AST 2163 - 11th Grade Divine Weapon

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2163 - 11th Grade Divine Weapon

When Qing Shui first came to this world, it was undeniable that he had used to find a lot of things unacceptable. For example, the huge beast that was the size of a mountain. How much power was contained within it? But soon, he found out that the human body could also contain a lot of strength.

Qing Shui and Beihuang Fan made their way towards the deepest part of Thousand Layer Mountain. They were only able to roughly locate the place; they didn’t actually know where it was. In his past incarnation, basically every mountain had a name and history of their own. However, the number of mountains and rivers without names were countless across the World of the Nine Continents.

The valley where the Sun Phoenix resided didn’t have a name. However, it wasn’t difficult to locate. They would only have to sense the aura of powerful demonic beasts and made their way there to confirm that it was the Sun Phoenix.

This method might sound risky, but it was effective.

“There was a formidable beast 30 Li towards the left.” Qing Shui smiled and looked at Beihuang Fan.

This was already the fifth one, and they had still yet to encounter the Sun Phoenix. They encountered mostly huge beasts. Nevertheless, the beasts should also consider themselves unlucky for encountering Qing Shui and Beihuang Fan. They actually planned to snatch her away and made her their wives when they saw Beihuang Fan. Naturally, the consequences of their actions would be getting slain by Beihuang Fan.

This was also the first time Qing Shui saw the woman using swords. The only way to describe it was soul-taking. The sword was like a rainbow. With bizarre rhythm, that slash even sent a chill down Qing Shui’s spine. So this was how Divine Connection Realm was like. Even if the target's speed was decent, she was still able to slaughter them within a fixed distance.

Everything was useless in front of absolute strength. This went the same for the Heavenly Dao. It was only power which belonged to yourself that was absolute.

Qing Shui felt a dilemma while thinking about it. But deep down, he knew that all of them were unreal. Whereas the ability to weaken the opponent would still be of use, the reason why he would feel that it didn’t was because the opponent’s strength far surpassed his, resulting in the insignificant effect of his reduction skill. Of course, there was no need to doubt the strength of the Heavenly Dao. For instance, his own Heavenly Dao could only help raise his strength by two times, yet the opponents were able to raise theirs by three times.

This was just a metaphor. The Heavenly Dao Realm was a state. It didn’t directly raise the user’s strength. Instead, it was a way of relying on the might of heaven and earth to find the opponent’s weakness and deal a fatal strike to it.

“Alright, if this time, it doesn’t turn out to be what we’re looking for, we will search for it again tomorrow.” Beihuang Fan said.

Qing Shui nodded and made his way 30 Li into the distance.

It only took an instant to travel 30 Li. This time, Qing Shui was struck dumbfounded when he saw the powerful existence. He directly gave the woman an awkward look. At the moment, the huge figure had the form of a beast. It was huge and shaped like a horse, yet it had an enormous head of a bear.

At the moment, the huge beast was mating with another demonic beast which was equal in terms of size with it. It was riding on top of it. Its manhood was almost as thick as an aquarium.

They could see the entire process clearly. Qing Shui pouted, “It’s so huge!”

Beihuang Fan moved her sight onto Qing Shui and shot a glare at him before turning around and walk away. Qing Shui then turned back and looked. For some unknown reason, the formidable beast was motionless. It seemed to be really enjoying it.

The two stopped after they found themselves a vacant space. This place was located slightly above the ground and looked bright and smooth. When the wind blew, it felt really comfortable.

The two decided to stay a night here. This time, Beihuang Fan brought along her own tent. Hence, she went in after setting it up.

After setting up his own tent and leaving behind a demonic beast to watch over the night, Qing Shui went inside and entered the realm right away.

As soon as he got into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui took out the Divine Square Cauldron. For the time being, he left the other stuff at the Treasure Basin.

After that, he started upgrading his Flying Sword.

Ninth Divine Grade, success!

Tenth Divine Grade, success!

11th Divine Grade, success!

Before this, he had a total of 56 Divine Square Cauldron. It consumed him eight cauldrons to upgrade to the ninth grade, 16 for the tenth grade and lastly, 32 cauldrons for the 11th grade. All of them totaled to 56 Divine Square Cauldron, which was the total amount after half of them had been deducted.

