AST 2222 - Ninth Grade Grand Perfection Spirit Gathering Lamp

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2222 - Ninth Grade Grand Perfection Spirit Gathering Lamp

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant’s strength achieved 12.5 billion dao force. After using the Heavenly Magic Star, its attacking power and defense would increase by 30% and could go further as its base strength improved.

Primordial blood only made up 18% of the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant’s body but this 18% was incomparably fierce, causing the Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant to be much stronger than it appeared in actual battle.

After completing these tasks, Qing Shui was deep in thought. If one couldn’t oppose the whole world, he would need the people or demonic beasts around him to become stronger. Qing Shui’s controlling abilities were strong. If he had people around him who could match up to his enemies, he had the ability to enable them to crush opponents.

When it was about time, Qing Shui began hustling in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal again, refining his treasures.


Qing Shui was startled, since the Spirit Gathering Lamp had unexpectedly broken through. Qing Shui then excitedly gazed at the Spirit Gathering Lamp.

Spirit Gathering Lamp, Treasure, Ninth Grade, Grand Perfection Stage.

Doubles the spiritual strength and ranged attack power of all demonic beasts, effective on any demonic beasts. Permanent, passive ability, zero consumption.

Qing Shui was startled. This was truly a timely assistance. Finally, there was a treasure that had achieved the Grand Perfection Stage. That meant the treasure had reached its peak and no longer required any further refinement.

With this improvement, the firepower of Qing Shui’s Dragon Spider and Dark Phoenix would be doubled. The Thunderous Beast would double its attacking power too, but it wasn’t really significant.

The Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant’s long ranged attacks, such as the Mighty Dragon Elephant Stomp, would double in strength as well. However, there wasn’t any change to its close combat abilities.

Looking at the current Spirit Gathering Lamp, it looked ancient and unadorned. The vintage aura had an oppressive feeling. Qing Shui didn’t expect the Spirit Gathering Lamp to change its appearance after enhancing. Anybody would feel that this treasure was extraordinary at first glance, unlike before where Qing Shui would not have kept it if not for the Heavenly Vision Technique.

Since the Spirit Gathering Lamp had broken through, it shouldn’t be long for the Heaven Shaking Drum to break through as well. Qing Shui refined the Heaven Shaking Drum but it did not break through. However, Qing Shui felt that it would break through soon and his demonic beasts would be greatly empowered again.

Qing Shui also refined his other treasures, such as the Formation Eye Stone, hoping they would be upgraded.

Usually, Qing Shui's attacking power played the most vital role. However, his attack was not good enough, his demonic beasts were barely strong enough . Yet, things were different now. The Dragon Spider and the Dark Phoenix were already very terrifying, able to reach 60 billion dao force with the various boosts and the Battle God Halo.

The Spirit Gathering Lamp could double up their attacking power to almost 40 billion dao force. The Dark Phoenix was stronger, able to reach 50 billion dao force. Under Qing Shui's boosts and the effect of the Heavenly Magic Stars, they could exceed 80 billion dao force.

Qing Shui smiled. Previously, he had only around 40 billion dao force in total. That was barely sufficient in a battle and kill enemies. After all, the other Battle Gods and Beihuang Fan all surpassed this level.

Currently, with more than 80 billion dao attacking power and the ability to reduce the damage received, the Dark Phoenix was able to stand in the battleground steadily. It could even slaughter mercilessly with nearly 90 billion dao force.

The Dark Phoenix could achieve its maximum output power in a short while. The Dragon Spider had half of its strength but the spider silk was daunting, basically destroying any enemy who gets entangled. 40 billion dao was already terrifying, and it could call upon troops of demonic spiders. The strongest ones were half of the Dragon Spider’s strength, reaching 20 billion dao and there were lots of them. Of course, this was only achievable with Qing Shui's help.

Originally, he wanted to improve the strength of Golden Scaled Dragon Elephant so that the chances of winning would be higher when the Ye Clan arrived. He did not expect the Spirit Gathering Lamp to upgrade to the Grand Perfection Stage. That was great, Qing Shui felt his overall strength increased more than one fold.

The Dragon Spider alone could trap many opponents and then the Dark Phoenix could bombard them with attacks when their powers were reduced, easily slaughtering opponents.

Time passed by without noticing. It had been ages since Qing Shui last felt that time passed so fast in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

When he came out, Qing Xiu was still asleep. Yiye Jiange was sitting in the room and watched without blinking. Muyun Qingge spent some time to accompany her before she left to talk with others on the outside.

Qing Shui approached Yiye Jiange and sat next to her, “It's best that the kid is safe.”

“Mm, I know,” Yiye Jiange replied and smiled gently.

Qing Shui held her shoulder, “You've been too exhausted lately. Go sleep for a while.”

“I can't fall asleep!” Yiye Jiange shook her head.

“Listen to me. We might still battle again. Get some sleep; it'll be alright with me here,” Qing Shui carried her and laid her beside Qing Xiu.

Yiye Jiange did not resist, closing her eyes slowly.

Just like that, Qing Shui kept watch over both Yiye Jiange and Qing Xiu.

Yiye Jiange had a peaceful sleep and it was already bright outside when she woke up, only to see Qing Xiu blinking while looking at her, yelling happily as she woke up, “Mother!”

“Xiu’er, how are you feeling? Is it still hurting?” Yiye Jiange sat up and said caringly.

“It doesn’t hurt at all, I’m fully recovered.” Qing Xiu smiled as he hugged Yiye Jiange’s neck.

“Father went to prepare breakfast,” Qing Xiu said.

In fact, the aroma of dishes was already spreading across the room.

“Mother, let's go and eat together,” Qing Xiu said happily.

They stepped out just as Qing Shui finished arranging the dishes. He had prepared a lot and the others had already started eating.

Qing Xiu sniffed the dishes and took another breath to say, “Dad’s cooking is the best.”

Yiye Jiange stared at Qing Xiu with extremely soft and gentle eyes. Qing Shui rubbed his nose and whispered, “Master, I'm jealous of him. You have to compensate me tonight, I want you to be my rider.”

Yiye Jiange blushed instantly and made a noise. Her heart was racing. Although she did it before, she was persuaded and forced to do so. Her heart pounded as she recalled that scene. Her pretty face was flushed as red as the beautiful dusk; it was exceptionally alluring.

Qing Shui swallowed. The loud gulp made Yiye Jiange even more embarrassed; she lowered her head as she scooped some soup for Qing Xiu.

The meal was very enjoyable. Qing Xiu asked Qing Shui to accompany him for a few more days to train him. Qing Shui naturally agreed; he had to stabilize his foundation and strengthen his body. Besides, he really needed to teach Qing Xiu some battle skills.

The Sea King Palace was currently bustling, the Silver Dragon Palace had already sent their men over. There weren’t many of them, around two hundred men. They belonged to the Silver Dragons and were all capable warriors. Qing Shui knew a little information about the Silver Dragon Palace now; they were quite renowned in the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain.

These two hundred men had the strength of 40 billion dao force on average, about ten of them reached 50 billion dao force, while three of them achieved 60 billion dao force.

With the addition of Qing Shui’s buffs and the use of formations, these people could kill the ordinary Golden Yakshas.

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