AST 2165 - Taming the Sun Phoenix

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2165 - Taming the Sun Phoenix

She remembered the fight between Firecloud Palace and Divine Palace. Now, she finally understood why they emerged victoriously. She looked at Qing Shui in shock, and not only so, but the ability of his Divine Weapon had even started taking effect on Beihuang Fan herself.

The ability of the Divine Weapon was affecting Qing Shui all the time. This was almost like a passive ability which consumed zero energy. However, Qing Shui would need to activate it himself if he intended for the effect to influence his allies. Thus, once Qing Shui activated it, Beihuang Fan revealed an even more excited face.

Putting the increased amount of strength aside, the true terrifying ability of his was the one which helped reduce up to 21% of the damage caused by the opponent. That was equivalent to lowering down the opponent’s offensive prowess by 21%.

“Many has attempted to tame me before, but most of them turned to ashes. I do not intend to harm anyone; thus, I think it will be best if you leave now.” The Sun Phoenix once again spoke.

“The fact that we are here now means that we are already well-prepared for this. We come here to show our sincerity. Since ancient times, countless Sun Phoenixes have been tamed by humans before.” Beihuang Fan responded.

“This is one of the trials which a demonic beast has to pass. Thus, it’s not unusual to be tamed. At the very least, the condition is that you will have to be stronger than me. Also, you must ensure that I can develop myself effectively when following you.” The Sun Phoenix started a discussion with Beihuang Fan…

“Well, then, let’s fight!” Beihuang Fan said.

“Actually, you can gain a lot of benefits by following this woman.” At this moment, Qing Shui interrupted and said.

“What benefits?”

“She will definitely turn out to be someone really powerful in the future.” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“No one can predict the future.” The Sun Phoenix said straightforwardly.

“Actually, believe it or not, even with her alone, she will be able to beat you.” Qing Shui once again emphasized on his statement.

“I will consider it if you really manage to beat me. However, even if she was to defeat me, you guys won’t be able to stop me if I intend to run away. Moreover, whether or not you guys are really able to do it also remains a question,” The Sun Phoenix started condensing the energy around its body.

“Do it!”

At the moment when the Sun Phoenix finished speaking, it created a long afterimage of itself as it made its way towards Beihuang Fan.

Meanwhile, Beihuang Fan created three slashes with her sword as she took a leap to the side.

Qing Shui couldn’t help but be impressed with what he just saw. As he thought, Beihuang Fan was indeed very powerful.

Qing Shui right away released the Emperor’s Qi.

The Sun Phoenix let out a high-pitched cry. It was as if it knew that its attacks weren’t sharp enough, but it didn’t know why this was the case. Now, it could sense that its overall strength had gone down by 20%. Deep down, it was really shocked and uncomfortable at the same time. Without a second thought, it immediately intensified the flame across its body.

Qing Shui was able to sense the aura across the Sun Phoenix’s body rising up once again. He was aware that it would have its own technique to raise its strength. Other than the boosts provided by Qing Shui, Beihuang Fan’s strength was also raising gradually.

Taiyi Flying Light!

Dazzling Gleam!

Divine Sword Array!

The sword afterimages looked like a meteor shower as they landed on the ground one after the other. Beihuang Fan’s figure was like a butterfly in clusters of flowers as she danced gracefully in the middle of the sword afterimages. She was like a moth in the sea of fire. Her entire person now looked like a fairy, a goddess. By now, she already had enough strength to suppress the Sun Phoenix.

Sun Phoenix Rising Sun!

A faint fiery light started spreading out towards the surroundings. Everything which came in contact with it became motionless. Qing Shui quickly moved his sight onto Beihuang Fan. Though she was still moving, her movements were very slow and seemed like they were almost halted. At this moment, he dared not let down his guard. He immediately unleashed his Area Dominance on her.

Initially, Beihuang Fan thought that she was done for. Her entire body was like sticking in the mud. And while she was feeling so, the Sun Phoenix unleashed its killer move that was like a sharp and long rocket. The Great Sun True Solar Sword Flare was being shot towards her.

Right at the moment when she planned to take it head-on, her body suddenly felt light as a feather. She quickly dodged away and thrust out her long sword.

Taiyi Splitting Water!

