AST 2248 Winning People’s Hearts, Loyalty

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2248 – Winning People’s Hearts, Loyalty

“You should have something that could increase the abilities of demonic beasts, right? If you place your faith in me, I can help you increase your powers by a lot. It’s fine if you don’t, we’ll still have many opportunities in the future once we get acquainted,” Qing Shui smiled and said.

There was quite a crowd, and they were all from the Divine Palace. Besides, as Battle Gods, they still faith in each other’s characters. Furthermore, Qing Shui was stronger than him; it was unlikely that he would have ulterior motives about the item in his hand.

“It’s nothing much. This is a Divine Connecting Jade Beast.” The Beast King Battle God passed Qing Shui a jade-type beast, the size of a child’s head. There was a glow of green jade around it.

The little jade-type beast looked like a lion and the legendary kirin. It had two dragon horns on it with a formidable aura. While small, it possessed an air of arrogance.

With the Heavenly Vision Technique, Qing Shui could tell that this was a demonic beast which could increase 30% of all demonic beast’s abilities. It wasn’t something that needed refining or upgrades. The Divine Connecting Jade Beast was a decent find. To be able to increase 30% of one attribute was scary on its own, and yet this beast could raise 30% of a whole status.

“I’ll need about two days. This is pretty decent; I would be able to at least double its abilities.” Qing Shui spoke up after some thought. He didn’t know if the Treasure Basin would be able to achieve such results. Qing Shui didn’t wish to risk it with the Hundred Treasure Chest. After all, the beast wasn’t his. He couldn’t be sure if the little jade beast was the only one of its kind and it would be hard for him to answer for it if there were any strange changes.

The Beast King Battle God naturally responded that it wouldn’t be an issue. As much as he didn’t quite believe Qing Shui’s words, he was still startled to hear it and eager for the results. If its abilities really could be doubled, then all his demonic beasts would have a 60% increment in their abilities. How unbelievable!

The bald man returned at dusk with two other Battle Gods. One of them was the Mighty Spear Battle God, the second eldest of the four. The bald man was the third in line. Qing Shui was stunned for a moment when he laid eyes on the youngest.

It was a young man, perhaps even a teenager. He was scrawny with a pair of bright wide eyes. He had pale skin, to the extent that one might think he suffered from malnutrition. Yet, he was the Mighty Strength Battle God.

Qing Shui couldn’t believe that the scrawny body belonged to one of the Mighty Strength Battle Gods. Still, he had only unleashed less than 10% of his power and it was already terrifying. Of course, in comparison to the Hill Moving Battle God, he was still far off.

Qing Shui was surprised by his physique and then grew skeptical about their youthful looks. They looked younger than Qing Shui, seeming a teenager.

The young man knew that he was a Mighty Strength Battle God but had always felt as though he didn’t have enough strength. While his power was decent now, he knew that there was a great discrepancy between his strength and that of the true Mighty Strength Battle God.

“So, you’re the Palace Lord of the Divine Palace. How young. You’ve even managed to defeat Eldest Brother and Third Brother,” The young man spoke with curiosity lacing his voice.

“You’re really young yourself. It seems like your meridians have been blocked badly and can’t unleash the true potential as a Mighty Strength Battle God,” Qing Shui pointed out bluntly.

“You can tell. Yes, I’ve tried all sorts of methods but failed. Just like that, the Mighty Strength Battle God’s inheritance was wasted,” The young man responded regretfully.

“That might not be the case. I have some medical knowledge, perhaps I can help you,” Qing Shui offered casually.

The young man wasn’t too taken aback by this. He had visited many others for help, but everything remained the same. Even so, he replied with a polite, “Thank you, Palace Lord.”

Thereafter, the four of them went through the initiation into the Divine Palace. They were now official members of the Divine Palace.

Two days later, Qing Shui returned the Divine Connecting Jade Beast to the Beast King Battle God. The Beast King Battle God could hardly believe it when he held it. Its abilities had doubled and in turn, so had its value.

The Beast King Battle God felt the situation as surreal for a long moment before accepting the surprise. “Thank you, Palace Lord,” he said earnestly.

“No need to be so polite. We’re family now.” Qing Shui passed some medicinal pills to the Beast King Battle God. Qing Shui had a good supply of them in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, enough to spare. Using it to win their hearts over was still manageable.

“Palace Lord, do give me some guidance when you have time,” The bald man said to Qing Shui hopefully.

“I have the Buddha’s True Eyes which will be beneficial to you. I can teach you other things if you want as well. Whether you’ll be able to pick them up will depend on your destiny,” Qing Shui passed the set of Buddha’s True Eyes to the bald man.

At the sight of it, the bald man thanked Qing Shui fervently. He had studied the Art of Buddha for hundreds of years and could naturally tell that this was a great material. Even the Beast King Battle God was impressed by Qing Shui’s boldness. It hadn’t even been two days since they had arrived, and he had already given them such great materials without hesitation.

“You should be able to pick it up well. Feel free to ask me if you’re not sure about anything.” Qing Shui was rather fond of this straightforward bald man. He reminded Qing Shui of Little Fatty.

“Qing Feng, relax your muscles and joints for the time being. I’ll help you unleash your body’s potential. However, you must be prepared that this might take tens of years to accomplish, especially the hidden potential,” said Qing Shui to the young man, Qing Feng. While they had similar sounding surnames, they were written differently.

“I’m used to it. I didn’t expect Palace Lord to give me such a big surprise. I’ll work hard,” Qing Feng answered gleefully.

The last person was the Mighty Spear Battle God. Qing Shui realized that out of the four of them, the Second Brother was the steadiest. Qing Shui couldn’t find anything exceptional, but neither could he spot any flaws. Qing Shui’s Golden Battle Halberd was like a spear and could proceed in the same path. As such, he was most familiar with the spear.

“The three of them had received something, so yours goes without saying. Here, this is for you. I hope it’ll be helpful.” Qing Shui gifted the Mighty Spear Battle God with the Coiled Dragon Spear Technique.

The Coiled Dragon Spear Technique was an obnoxious spear technique. Qing Shui had wanted to learn it at first, but it was shelved when he received the Nine Stances of the Ancient Divine Battle Technique.

Daggers were the most tricky weapons while sword was king. In Qing Shui’s opinion though, spears were the most obnoxious. It would stab, cleave, smash, swipe, and so on…

The Mighty Spear Battle God was also immersed in the art of spears for hundreds of years and grew agitated the moment he saw the Coiled Dragon Spear Technique. The Battle God inheritance he received was the Mighty Spear Battle God, and it had only a technique of the same name. That technique was focused more on training the body and his awareness towards the spear. This way, he would be able to maximize its potential in the future. Regardless of the weapon, it would always be stronger than others.

Even though the Might Spear Battle God’s technique was good, but it wasn’t ideal. He had always been searching for a suitable technique, but the Main Continent’s technique was more important to a warrior than his life and so, looking for them to teach him their secret technique proved to be an impossible feat.

Now with Coiled Dragon Spear Technique, he grew agitated. It was basically tailored for him. With this technique, his combat skills would double or even triple his previous might. How could he not be agitated?

“Palace Lord, I really like this technique. I won’t stand on ceremony then.” His serious gaze met Qing Shui’s.

Qing Shui knew that this was a form of gratitude. Some would remember it in their hearts and not speak of it, but they were more reliable, tenacious, and with a stronger set of principles than those who spoke their thoughts.

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