11th realm. Qing Shui was really happy that his Flying Sword had been upgraded by three grades. The ability of the Flying Sword had been strengthened by quite a lot. It had become sharper and at the same time, also faster.

Big Dipper Sword, Flying Sword Divine Weapon!

11th. Divine Grade.

Reduce up to 20% of damage caused to the user and all allies. The duration could last for the entire battle.

Increase the recovery speed of the user by 11% and raise its overall offensive, additional wounding as well as defensive prowess by 2,2 billion Dao force. Simultaneously, it also helped to reduce up to 2,2 billion Dao Force worth of additional damage caused to the user and normal damage by 11%.

Qing Shui was very happy. The main ability of the Flying Sword laid in its offensive prowess. Though it was great that Qing Shui could get to raise his offensive prowess through it, the one that might truly be of use to him was the defensive prowess. Of course, there was also the additional wounding prowess which could be used against the opponent and the additional deflection ability, which were just as good.

Most importantly, the Flying Sword could reduce up to 20% of damage caused to all allies.

This was quite an impressive ability. It could almost be compared to the Emperor’s Qi.

Moreover, the current grade of his Flying Sword couldn’t really be considered to be that high. Nevertheless, it was already great. For now, Qing Shui could feel the sharpness of his Flying Sword. It possessed an aura which felt like there was nothing it couldn’t cut through. As soon as he operated his consciousness, the Flying Sword appeared in front of Qing Shui. By now, it looked even more abundant and richer with energy than ever before. It looked simple, yet tyrannical; thick, yet it still retained its agility.

Seeing that, Qing Shui was more confident than ever before. With the help of his Flying Sword as well as his Emperor’s Qi, the opponent’s ability would be reduced by slightly more than 40%. This was more than enough. Combining it with his Battle God Halo, his formations as well as his Area Dominance, it was more than enough to make his opponent cry. When the Flying Sword ascended past the tenth grade and achieved the 11th grade, all of its abilities also took a huge leap and went up by an entire level.

It had become almost two times faster than before. Its destructive prowess, penetrating force, and explosiveness had been increased by just as much.

To the current Qing Shui, the most important things for him was the default offensive prowess of the Flying Sword and the ability to help him reduced the damages caused to his own body. He didn’t find more important aspects other than these two. 

The Primordial Pig approached Qing Shui happily upon seeing him. Before this, it was still sleeping soundly in the distance. It would even sleep with its tummy facing the sky usually.

The little beast was very intelligent. It was as if it possessed the intelligence of a human. It was able to feel Qing Shui’s mood, which was why it rushed here so quickly just now as it was aware that Qing Shui was in a great mood. Qing Shui was also able to figure out that the little beast was waiting to be fed. The Primordial Pig was a carnivore. Since it was true that Qing Shui was really happy at the moment, he decided to prepare some food. After giving the little beast some, he took out the rest, thinking that he and Beihuang Fan might be able to share it together.

Since he didn’t spend that much time in the realm, when he came out, it had only been a while in the outside world. When he was outside, he could see Beihuang Fan standing on the peak of the mountain. Her elegant and graceful figure allowed her to blend in with the nature and made her look like a sculpture in the scenery.

As Qing Shui followed along with her sight and looked at the surroundings, he felt that the scenery was beautiful. But then, he could feel that Beihuang Fan wasn’t really into the scenery itself, thus, he proceeded to ask, “What are you looking at? You seem really distracted by it.”

“Can you tell me what’s good about being the world’s number one?” Beihuang Fan turned around and looked at Qing Shui as she asked him this question.

“What’s good about being the world’s number one?” Qing Shui stunned.

“Why do I cultivate so hard every day? Is it to become the world number one? Or is it so I can defeat anyone who is in my way? Even if this day does come true, what is the point of it?” Beihuang Fan asked with a serious tone.

“Well, about this, some people cultivate hard so that they won’t get bullied. Some cultivate hard to bully people, for example, forcefully snatching away someone else’s wife. If you aren’t strong enough in your clan, I reckon you would have been a target for almost everyone.” Qing Shui also responded with a serious tone.

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