AST 2218 - Life and Pride

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2218 - Life and Pride

That man was still very confident in his Berserk Dragon Fist. His fist technique might not be fast but its power was nothing to be taken lightly. Moreover, it came along with a Heavy Strike ability, with each fist having a crushing force and a powerful aura. However, he hadn't expected that this young man would be able to receive this.

He had basically gone all out. He was a careful person and no matter what kind of opponent he encountered, he would display his full powers. Even if he could crush the opponent into smithereens with a single move, he wouldn't hold back. Otherwise, if his opponent were given a chance to turn the tables around, it'd be too late to regret.

Buddha Wisdom Seal!

Qing Shui performed another ultimate Buddha technique.

Although the Buddha Wisdom Seal couldn't reduce the opponent's attacking force, it would increase his own defense without the opponent noticing it. It would reduce the damage caused by the opponent by 20% as a result.

In a sense, he could reduce the opponent's attacks by 20%, but the opponent wouldn't know about it.

Qing Shui smiled and clenched both his fists as he charged out toward the man, using the Windwhisk Willow.

His movement was extremely elusive. This was what the opponent was the weakest in. The man was one who used force to push through everything.


This man's fist technique was very skillful. Even with Qing Shui's great movement technique, he was still hit by the man’s attack. However, Qing Shui moved together with the force, negating a large amount and then dodging the rest. He then once again landed a punch on this man.

The man was unable to dodge Qing Shui's punch. However, his defense was comparable to his attacking abilities. That heavy strike had made even Qing Shui back off from the tremor. The man clearly didn't receive any damage at all.

"It's useless. Your attacks won't be able to break through my flesh and it's also useless to hit me at my acupuncture points. When one reaches a certain level of cultivation, their defense at their acupuncture points would become stronger. Moreover, you won't even be able to reach my acupuncture points with your current power," the man said, as he realized that the spots that Qing Shui had struck were all on his acupuncture points.

"It really seems to be the case."

Qing Shui then struck out with this Dragon-capturing Hands, followed by a Mountain Push Stance.

Although the man was very careful, he was unable to dodge Qing Shui's attacks. Therefore, he guarded some of his crucial points and tried to dodge. However, he soon discovered that Qing Shui's attack could cause dizziness.

The dizziness disappeared very quickly and then he felt a majestic power gushing toward him. What had astonished him was that he was able to fend it off and ended up retreating endlessly. This was an invisible force and it was only at this moment that Qing Shui charged over with his elusive movements.

Then, he punched out with the impact from the Mountain Push Stance.

Inch Explosive Punch!

The prowess of the Explosive Punch was the strongest amongst his fist techniques while the Inch's gentle force could greatly increase his own explosive force to break through defenses and short distances. This punch fiercely struck against the man's chest, making a stifled sound.

The man staggered but quickly recovered, appearing as if he wasn't affected at all.

"I told you that it's useless. Your attacking prowess is too weak. If your attacking force is the same as mine, that attack would have certainly taken my life." The man was also in admiration for this young man's battle techniques. If he had this young man's battle techniques and speed then it would be unimaginable. His battle prowess could increase by many folds.

"I know. I'm just training my actual combat abilities and tempering some of my battle techniques. Since you wanted to know so much if I have the attacking prowess to inflict damage to you, I'll satisfy you." Qing Shui smiled and struck out a hand seal.

Buddha Bright Seal!

A dignified Buddha statue that seemed to have divine power appeared and the hand seal encompassed that man.

At almost the same time, Qing Shui struck out with a snow-white light that was like blade shadows, and yet, also like a whip that lashed out.


The Buddha Bright Seal rendered the man dizzy and under that state, many of his body's functions plunged by a lot. Qing Shui's strike was lashed out with quite a powerful force and the man was sent flying back while spurting blood. This attack was too vicious and even though the man's body was extremely sturdy, Qing Shui's attack could overcome any defense. Moreover, the man was still in a dizzy state.

Qing Shui felt a strong sense of achievement. One move was all he needed. This Stellar Transposition was too vicious. Under peak conditions, if Qing Shui was lucky, he could strike with an attacking force of 16 billion Dao force that could negate defense. As it could negate the opponent's defense, there wasn't a need to consider it, only his strength and vitality.

If the other party's strength could reach 200 billion Dao force then it would mean that his body would have the capability of this level. Even if Qing Shui's attack was at full power, it wouldn't be able to take his life.

This man was quite strong and didn't die on the spot from Qing Shui's attack. However, he was pretty much on the verge of death. Even if he didn't die from this, he would end up not being able to recover to his prime condition unless he took at least eight to ten years. It might even be possible that he would never recover to that point.

Beihuang Fan was also shocked. When did this guy become so powerful? At this level, his strength had already surpassed that of the old Golden Battle God and her father. It seemed that the major players in the Northern Emperor Domain would have to change. However, she was actually feeling very happy inside, knowing that he had become so strong.

The people from the Northern Emperor Food Residence turned pale, not knowing what they had just witnessed.

The two remaining men in black robes helped up the man who had gone into a deep coma from Qing Shui's bashing and rapidly fed him a medicinal pill. One of them then walked to Qing Shui, "We admit our loss this time. State your condition and let us off."

Qing Shui looked at them, "I'm already certain that you guys are acting on your own. If the news of this were to spread out, what kind of punishment would you people receive?"

The man whom Qing Shui had beaten up earlier claimed that if Qing Shui were to kill them, there'd definitely be people stepping out to protect him, such as the Nine Continents Divine Palace. Things were definitely like what Qing Shui had said. This time around, their group had tasted Qing Shui's food and wanted to have the recipe to themselves. The Nine Continents Food Residence wouldn't allow for this to happen and if they were to find out, the consequences would definitely be dire.

When the man heard Qing Shui's words, he shuddered. This reaffirmed Qing Shui's theory even further.

"We admit our loss. Learn to show mercy. What would you do to let us off? In the end, you didn't suffer anything and one of us has been beaten up by you. We don't even know if he'll survive." The man frowned, as if a little enraged, displeased, and impatient at the same time as he said this.


Qing Shui gave him a slap in the face.

"Rein in that filthy pride of yours, sacrificing people for your own goals. If I didn’t defeat you people, wouldn't I be the one to be on the verge of death, forced to give up my recipe?" Qing Shui looked coldly at the man who was speechless after being slapped in the face.

The man hadn't been slapped like this before. He also had high status and hadn't been humiliated like this in the past, let alone by a young man like Qing Shui. Moreover, it was in the presence of so many insignificant characters who were obsequious toward him.

"Did you honestly believe that I wouldn’t kill you?"


The man dropped to his knees, "Please spare my life! Without me, it'll be over for my clan. The men would all be killed and the women would suffer even worse fates. I have sons and daughters to take care of. I know that you're a good person. Please give me a second chance!"

Qing Shui looked at the other man who now had his head lowered slightly. Qing Shui knew that he was having an intense struggle within himself, having to choose between his pride or his life.


Enough time had passed for him to use the Stellar Transposition once again and Qing Shui struck out again.

"Since you've chosen your pride, pay with your life. One must take responsibility for one’s own mistakes." Qing Shui had just finished saying this when the man had completely disappeared from the lash. This person wasn't as strong as the man from earlier. At the very least, his vitality was weaker.

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