AST 2187 - I Still Have My Hands, Which Fingers Do You Prefer?

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2187 - I Still Have My Hands, Which Fingers Do You Prefer?

Qing Shui laughed as he left alongside Beihuang Fan, bypassing a few mountains. These mountains were common locations to place one’s army. As such, there was nothing left to be found in those mountains, so it was better for them to leave instead.

As they went by the mountains, the terrains began to appear more abundant. It was filled with tall mountains, rivers, and forests; there were even monstrous beasts and wild birds wandering the area. The waters were inhabited by a plethora of different fish species.

Qing Shui looked at his surroundings as he thought about some heartfelt matters. As he looked left and right, he felt that there was a certain level of softness attached to the atmosphere. It was at that moment when he realized that Beihuang Fan was glaring at him, he then awkwardly stared back at her. He was just so caught up in gazing at the surroundings and being deep in thought that he was oblivious to the fact that Beihuang Fan had stopped, bumping into her.

He began feeling subtle sensations throughout his body; he then realized that he was aroused. His erection could be seen despite the fact that he was wearing pants. Furthermore, it was pointed in the direction of Beihuang Fan. However, this was not something that he should be feeling towards her.

Beihuang Fan’s heart skipped a beat. She felt angry and thought that Qing Shui was shameless. As she was about to leave, Qing Shui whispered to her, ”Do not move. If you do, I will only feel more embarrassed.”

“You imbecile, feeling embarrassed is your problem, not mine,” said Beihuang Fan furiously to Qing Shui, although she was feeling more of panic because she was well aware of what was touching her.

“How could you say such a thing! Have you forgotten that I am possibly going to be the father of your future child? How could you say that you do not care for my feelings?” Qing Shui replied almost instantly.

“Continue with such nonsense and I will leave straight away.” Beihuang Fan replied.

Qing Shui was rendered speechless. However, he knew that they were both reputable leaders of their own armies, people would naturally pay more attention to them. For Qing Shui, a few seniors, Hill Moving battle God and even Diamond Battle God would not say much if they witnessed this. Even if they did witness such a thing happening, they would act as though they did not see anything at all.

However, it is not the same for Beihuang Fan.

Beihuang Fan’s heart was in a mess, what on Earth is she doing? Is she actually being bullied by Qing Shui into helping him keep mum about this? Her mind was in a total wreck, has she really fallen in love with him?

She eventually shook her head, pushing away her thoughts. She did not know what love was; she didn’t even understand the concept of love. Also, she only knew that love was a complicated matter. A hundred people would have a hundred different ways on expressing their love. Wealthy individuals would express their love through the means of money and gifts, more tangible items. Poor people express their love through care and concern. Lastly, those with strength would prefer to express their love by literally fighting for it.

Thinking about Qing Shui, if she had really fallen in love with him, then what can she offer him? What does she want to offer him? Does he even truly love her? Will he do anything for her?

It had gotten to the point where just for the sake of him, she even forwent her life. Does that count as true love?

As Qing Shui was standing behind Beihuang Fan, he proceeded to take out a map and looked through it with her. He hoped that this way, he can trick people into thinking that they were looking at something, but really, what map is there? But after all, it is Beihuang Fan that we are talking about, nobody would expect that she would be the type to be flirtatious in front of a large crowd.

But they are indeed doing it now, if it was not with their clothes on, this would have been like...

“I said can I walk away now?” said Beihuang Fan as she felt the object touching her back becoming harder and harder. Also, it felt very warm, showing no signs of going back to its original state.

Qing Shui chuckled and replied, ”Hey, I cannot control it, and it is not going to listen to me right now either.”

Beihuang Fan felt flustered as Qing Shui breathed by her ear. She clenched her teeth and reached out her hand towards her butt quietly, she then touched a thick and solid object…

Qing Shui’s heart began to feel excited. Was this gentle and demure woman really going to help him...

At that moment he felt the comfort when it was held by her gentle little hands, but he then felt a sharp pain right after, it then returned to its original state. Not only did she actually went to pinch and twist the skin, but she also did it with a great deal of strength!

