AST 2185 - Liu Clan Ancestral Hall, Statue of Liu Clan's Old Ancestor

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2185 - Liu Clan Ancestral Hall, Statue of Liu Clan's Old Ancestor

After a few more attempts, Qing Shui's countenance changed. It was because the Poison Willow Darts that shot out now had strong poison on them. Even after so many years had passed, the poison on the darts was still very terrifying. He collected these Poison Willow Darts. At the very least, he would be able to use them himself in the future.

The other people were also in great astonishment. If they were hit by these poison darts, no one knew what would happen to them. Even though the Dragon Slaying Beast could take the poison, it wouldn't be able to fend off more than a single side. After all, its body wasn't big enough.

As for the other demonic beasts, it was hard to say if they could fend off the poison darts. The group managed to cross the first stage which was considered hard to pass. The rhythm of the formation and poison darts seemed to make it hard to dodge. At the very least, when one discovered them, it would be too late to dodge.

Right now, Qing Shui could be sure that this place had been sealed up by the Liu Clan. However, he had no idea why the Liu Clan had sealed up this place. Was it to seal up someone else? Or themselves?

It didn't seem plausible that they had sealed up themselves. Sometimes, people would do this in order to save themselves. However, judging from the situation of the place, it seemed as if they had done a dead seal, which made it really puzzling.

"There seems to be a house in front that looks similar to an ancestral hall." Beihuang Fan said.

Qing Shui and the group looked over. This place should be in the middle of the village. Although it looked very old as well, it clearly looked a lot sturdier than the other places. Moreover, it was very well retained despite looking a little old.

When he walked up to the entrance, Qing Shui saw a layer of dust above. With a swing of his hand, the words on it were revealed.

Liu Clan Ancestral Hall!

This was the Liu Clan Ancestral Hall; it was really the Liu Clan's origin. This place made Qing Shui feel that things were getting increasingly dramatic. He was here in search of treasure. Moreover, this was a small space within the Door of Energy. Could it be that this place was also a part of the world in the past?

Qing Shui decided to put this aside and not give it much thought. He had come across too many strange and mysterious things in the past, and this wasn't much. He started to head toward the ancestral hall.

He didn't know if it was because of the long age or something else that there weren't any barriers as he walked in. Qing Shui had no idea if there were any restrictions here in the past, but there was nothing here now.

The ancestral hall wasn't very big. It was about 50 meters in length, 30 meters in width, and ten meters in height.

There were many pillars in the ancestral halls as well as some old tables and chairs.

Qing Shui then saw that there were some statues in the surroundings, each of them about three meters tall.

Qing Shui took a casual look at a few of them. He didn't have any interest in them, but when he was looking around, he came across a big inscription steele. It was very big and there were many words on it.

Xuanriver 30th year, Liu Zongyuan relied on his Light Division Shadow Movement Technique and Liu Clan's Three Darts to achieve dominance.

Xuanriver 260th year, Liu Yue killed Desert River Immortal Palace's Grand Elder.

Xuanriver 320th year,Liu Chengfeng became a traitor, killing 12 people in the Liu Clan, including the Second Elder.


Most of them were of similar events, including what geniuses there were in the family or what political marriages they had with other influences. Qing Shui took a very serious look all until the end. It could be that the memories here are real, and it could unveil the truth behind the reason why the Liu Clan was sealed.

Heavendragon 52nd year, Demonic Wolf Clan killed Liu Clan's Liu Can. Both sides becoming enemies.

Heavendragon 55th year, Demonic Wolf Clan joined forces with the Dayue Clan, attempting to go up against the Liu Clan.

Heavendragon 60th year, Liu Clan couldn't hold up against the joined forces between Demonic Wolf Clan and Dayue Clan [1], thus setting up a great formation for defense.

Heavendragon 65th year, Liu Clan's Liu Fengmang disappeared, having left the formation.

Heavendragon 65th year, a great formation was set up outside the Great Draping Willow Formation.

Heavendragon 75th year, ten years passed without the formation being broken through.

Heavendragon 85th, 20 years passed without the formation being broken through.


Qing Shui read until the end until there was no more information. This meant that it had all been over for the Liu Clan. At the last line, it said that Liu Fengmang had turned against the clan.

The reason that they had suggested Liu Fengmang had disappeared was due to the fact that he could not bear with the life after the Liu Clan had been sealed. He couldn't put up with being sealed up for life and thus, had turned his back against the clan. However, whether or not he was able to continue to survive was another thing altogether.

There was nothing on the inscription steele that suggested what status Liu Fengmang had in the Liu Clan. However, Qing Shui felt that his status shouldn't be low.

When Qing Shui was reading this, the others were as well. The old man from the Divine Palace exclaimed after reading, "To think that it's over even for the Liu Clan which had stood over the others in the past. I only wonder if there are any more surviving members of the Liu Clan now."

Hearing what the old man said, Qing Shui knew that the Liu Clan was very powerful. Their moves, their poison, and their great mastery of hidden weapons made Qing Shui thought of the Deinonychus from the Jurassic era. It only had speed and sharp claws but could kill the massive Sauroposeidon.

Speed was power. In this world, speed could overcome anything.

As long as one was fast enough, they would be able to dodge all attacks. As long as one was fast enough, they would be able to break through all attacks.

The group looked around in the ancestral hall but didn't find anything that was left behind. He assessed the desolate state of the environment and walked out.

Suddenly, Qing Shui discovered that the environment was changing. It was an extremely unrealistic feeling, but the environment was changing.

It was another formation.

Qing Shui brought along the others and continued walking. This Maze Formation was very exquisite. Thankfully, Qing Shui was also good in formations and managed to find the eye of formation within an hour and then breaking it. The surroundings changed once again.

A relatively clean and rustic manor appeared.

Earlier on, Qing Shui seemed to have broken the formation as if there weren't any dangers. But in fact, if it wasn't because he was skilled in formations, that formation was in no way weaker than the Great Draping Willow Formation from earlier.

At the sight of this manor, everyone's eyes lit up. This manor wasn't big. It was very small. Everyone walked in and saw that there was only one house and there was another statue at the top.

Liu Clan's Old Ancestor!

The founder of the Liu Clan, a demonic existence. Liu Clan's legacy had started from him and he lived for 1,300 years.

There were too many glorious achievements that Liu Clan's Old Ancestor had in his life. There were many records on it. He led the Liu Clan, which could only be considered a third-rated clan at that time, and slowly climbed up to the top of the pyramid. However, the juniors were a lot weaker as compared to Liu Clan's Old Ancestor, and thus many people set their eyes on them.

Many people coveted for Liu Clan's legacies. And after Liu Clan's Old Ancestor was gone, the second generations were still quite decent. However, thereafter, they started to decline. With their status, when their abilities and status became a mismatch, problems would occur.

This was why something like this had happened. However, if there weren't any traitors, the Liu Clan might not have been destroyed so easily. But Qing Shui wondered if it was possible that Liu Fengmang could have actually set up another Liu Clan outside?

As he was thinking about this, he noticed that there were three books before the statue, covered in a thick layer of dust. This made Qing Shui very agitated. He picked one up, flicked off the dust on it, and saw that four words appeared.

Windwhisk Willow!

This was a set of movement technique and the papers were a pale gold color, seemingly to be very expensive. There were only ten pieces of the paper. Qing Shui opened up the book and saw that there were diagrams of human figures, but there were some red lines indicating movements and cycles...

Qing Shui became immersed in the book. It was because he realized that it seemed to show some signs of integrating together with his Nine Palace Steps.

[1] Dayue is from the characters ‘Big Moon’

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