AST 2220 - Qing Shui's Fury, Flaunting the Flying Sword's Prowess

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2220 - Qing Shui's Fury, Flaunting the Flying Sword's Prowess

"Please spare my life! Mister Ye was the one who made me do these." The man's body was limp, and he was in so much pain that his body was completely drenched in cold sweat. Currently, he was simply begging for mercy.

Qing Shui looked at this man. He was middle-aged with narrow long eyes. Qing Shui said, "Where are the bones? Don't tell me they are in him. His bones are still his."

What kind of person was Qing Shui? He naturally saw through everything by using his Heavenly Vision Technique. Moreover, this person didn't have the ability to change one's bones either.

The man shivered and Qing Shui's heart shivered as well. He was really scared that his son's bones were gone for good.

"Speak up. Where are the bones?" Qing Shui's voice was ice-cold and piercing.

"They have been fed..."

Qing Shui kicked out, sending the man flying. What kind of force did this kick contain? The man died immediately. Qing Shui's hair was raised, fluttering despite the absence of wind. The thing he feared the most had happened and an indescribably fury emerged within him.

"Brother, let's head to the Ye Clan to take a look.” Cong Yunlong was also extremely furious.

Qing Shui looked at that kid. Despite being of such a young age, his gaze was very vicious and he appeared so cold that he didn't have the bearing of a child. Qing Shui didn't think of killing him. This had nothing to do with the child and Qing Shui was in no mood to take this kid into consideration.

He just got someone to take the kid away and take care of him, and told them that they were not to beat him up or do any sort of bullying.

This child was a descendent of the Golden Yakshas and it seemed that he wasn't any different from humans.

"Brother, tell me where the Ye Clan is. I'll go by myself," Qing Shui gave it some thought and said.

"No way. I'll go with you. The Ye Clan isn't as simple as you think they are. After all, they are an influence in the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain. Moreover the Huang Clan, the Jin Clan, and the Cha Clan are all on their side as well. If the Ye Clan were to be in danger, they won't let things slide." Of course Cong Yunlong wouldn't agree to Qing Shui going alone.

"There's no need to look for us, we've come. You're not staying at the Northern Emperor Domain and have decided to come to the North Sea. Do you think that you'll still be able to continue living?" A bright voice rang out from the distance.

Qing Shui walked out and saw a lot of people in the distance. This was the ocean doman and the tall Golden Yakshas flickered in golden light, emitting violent energy. They exuded a mysterious force and were staring at Qing Shui as if they were looking at a dead man.

"Which of you laid your hands on my child?" Qing Shui walked over and said.

The Golden Yakshas would have some reservations if they were on land, but things were different now that they were in water. In the ocean, their strength would receive a boost while a human’s strength would drop. However, Qing Shui was proficient in the water element and also had the Water Flight ability. Therefore, his strength wasn’t impeded the slightest. 

"Cong Yunlong, you're here as well? This is good. Cong Yunlong killed my child, but you protected him and even killed countless of our Ye Clan's experts. Today, I'm going to settle our debts. I had merely dug out two bones from your child. That was to lure you over. The bones are here, are you able to retrieve them?" A tall Golden Yakshas held two boxes and even opened them to show Qing Shui. The two snow white bones in the boxes were the pieces which had been dug out from Qing Xiu.

Seeing the bones made Qing Shui inwardly heave a sigh of relief. He stared at the tall Golden Yaksha and said, "You're really courting death."

After saying that, Qing Shui charged out like a gust of wind.

Windwhisk Willow!

The Windwhisk Willow was extremely eerie. It didn't seem very quick, but was actually astonishingly fast. Moreover, Qing Shui had already integrated the Windwhisk Willow into his Nine Palace Steps. In the blink of an eye, he appeared before the opponent and reached out with his hand.

Gouging Strike!

After he snatched the bones from the other party's hands, a gleam of light shone.

Everyone saw a massive head flying into the sky. That glimmer of light then returned to Qing Shui.

Divine Weapon Flying Sword!