Qing Shui’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat; he felt disappointed in her. Thankfully, it was only a pinch and that it was not pulled off. The more he thought about it the more he scared himself, he could not hold back his words and said softly, “Miss Bei, you actually took advantage of me. This is extremely hurtful to me. What if it had been damaged? You would have ended up being a widow.”

“Would you believe that I will twist it right off?” said Beihuang Fan as she felt less affected by and more guarded towards Qing Shui’s words.

“Fine, pull it right off. I still have my hands anyways, which fingers would you prefer?” said Qing Shui seriously as he extended his hand to her.

“Which finger?” asked Beihuang Fan. Given that she was still a young girl, pure and innocent at heart, it was only natural for her not to understand Qing Shui’s words.

“My fingers are smaller compared to what you pulled on just now. However, it would not be there anymore if you pulled it off. Hence, you would just have to settle for my fingers, so go ahead and choose one.” Qing Shui said in a serious tone.

Beihuang Fan’s face turned bright red; she then turned her head and walked away. She finally understood what he meant. Actually, people of that generation are self-taught certain things. It was as if it was second nature to them.

The image of Beihuang Fan’s blushing face and her stunning complexion was etched into Qing Shui’s mind. It was a kind of beautiful heartbeat, a beautiful silence. It was as beautiful as the snow lotus flower on Tian Shan mountains as well as the most gorgeous red rose. At that instance, Qing Shui felt as if she was a Goddess that was brought to the mortal realm. He felt immense pride and happiness.

Then, Beihuang Yu walked over and said, ”Fine, since this has escalated so quickly.”

“What exactly has escalated so quickly?” said Qing Shui as he played dumb.

“What an act. For the first time, I can picture someone being on close terms with my aunt,” said Beihuang Yu. Since he is her nephew, it is only natural for him not to say anything that may cross the line.

Qing Shui’s face went red and he said, ”Oh nephew, I am also your uncle. You should not embarrass me like this.”

Beihuang Yu felt depressed at that instant and left.

As the group continued with their journey, Qing Shui would steal glances at Beihuang Fan from time to time. He noticed that there was a delicate change to her appearance. Even though it was a soft and fresh kind of look, it was only when she looked at him that there was an indescribable feeling. This made Qing Shui’s heart fall for her even more.


Then, a roar that resonated through the skies was heard. Just by hearing the sound of the roar was enough to know that it was from a demonic beast, but it was not just from any common beasts. Qing Shui stopped in his tracks, scanned his surroundings and said,” Should we go investigate?”

Before Qing Shui could finish saying his words, a huge white tiger appeared in a distance. The tiger looked to be as big as 300 meters, it was definitely a giant. All the past multistory buildings could not compete with the tiger’s size; nothing could compare with its muscular physique. Bright silver rays radiated from the tiger’s body.

Diamond White Tiger King!

Qing Shui once heard about this creature; it was said to be the Buddha’s steed. Who would thought that such a creature really existed! Of course, this could not be the one that the Buddha had ridden before. But it was once said that the Buddha did ride the Diamond White Tiger King. It was the same species as the creature standing before their very eyes.

Diamond White Tiger King had this strong sense of righteousness, was extremely powerful and exceptionally fast. Nothing could compare to his sharp teeth and claws. His spirit was immune to attacks; his body was indeed of the diamond body. Hence, those of his kind were well taken care of by Gods. Similar to the legendary dragons, qilin, turtle God of the northern skies, they all had a natural and extremely powerful aura. It had been said that their bodies had traces of God’s blood flowing through it.

Qing Shui did not have a solid concept of God. To put it frankly, the God of this world was none other than just a strong individual. Reaching a certain level of strength could allow you to become a God, just like how Qing Shui was now a battle God. All that talk about Diamond Blood, Violetgold Blood and what not are all just a form of legacies being passed down. It was a kind of strong recognition, and it was in their genes. Regarding Diamond White Tiger King receiving extra care and attention, it is not surprising that anybody with extraordinary bloodline would get extra care and attention.

Diamond White Tiger King was highly intelligent. He would kill any bad or evil people that it met. He had wisdom, and he had the powerful aura of the diamond. Hence, he was very sensitive to any evil aura in the atmosphere.

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