formidable foe.” said a man who was the size of two adults.

This person was a Great Demon King and a powerful one at that. He had two horns on his head and looked like a small mountain, even though this was his smallest figure. Once in a battle, his figure would swell up explosively by many folds. He was very strong and would even be able to crush a small mountain with a single punch.

"Old Niu, but we can't put down our Demon Gate either. The Junior Sect Master is also a great talent and is a lot stronger compared to those younglings from the Taiyi Immortal Palace. Moreover, the Five Tiger Immortal Palace is also our friend, and they are an existence that wouldn't lose out to the Taiyi Immortal Palace. If we really were to fight it out, we'll have a greater chance of winning." said an elderly with a harsh and staunch tone.

"White Tiger King, the older you get, the worst your temper becomes. Even if we can win over them, it'll be just barely, and if both sides were to be injured, the others would just come and reap the benefits. The area doesn't only have the Demon Gate and the Divine Palace." Mo Shi continued.

"Then what do you think that we should do?" White Tiger Demon King knew that what he said was just being unyielding. Tactics and other things weren't his concern.

"The Junior Sect Master's matter was over a woman, and I've found out that this woman is also a Demon King Inheritor; thus, we can ask for this woman." Mo Shi smiled and said.

"What a joke. The Junior Sect Master was beaten up for this woman. You think that the guy would hand her over?" The White Tiger Demon King said directly. He was a forthright person.

"Of course I know the fact that he won't. But we can spread this news out and then claim that this woman is from our Demon Gate. After all, it's not a lie that this woman is a Demon King Inheritor, and if the people from the Divine Palace were to believe in this news, things would get a lot more interesting. With the Divine Palace's great foundation, they'll definitely not allow a Demon King Inheritor to join them. Even if they were to take a step back, they would also definitely not allow someone from the Divine Palace to come into contact with a Demon King Inheritor. If that young man and woman were chased out, we'll have our chance." Mo Shi smiled and said.

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