AST 2205 - Star God Pendant

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2205 - Star God Pendant

For a man and woman to be together, it would be a huge problem if a man could not satisfy his woman, no matter how much he enjoyed it. Things would worsen with time and he would eventually develop a sense of repulsion toward it. However, the elderly members of the family kept on arranging marriages for him.

He had seen countless renowned doctors and alchemists, but it was strange. This condition was surprisingly difficult to cure and he did not improve at all. He then gradually lost his confidence as a result.

Unknowingly, the news of him being useless had been spread out.

He was quite useless before this too, but that was just in terms of his cultivation. Now, it became more to do with the women. Many people took this as a casual joke on the dining table.

After Qing Shui mentioned it, Tai Dashao's face flushed red while staring at Qing Shui with his eyes full of killing intent. Qing Shui was rubbing salt into his wound. No, it was even worse. At this moment, Tai Dashao wished to kill Qing Shui at once to release his anger.

That was the power of words. A simple statement could maximize one’s hatred.

Tai Dashao did not think about how Qing Shui had managed to find out about his condition. The first thought that came into his mind was that he was being humiliated. This man revealed his ugly side. With a gran wave of hands, he said, “Come on, hit him but don't kill him.”

“Hey dumbass, can you stop that? What is your main point of coming to me today anyway? Don't you want to cure your illness?” Qing Shui emphasized the word ‘illness’ and ‘cure’.

The statement was very effective as Tai Dashao stopped his men immediately. He did not come to Qing Shui for Qing Shui's power. Instead, he heard Qing Shui was a Miraculous Physician. Qing Shui seemed to be really popular here, so he came to try his luck.

Yet, Qing Shui was not very kind and said he only treated incurable or chronic illnesses. Tai Dashao wondered if his own condition was considered as a chronic illness. A lot of men who suffered from erectile dysfunction spent their whole lives with troops of wives. They even lived with wine and women outside. That was plainly cheating themselves and others.

However, he was still young and wanted to make an attempt. Hence, he went out of his way to get here. He thought that the Imperial Cuisine Hall would surely be nice if he sounded polite and showed his identity. Previously, everyone he had approached treated him as a precious guest. This time, it didn’t go as he expected and it felt really bad.

“You are willing to treat me?” Tai Dashao was stunned and asked, feeling confused.

“No, I just don't want to be troubled. I'm afraid that your seniors would bring chaos here if were to kill you. I can treat you but it will come at a price,” Qing Shui answered.

“You mean you can cure me?” Tai Dashao was still surprised.

“Your illness might seem difficult to others, but I can cure it easily. I can find out whether it is curable today.” Qing Shui sounded confident.

“Okay, okay. As long as you can cure it, just set a price. I will treat you as the most precious guest from today onward,” Tai Dashao replied instantly.

“Money has become the most worthless thing by now. You have to know my rules here. I either reject a patient, take a half of his belongings, or an item,” Qing Shui looked at Tai Dashao and said.

“I'm fine with you taking half of my items, but I'm not the handler of the clan now. How should we do this?” Tai Dashao frowned as he replied.

“I mean something that belongs to you. I won't force someone to give something that is not his.”

“Oh, that is great. My own belongings. Although I can't give you my women and kids,” Tai Dashao sounded serious.

Qing Shui rubbed his head, “Fine, I'm not planning to do that either. Women and kids are humans. They are individuals. As such, I have no rights to ask for them.”

“You're right. I’ve finally heard something nice from you.”

Qing Shui turned around and saw Beihuang Fan's indifferent face. He then turned back and faced Tai Dashao to say, “Alright, I take back my words. I don't want anything. Come. Wait until I cure you, then get lost and never come back to give me troubles again.”

Tai Dashao giggled and walked toward Qing Shui. He was not afraid that Qing Shui would do anything. Qing Shui held his hand out and tapped on Tai Dashao’s body rapidly. The Nine Yang Force opened up a hidden, small meridian in his body gradually. Warm energy flowed within his body and Tai Dashao felt his lower part heat up and become as hard as iron.

Luckily, it was covered in clothes. Tai Dashao was excited. He had never felt so strong before. Though he could get hard previously, it did not feel as powerful as now. Then, Qing Shui performed the Acupuncture. All these were done while they were floating in the air. It took about an hour.

After finishing, Qing Shui kept his needles and said, “Remember what I have said. Do not trouble me unless it is a serious matter. If my woman had not spoken on your behalf, you would already be dead by now. Your family has a strong background but that is just about your family, not you. The worst thing I have to do is just run away after killing you. Nobody would be able to catch me if I escaped and nobody can do anything to me. You will find out at that time.”

Tai Dashao did not care about it, “I know, I sensed your killing intent, but that is over now. I want to thank you. How should I express my gratitude to you? No matter what you say, you are my savior now. I might be a bastard and a failure, but I know how to be grateful for what I've received. I won't simply bully the weaker ones.”

Qing Shui felt this guy was not as bad as he seemed. Qing Shui waved his hand, “I have said it before. I do not need anything from you.”

“You must be sister-in-law. Frankly speaking, my woman is also beautiful but she is no match for you. I really have no idea how to thank him. I have something here which I'm unsure of its value so I'll give it to you.”

Tai Dashao said and passed a star-shaped pendant to Beihuang Fan. Then, he looked at Qing Shui, “I know you don't really like me. Honestly, I don't like myself either. I'm Tai Dashao. That's my name. I'm from the Taiqing Immortal Palace. Let's meet again in the future. I see you as my friend.”

Tai Dashao was straightforward. He left with his men soon after saying that.

Qing Shui shook his head. Some things were so peculiar. Initially, they were to fight mercilessly and Qing Shui would probably kill the opponent. Eventually, the battle turned into a peaceful encounter. An unnecessary slaughter was avoided. Perhaps, they might even meet again.

He shook his head and stopped thinking about it. At this moment, Beihuang Fan approached Qing Shui and passed the beautiful star pendant to him.

The star pendant was very pretty. It looked like an actual star. A silver string held the pendant together. It gave out a soft glow and an extraordinary charm.

The glow was very comforting. Perhaps, that was why Tai Dashao had kept it for so long. Usually, a man would not wear jewelry and this seemed to be a female necklace. However, Tai Dashao did not give it to his women. Maybe, he just obtained it recently and did not have the chance to give it away. He ended up gifting it to Beihuang Fan.

Qing Shui looked at this star pendant and was startled. Using the Heavenly Vision Technique, he saw the wonder of this pendant.

Star God Pendant, Divine Artifact, able to be boosted!

It was a mysterious and powerful pendant which could be possessed.

To connect with it and own it, seven drops of blood were needed and they needed to be added separately in ten sittings.

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