AST 2230 - Beautiful Rider, The Almighty Guardian Vine

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2230 - Beautiful Rider, The Almighty Guardian Vine

There were some unique cases of plants which could move around naturally, and others which gained some sort of Heavenly Technique that allowed them to do so. Those that were mightier could likewise gain mobility. For example, Guardians moved when the sect moved, as would plants. This was a natural ability, though many could only use it once in a long time.

Many were looking forward to the almighty-looking bloodthirsty demonic vines, hoping that the awakening would strengthen it even further. At its current state, they could already tell that the awakening would be a success.

The bloodthirsty demonic vines that Qing Shui retrieved from Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal could be considered a mystical item belonging to an ancient type of demonic vines. Moreover, it was bloodthirsty, making it the strongest type among the demonic vine variation.

Everything was going along on the right track and all it required was some more time. Hence, Qing Shui created a formation there and left a few people to guard while everyone else went back to rest.

This was a troubling time for them. Qing Shui couldn’t be sure if the Golden Yakshas would return. If they did come back, stronger than before, there would be a chance that the formation could be destroyed. He wasn’t sure if they would be able to stop it. The Diamond White Tiger King could take a beating, but it’d be hard to get the same result with the opponents they had dealt with before.

The Guardian of a sect held the utmost importance. Many large sects relied on their Guardians. A strong Guardian would be able to protect the sect for thousands of years. As long as they were around, the sect would be well protected and left unscathed.

However, it was difficult to find any Guardians, much less the mighty ones. They would not protect an area without any rhyme or reason, unless there was something they wanted from the place, or if they owed them gratitude and such.

Qing Shui embraced Yiye Jiange the minute he stepped into the room. Qing Xiu was sleeping in their own room now and had already gone to rest after the days of tough training.

With a kiss to her sweet lips, his hands began its climb on her magnificent, yet delicate body. Yiye Jiange’s eyes fluttered as she held tightly onto Qing Shui, submitting to his actions.

They were apart for a long time and absences made the heart fonder than newlyweds. Even a docile lady like Yiye Jiange would be swayed by Qing Shui’s teasing.

“Master, you’ve always been a Goddess without temptations. Who knows if you have desires too,” Qing Shui teased as he whispered in her ear.

“Jerk. I’m not your Master.” Yiye Jiange’s face flushed at that. After all, they had been married for many years now. She was no longer as embarrassed as she used to be.

“These parts have grown bigger again.” Qing Shui palmed the perky peaks as they stood proud. They were surprisingly bouncy and warm. Qing Shui was drunk by their scent and with a light tug, Yiye Jiange’s clothes were torn apart.

“How boorish!” Yiye Jiange’s heart skipped a beat.

Qing Shui left kiss marks from her neck down to her chest. His hands were nimble as he made full use of them while she fell limp in ecstasy.

Yiye Jiange laid on the soft mattress. There was an inexplicable beauty to the contrast of her fair skin against the pale blankets. Pure and untainted, her back was smooth and delicate, not forgetting the perfect combination of her bouncy rear and slender waist.

They were all astonishing and Qing Shui’s hands couldn’t help but touch them over again before succumbing to his temptation of taking a bite.

After almost four hours, Qing Shui had not only witnessed a beautiful rider, but had also managed to get Yiye Jiange into different positions which she would not have done in the past. It left him utterly satisfied.

Thereafter, he visited Qing Hanye’s room. Though Qing She had already gone to rest for the night, Qing Hanye was still awake, lunging towards Qing Shui’s embrace the moment she saw him.

Qing Hanye was the most daring in front of Qing Shui and was likewise a lot more proactive. She provided him with much entertainment all the way until the break of dawn.

It was fortunate that Qing Shui had a Nine Yang body, or it wouldn’t be enough to satisfy Qing Hanye’s Nine Ying body.

The days went by peacefully and Qing Shui was hard at work in his training as well. He would spend some time admiring Beihuang Fan’s gift to him, the Ancient Drawing of Divine Realm, whenever he had time to spare. Qing Shui had reached the Divine Connection Peak during this time as well. Once he surpassed this state, he would be able to catch up to Beihuang Fan and attain the Half-Step Cave Realm.

The increment in his ability was simply too small of a margin. It would only increase by a significant amount if he had broken through to the greater part of the realm. Such a breakthrough in sub-realms wouldn’t contribute much to increase in might, but it would still be able to resist against suppression from opponents or help in suppressing them.

Qing Shui and the other women were waiting for the bloodthirsty demonic vines today as it finished up the last bit of the blood drop and became Sea King Palace’s Guardian Vine. Its level of ability was still something to speculate about.

Time ticked on as the morning sun rose. Rays of pale gold shimmer penetrated the domain, illuminating the deep blue sea.

The blood drop shrunk further until it was barely visible anymore.

Tch, tch!

Suddenly, a crisp sound rang out. The spectators witnessed a red ray of light originating from the gigantic bloodthirsty demonic vines, soaring towards the sky, filtering the area in red. The light reached out hundreds of miles out, painting the Northern Sea in red as its aura followed suit.

Qing Shui was anxious. Strong, without verbal confirmation, he knew that the bloodthirsty demonic vine was strong.

“I will be the Guardian of this place from here on out.” A voice of a middle-aged man rang out. It sounded neutral, unable to distinguish its gender, and it was calm but strong.

Qing Shui realized that he couldn’t sense the actual strength of his bloodthirsty demonic vines, but it felt stronger than the Golden Yakshas.

Qing Shui and the other inhabitants of the Sea King Palace paid respects to the bloodthirsty demonic vine. By age, the bloodthirsty demonic vine was a lot older than them, and by strength, it was stronger as well. With it as their Guardian Vine, the Sea King Palace would be able to enter the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain.

“You have given me my life and awakened me. Everything I have is because of you. I should be the one paying my respects instead.” At this moment, the bloodthirsty demonic vines extended one of its vines towards Qing Shui, preventing him from bowing.

“Even so, I owe you my gratitude for being the Guardian Vine of this area. We’ll have to rely on you to protect their well-being from now on.” Qing Shui smiled but didn’t insist.

“This is the exact role for my awakening. Don’t worry. As long as I live, I’ll protect this place and I am confident in doing so,” Calmly, the bloodthirsty demonic vine replied.

Qing Shui felt at ease now that the Sea King Palace had obtained its own Guardian Vine. In the future, this bloodthirsty demonic vine might become his own clan’s Guardian Vine instead. Or perhaps, he would awaken another Guardian at the Qing Clan when he finds the chance.

That said, Qing Shui knew that it’d be a difficult task. Awakening a bloodthirsty demonic vine was coincidental. It was an ancient species which Qing Shui knew the awakening technique to—a great amount of blood essence.

Qing Shui had no clue about the awakening of other species and the failure rate would be much higher due to this. Guardian Beasts were vastly different from taming one. Guardian Beasts were respected and revered, a distinction from tamed beasts.

Maybe he’d have to awaken other bloodthirsty demonic vines in the future. There was still one more stalk left in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal which Qing Shui couldn’t bear to use, neither did he think the Qing Clan would need it. They didn’t have many members, and likewise, their blood essence wouldn’t amount to much.

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