This was the first time Qing Shui had used the Flying Sword in front of others. Moreover, it was a Grade 16 Flying Sword of terrifying prowess. Not many people were able to see that it was a Flying Sword.

Qing Shui was thoroughly enraged. If he didn't kill this person, he would feel horrible. Therefore, he used the Flying Sword directly. This was actually one of his killing moves and he hadn't planned on revealing it so early.

Qing Shui stood before the tall Golden Yakshas. HIs figure was a lot smaller compared to the Golden Yakshas, but he gave off the illusion that his presence was tall and mighty, even more so than the Golden Yakshas.

Everything happened too quickly and they didn't even manage to react at all.

"He killed Third Brother! He actually killed Third Brother!"


The other party was in a mess. They looked at Qing Shui as if they were spewing flames, but no one dared to charge out. Qing Shui's earlier attack was too terrifying. The few older Golden Yakshas in the front also had to reassess the situation.

While they were still reassessing the situation, Qing Shui’s fury raged on. He said to an old Golden Yaksha, "We'll have to settle this sooner or later. Let's just get this over with right now."

Qing Shui held the Golden Battle Halberd and charged forward.

Mighty Elephant Stomp!

Five Elements Divine Refining Technique!

Qing Shui unleashed his techniques casually and charged out.

His actions took many people by surprise. Beihuang Fan was worried about Qing Shui since the opponents were many Golden Yakshas. It was too dangerous for him to charge out alone.

The Golden Yakshas were also astonished. What was this young man trying to do? Was he going to kill everyone by himself?

"Kill him! Kill him!"

"Everyone attack together! Kill him!"

Many Golden Yakshas emitted sharp auras and charged toward Qing Shui.

In an instant, intersecting shadows covered the area, appearing as if a huge net had been weaved from interlocking Origin Qis. The surrounding rocks all shattered and the water currents were cut off. They were at the bottom of the ocean, but the surrounding water currents had been completely cut off.

Buddha Bright Seal!

Stellar Transposition!

The old Golden Yakshas whom Qing Shui had set his eyes on earlier was struck by the Stellar Transposition and exploded from its enormous power.

Divine Weapon Flying Sword!

Qing Shui charged out once again, unleashing continuous strikes with the Golden Battle Halberd. Each time the Flying Sword flew out, it would take the life of a Golden Yaksha. Qing Shui also called out his demonic beasts. Long Zhu`er's great spider web entangled a large number of them and the Dragon Slaying Beast shuttled about, launching sneak attacks. Every attack was lethal as it flashed around like a ghost in the battlefield, catching opponents by surprise.

Qing Shui called back the Divine Weapon Flying Sword. After making several hundred kills, Qing Shui felt a little tired. The depletion from this Grade 16 Divine Weapon Flying Sword was tremendous. With the help of his demonic beasts, he no longer needed to use his Divine Weapon.

It was because the Golden Yakshas were already retreating.

After all, Qing Shui's attacks were too terrifying, whether it was the Flying Sword or the Stellar Transposition. The Stellar Transposition in particular, had been able to kill the Ye Clan's Doyen in a single move. However, he was only able to use the Stellar Transposition once every several minutes.

The Dragon Slaying Beast's and Long Zhu`er's teamwork made them seem like a massacre machine. Both of them used the Heavenly Magic Stars and the Dragon Slaying Beast's speed surged exponentially while Long Zhu`er's spider threads became even more strong and sturdy.

The spider net covered a huge area and a single strand of spider thread could entangle those that wished to flee. The spider thread would rapidly entangle the targets and the Dragon Slaying Beast would go for the kill.

While the Dragon Slaying Beast was the primary attacker, the Dark Phoenix had both control and attacking abilities. It could reduce the opponent's speed substantially before attacking violently with a combination of fire and ice. Qing Shui's Golden Battle Halberd was also effective in attacking. After all, the Golden Yakshas weren't as powerful as the people from the Nine Continents Food Residence. If Qing Shui's Golden Battle Halberd struck the opponent's weakness, even if they weren't killed, they would be gravely injured.

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