AST 2216 - A Fierce Fight, a Dog Should Bite

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2216 - A Fierce Fight, a Dog Should Bite

“How are my dishes here? Do they suit your taste?” Bei Tengyun said something irrelevant.

Qing Shui knew he was reluctant to elaborate on the previous matter. Yet, it showed that he knew about Qing Shui.

“If you can’t make the decision, ask the one who can. How dare you mess with me? I’m already here and he is not coming out. Would he only come out after I take action?” Qing Shui talked to Bei Tengyun.

Bei Tengyun looked at Qing Shui in return. This was his first time meeting someone as arrogant as Qing Shui in the Northern Emperor Food Residence. Initially, he felt uneasy since Qing Shui was close to Beihuang Fan. Now, he felt more uncomfortable in seeing Qing Shui.

“The Northern Emperor Food Residence needs to remind you who you’re dealing with. Who do you think you are?” Bei Tengyun squinted his eyes and stared at Qing Shui.

“Alright, I’ll wait a bit longer. If the person in charge doesn’t come out, I’ll start with you. You don’t seem like a good man either way,” Qing Shui answered indifferently.

Bei Tengyun was infuriated. He had never been humiliated like this before. If it were not for the crowd here, Bei Tengyun would have acted earlier on.

However, he could not get bullied without doing anything in response. At least for now, he reckoned he was being bullied. He stared at Qing Shui with sharp eyes, “I put up with you again and again not because I’m afraid of you.”

Qing Shui smirked and said, “I look down on you even more now. Do you know why? Just like a prostitute, it is fine since she is working hard for a living. I look down on the prostitute who expects a monument to her chastity.”

Bei Tengyun appeared to feel very awkward, but there were people around him. Thus, he had no choice but to be pretentious. He was aware that many people knew he was hypocritical. In fact, he was alright with it. There was no man who did not pretend. As long as he did not admit it, it was none of his business what others might think.

“I’ll give you one more chance. Get out. We do not welcome you here,” Bei Tengyun said with good tolerance.

“Pitiful. Really pitiful. Look at you. You’re like a clown! You are making fun of yourself and still being loud. Little did you know that people’s laughter is actually in disdain toward you,” Qing Shui continued.

“Go to hell!”

At last, Bei Tengyun couldn’t hold it in anymore; his figure rushed towards Qing Shui abruptly. The folded fan in his hand aimed to tap on Qing Shui’s head directly. If his attempt was successful, Qing Shui would have exploded.


Qing Shui held out his hand and used the Dragon Capturing Hands. Immediately, he choked the opponent from afar. His hand was like a metal plier, making Bei Tengyun’s face flush red instantly. Qing Shui squeezed on his neck so tight that it was almost broken. It would only take the slightest effort to break his neck directly.

At that time, Bei Tengyun could not do anything but twitch endlessly.


At that moment, a stern voice was heard.

Qing Shui saw a group of men approaching, the leading one was an elder with grizzled hair and a straight body. He had short hair which was standing like iron thorns. He walked over in a majestic gait.

Qing Shui threw Bei Tengyun away immediately. Bei Tengyun who nearly fainted, was extremely frightened now. At that moment, he was so close to death. Now, his mind was still blank and unclear of directions.

“Looks like someone finally came out.” Qing Shui smirked.

The people in the main hall were evacuated. The Bei clan had something to deal with so they were all exempted from their bills. Thus, all of them left. Some wanted to watch the scene, but they could only leave since the Bei clan forced them to.

“Say it. Why are you here?” The elder asked right away.

Qing Shui was not surprised by the elder’s words. Looking at more than ten men besides the elder, they were all great warriors. Qing Shui smiled and replied, “Why are they all cowards? You have to bear the consequences of what you did. Since everyone knows about it and there is no outsider, what are you pretending for?”

“Alright, straightforward. In that case, let’s be frank. I tasted Mr. Qing’s dishes. They were great. Thus, I would like to invite you, my friend, to my Northern Emperor Food Residence, what do you think?” The elder said with a smile.

“Not interested,” Qing Shui replied directly.

“You don’t have to reject me so quickly, you can request for anything as a reward.” The elder said confidently.

“We are all very understanding so you can skip that. Say it if there is anything you want. It is even more disgusting to beat around the bush,” Qing Shui looked at the elder and smiled.

“I’m interested in your recipe.” The elder said.

“You’re interested in a lot of things in this world. Wouldn’t you be getting all of them?” Qing Shui was still very calm.

“I only fight for those I can get. If I can make some effort to get it, I will try to get it. As for those I can’t see and can’t reach, I won’t dream of them. It is only adding to my troubles,” The elder sounded open-minded.

“Just because of this, you forced the Baiyang clan to do that?” Qing Shui said in an unfriendly tone.

“We just wanted to deal with it sooner.” The elder was cool and calm.

“Is it very enjoyable to bully others?” Qing Shui continued asking.

“It should be better than being bullied.” The elder was humorous.

“I don’t like to fight and I’m not interested in giving my recipe to you. As for you troubling the Baiyang clan, I can forget about it. I hope you simply stop bullying others. How does that sound to you? Why don’t we stay in peace?” Qing Shui could hardly believe the words he said himself.

“It’s still the same statement. If you can agree to my terms, I can promise not to trouble the Baiyang clan.”

“Shit, what do I have to do with the Baiyang clan? They fucked me up even for this time. Do you really think I’m related to the Baiyang clan? Fine, if that’s the case, let’s settle this with another way.” Qing Shui could not help but curse.

“Regardless of which way it is, I hope you get wiser and agree to our terms. We are the food residence under the Nine Continents Food Residence; you have to think properly. Don’t do something that we can’t even help you with.” The elder squinted. It was about time as he lost patience to keep trash talking.

“Since the Northern Emperor Food Residence is just a dog, ask the owner to come out. If you want to get my recipe, don’t be a coward.” Qing Shui looked at the elder with a cynical smile.

“You are really asking for death. Our desire to get your recipe means we look highly upon you. You are insensible to good words. Get ready to be beaten then.” The elder’s face turned ugly. After all, it was very infuriating to be called a dog, although the Northern Emperor Food Residence was only a dog to the Nine Continents Food Residence.

Qing Shui laughed even more happily “So this is your real face! A dog should bite and not just shake its tail. Let’s see how much you guys want to take my recipe today.”

“Beat him. Smash him till he breaks. Keep his last breath,” The elder ordered his men.

Three men came out behind him and dashed toward Qing Shui in three different directions. They were very fast. It was the food residence here so they probably wanted to take him down quickly. Otherwise, the other food residences would be screwed.

Qing Shui seemed to be deliberate. He made a stomp and dragged Beihuang Fan along. In a flash, they appeared outside the main hall. Meanwhile, the previous place they were at collapsed entirely. Not only that, but Qing Shui also stomped abruptly in the surroundings. At once, the neat and clean buildings around the food residence became a heap of ruin.

The elder looked extremely upset. His men fled one by one. Though they looked very shabby, many people outside could sense that something had happened. The Northern Emperor Food Residence was torn down.

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