AST 2200 - I Killed Someone from the Five Tiger Immortal Palace

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2200 - I Killed Someone from the Five Tiger Immortal Palace


A sound similar to the one heard when a ball was burst rang out, louder than ever, crisper than ever as Lie Hunren’s body flew out again, a trail of fresh blood coming out of his mouth.

Qing Shui was surprised by how rotten this guy was. The Stellar Transposition unleashed its full power, almost 80 billion Dao of defense negation onto Lie Hunren’s body. The attack also got rid of his attack power, and Qing Shui was now wondering whether he should end the fight right here.

At this time, Miao Yonglong had already helped Lie Hunren up, the rest surrounding him. Lie Hunren then looked up at Qing Shui and said: “I know you want to kill me, but even if the Blazing Fire Immortal Palace lost me, it wouldn’t fall. If you believe me, not killing them will provide you with benefits.”

“Are you threatening me?” Qing Shui smirked, looking at the Lie Hunren who had looked down on him, now beaten and at his mercy.

“I already have no use anymore. The Blazing Fire Immortal Palace wouldn’t even care about you for a while, and I wouldn’t look back to this day. Of course, whoever perishes today is up to you.” Lie Hunren said this plainly.

Qing Shui didn’t care whether what he had said was true or not. Either way, he had already decided not to continue. If he was saying something like this, it was because he had already accepted the outcome.

Qing Shui turned around and looked at Beihuang Fan, saying: “Let’s go and rest over there for a bit. We will be able to leave tomorrow.”

The rest of them didn’t have any other thoughts, other than that they were all happy. It must be known that Qing Shui had completely defeated the Palace Lord of the Blazing Fire Immortal Palace through the combination of the Nine Palace Steps and Windwhisk Willows, along with the Stellar Transposition. Without the Stellar Transposition, Qing Shui would have had to use the Divine Weapon Flying Sword. As for its effect on Lie Hunren, even Qing Shui wasn’t sure how powerful it would be.

Beihuang Fan’s strength and the strength of the Blazing Fire Immortal Palace’s Palace Lord was still pretty far from each other. Furthermore, Lie Hunren’s strength was diminished when he fought Qing Shui. Lie Hunren was a person who practiced tempering, and also had extremely powerful counters against Soul Type Attacks. 

Unfortunately for him, Qing Shui’s own Soul Type attacks were too strong. The effect of the Nine Yang Dragon Soul gave strong control and nullification powers.

Essentially, Lie Hunren was fighting a battle against a hero without a weapon. His strong body thrashed by the Stellar Transposition, his defenses shredded through by the strong attack, attacking him directly, as though they had hit his lethal spots. The strikes dealt critical damage to him, breaking him. If a person’s life force wasn’t strong enough, it would have collapsed under that barrage.

He had to endure it all, and see if he could continue taking it.

Now even, Qing Shui found out that his strength was all-encompassing, as though his strengths had molded together. After thinking a bit, he realized that his ability to take a beating was strong, and the same also went for the power he could release. If he didn’t have the Divine Weapon Flying Sword or the Stellar Transposition, all he could do was take a beating, unable to defeat Lie Hunren.

Qing Shui saw the Junior Sect Lord of the Demon Gate and the rest of the people, last time being able to escape from them. It felt weird to him, and didn’t know what they wanted here. Opposition was certain, but it didn’t seem like they were going to be locked in combat at this time.

The Junior Sect Lord of the Demon Gate’s surprise was shown on his face, witnessing the fact that Qing Shui had beaten Lie Hunren by himself, which was something that he couldn’t do. Qing Shui had completely defeated him, with no gray area as to who won.

Qing Shui naturally didn’t know what the Junior Sect Lord of the Demon Gate was thinking so much about. The strength that he had displayed humbled many people, so many of the ones surrounding them stepped away from Qing Shui and his crew. Picking a fight with someone this strong wasn’t a good idea. All in all, it was within the Yu Royal Gate.

If they were outside, they could do a lot more, but now they just let it be. A wrong step would keep them trapped forever.

Qing Shui then went into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal nonchalantly.

Qing Shui was happy with the growth of the Lightning Fruit that he had planted. The Realm was a large treasury, with everything within Qing Shui’s treasures. Unfortunately, after reaching the ninth level, there weren’t any advances, so he didn’t know if the tenth level existed.

Just like the Ancient Strengthening Technique, after the ninth level, there weren’t any new changes, and whether there was the tenth level, Qing Shui didn’t know. Just that they said that there was no limit to martial arts. If it was like that, there would be one, just that Qing Shui wasn’t able to reach it.

The next morning, Qing Shui came out early with the thought that everything living and thinking had come to this point, but the number of people here almost lessened by two-thirds compared to the amount that came in.

This problem was something that Qing Shui had just noticed. Some died to the hands of demonic beasts, some to each other, and some even died because of themselves, being too greedy and killing their allies to keep treasures. This way, even if they got out, no one would know what happened inside, claiming that they had died to demonic beasts. If they sold it by hurting themselves, it was even more perfect, as there was only one person left to tell the tale.

Qing Shui didn’t know what other people had gotten, and also didn’t deliberately go after them. As it was said, it was better not to tell others of your treasures lest the situation became complicated.

Qing Shui also noticed that some people were startled, some apathetic. The ones who were startled must have found something special, which was why they were excited. They must not have wanted anyone else to find out lest they were killed for it, so they were like that especially on this day.

There was another hour before they could leave, and a few people stood in front of the excited man: “If you give it to us, we will spare your life.”

“Give what?” the man said, shaking.

Qing Shui couldn’t help but look over. Because they were close, he could see pretty clearly. Those guys seemed to be pretty normal; their cultivation wasn’t too bad, but that was the same for everyone there. Unfortunately, the person they were facing was weaker.

The people of the group were recognized by Qing Shui. They were members of the Five Tiger Immortal Palace.

“Pretending to be dumb now, are you?” As he was saying this, he reached out with his hand.


A crisp sound rang out, and that man’s arm was broken, and in a low voice, someone said, “the Five Tiger Immortal Palace would bully a weak man like this?”

“Hahaha, bullying the weak? This world is about the survival of the fittest. If you know what I’m talking about, hand it over. Otherwise, we will kill you, which would be no problem either,” The leader of the group said aggressively.

As he said this, he looked at Qing Shui’s direction apprehensively. Whether he was worried that Qing Shui would make a move, or was merely provoking him was unknown.

Qing Shui furrowed his brow. If it was anyone else doing that, he couldn’t have cared less, but he didn’t like the Five Tiger Immortal Palace acting so arrogant, and didn’t care about their image, so he quickly sent a Stellar Transposition over.


The leader that was thinking of breaking the man’s other arm was killed in an instant, an expression of disbelief across his face.

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