Naturally, Beihuang Fan was able to figure out that this was Qing Shui’s doings. Not only had he managed to help her remove the status effect which made her feel stiff, but he also managed to help her raise quite a significant amount of strength. Soon after, Qing Shui proceeded to unleash his Area Dominance around the Sun Phoenix.

Moving on, the strength of the Sun Phoenix got reduced even further. By now, merely trying to block against Beihuang Fan’s attack had also become a bit challenging to it.

“You lost, there is no point in continuing the fight any further.” Beihuang Fan said.

Though the Sun Phoenix felt really uncomfortable, a loss was a loss. Though it was reluctant to follow a human, for a beast which had reached this kind of level, even if it did, it wouldn’t be treated as a normal demonic beast. The Sun Phoenix was a huge divine beast, and it was capable of transforming into human form. It could retain this form until when it was necessary for it to battle. Needless to say, it could only reveal its true potential by fighting in its original form.

But even so, the ceremony to recognize owner was something which mustn’t be neglected. This kind of ceremony didn’t cost anyone’s life. Even though it was a bit biased, demonic beasts would still find it acceptable.

“I promise that I will follow you.” The Sun Phoenix sounded a bit upset when she was saying it.

However, the Demonic Beast Tribe were mostly straightforward and honest. To them, it was either yes, or no. Furthermore, once they began following someone, it was highly unlikely that they would betray their master.

Naturally, Beihuang Fan revealed a happy smile and said, “I will treat you like my best friend.

After the Sun Phoenix had successfully recognized its owner, Qing Shui took out the Ancient demonic Fruit, Potential Pill, Aptitude Pill, and so on. Though he only took out a few of them, he had basically given Beihuang Fan most of the things that were precious and rare. These were all for the Sun Phoenix.

By now, the Sun Phoenix was already showing itself in human form. It was an elegant woman who looked to be around her 30s. She looked tidy and noble and was wearing a dress with phoenix crest carved on it.

Seeing the Ancient Demonic Fruit and the medicinal pills which were rich with Spiritual Qi, even the Sun Phoenix was amazed. Particularly, the Ancient Demonic Fruit. There was no doubt that it was one of the deciding factors. If Qing Shui had taken it out earlier, it was very likely that the fight could have been avoided.

With everything finished, they went back.

Time waits for no men, Qing Shui once again went back to his usual life. However, Beihuang Fan would visit the Imperial Cuisine Hall quite frequently. This caused a lot of people to begin suspecting that the eldest mistress of the Beihuang Clan might have fallen for the Miraculous physician in the Imperial Cuisine Hall.

Thanks to this news, Qing Shui gained a huge boost in his popularity. He became even more popular than the time when he had the title of a Miraculous Physician. Seeing this, Qing Shui was speechless. If he had known that this would happen, he would have stained on this eldest mistress earlier.

It had already been a month since Tantai Lingyan left. Qing Shui missed her a lot, yet he didn’t know where she was. She should be at a place where Yiye Jiange once was. While thinking about all these, he shook his head and revealed a depressed expression.

For the time being, Qing Shui had to attend to one patient a day. Thanks to the rumors about himself and Beihuang Fan which were spreading around very quickly, his reputation got to be increased significantly. A lot of youngsters would come to challenge Qing Shui. The challenges could vary. Some would be on martial arts, whereas some were on medical expertise.

Thus, Qing Shui’s life at the moment could be considered to be quite busy.

In the beginning, everyone used to think that women like Beihuang Fan would refuse to marry to any men. Even a top-notch prince would still be inferior compared to her. The reason was that Beihuang Fan was way too out of everyone’s league, especially with her personality. But now, they realized that there had been some changes. She was starting to become more active. From then, they could already figure out that, deep down, she still desired to be loved by a man. Furthermore, the man, whom she chose, was a prodigy and was confident enough to not think himself lower than anyone else. Out of jealousy, they became desperate to prove to her that Qing Shui wasn’t as outstanding as she thought. It was with the mindset that if they couldn’t get their hands on her, no one should ever be allowed to do it.

This was a psychological thought that almost everyone would have. This was also every man’s dream. So long as she didn’t get married, she would forever remain a goddess in their hearts. In fact, a lot of men wouldn’t hope to see women like her getting married. To them, this woman was pure and holy. She mustn't be stained by the hands of any men.

It had only been a few days since the news spread out, and Qing Shui was already challenged to battles more than ten times. Basically, all of them were thrown out right away by Qing Shui as he was unwilling to drag things on.

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