AST 2250 Capturing the Black Ice Divine Worm, Receiving Divine Spawns

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2250 – Capturing the Black Ice Divine Worm, Receiving Divine Spawns

The toxicity of the Black Ice Divine Worm was a given. Regardless of human or some demonic beasts, even poison beasts would retreat at the sight of it. Moreover, the Black Ice Divine Worm’s spawns were also venomous, hence those aware would not have any motives towards its spawns.

“It’s the weakest while it’s spawning. Shall we?” Qing Shui smiled.

“Does that mean those eggs won’t be able to fertilize into tiny Black Ice Divine Worms?” Shen Huang asked pondering.

“Those eggs…” Qing Shui snickered as he looked at Shen Huang. The words made Qing Shui grow excited and he repeated them over and over.

Shen Huang flushed red. What dirty thoughts was this jerk thinking of now? She had changed ever since she met him. She shot him a glare. “Will you stop being so perverted?”

“I’m not. I’m really pure,” Qing Shui retorted with a serious voice.

“You’re a pure hooligan,” Shen Huang snapped back.

“Those eggs…”

“You’re still going on about it.” Shen Huang continued glaring.

“I was just saying,” Qing Shui added in haste, “that those eggs would fertilize on their own without the Black Ice Divine Worm. Too bad they’re poisonous. Otherwise, I’m sure they’d taste great.”

“Wouldn’t it be great if they could guard a clan when the spawns mature?” Shen Huang avoided using the ‘egg’ word.

Qing Shui’s eyes sparkled as he nodded. “That’s a good idea. I wonder how long they’d take to mature?”

“It won’t take long for the Black Ice Divine Worm. Typically it would take about twenty years for it to mature. However, its survival rate isn’t too high. Even though they’re toxic, more than 90% of them would starve to death.” Shen Huang highlighted.

“What? Nine and a half of them would die out of ten?” Qing Shui spoke in disbelief.

“The Black Ice Divine Worm feeds on toxins to grow up. Not many of them can digest them while being young, some might starve and others would be poisoned to death. They aren’t like the matured Black Ice Divine Worm, which is why it’s difficult for them to survive,” Shen Huang explained.

Qing Shui sighed regretfully. These creatures were strong on the food chain, to the point where even those stronger existences would think twice before provoking them. It was a pity that they were few in numbers. Qing Shui wondered how he would grow them even if he took the spawns.

However, his Poison Scriptures came to mind, along with the poisonous lake within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. There were innumerable poisonous creatures there. Qing Shui had placed some restrictions within the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and divided them into sections. Those in the poisonous sector wouldn’t be able to get out.

The Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal was big, and its space was comparable to that of a big country. It belonged solely to Qing Shui with medicinal herbs planted, along with a lake where sea creatures resided, and a poisonous lake. There was also a beautiful structure which looked akin to a crystal palace.

At that thought, Qing Shui realized that growing Black Ice Divine Worms wouldn’t be a problem. The Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal had enough space. Qing Shui could concoct a poison pill to feed these poison beasts. If they could really grow a batch of Black Ice Divine Worms, then their power would be terrifying. Once they matured, they would have no issues finding food on their own, and they could also last a long time without. That said, it was still better to feed on poisonous food as it could strengthen their bodies with the toxin.

Qing Shui watched the Black Ice Divine Worm. It had given birth to about eight eggs, each of them as big as a basketball. It had a faint ice glow, making a dent on the ground as they fell.

The eggs of a strong demonic beast were just as powerful. Otherwise, any wild little demonic beast of the bug or pest types would be able to damaged them. That would lower their survival even further. These eggs were so sturdy that even Martial King grade warriors wouldn’t be able to destroy them.

Finally, the ninth egg was out. The Black Ice Divine Worm seemed weak as it checked its surroundings warily. It was then when Qing Shui broke the restrictions around them. These restrictions were just a type of diversionary tactic, like a basic formation.

The Black Ice Divine Worm’s attention shot towards them when the restrictions were broken. The pair of black and radiant eyes were filled with murderous intent. Even Qing Shui flinched at it.

It was no wonder that this desolate beast was one of the Ancient Rare Species.

“Be careful. This demonic beast is vicious,” Shen Huang reminded.

“Was it its toxin that poisoned you previously?” Qing Shui asked curiously.

“Yes. I didn’t expect it to come all the way to the Icy Mountain of Northern Cloud,” replied Shen Huang.

“I’ll gift this creature to you as a pet in a bit. You can bring it out to poison anyone who offends you in the future,” Qing Shui smiled and said.

“There’s no antidote to its poison. You can only rely on yourself to look for one if you’re poisoned.” Shen Huang shifted her attention to Qing Shui at that thought.

“I’m much stronger than I was previously. Right now, I’ll be able to dissolve its toxin.” Qing Shui’s cultivation had increased significantly, and the Black Ice Divine Worm’s venom no longer posed a problem.

Shen Huang eyes lit up. “Your medical skills could really strike a name for themselves now.”

“Hasn’t it always been this way? No one would claim the top if I proclaimed to be the second,” Qing Shui said arrogantly.

“How arrogant,” Shen Huang smiled as she replied.

“Humans. You have a death wish.” At this time, a cold feminine voice reached their ears.

It was only then when Qing Shui realized that they had forgotten about the Black Ice Divine Worm. He had been too busy joking around with Shen Huang that he forgot about it after they had been discovered. With a glance at Shen Huang’s pinkish cheeks, he knew that she forgot about it too.

“Why don’t we strike a deal? Won’t you follow after my woman in the future?” Qing Shui smiled.

“I’ll definitely kill you.” Even though Black Divine Worm’s body was weak now, its gaze was still murderous.

“How ferocious. I suppose there’s no point speaking with you. It’ll be difficult for even one of your children to survive if they are kept by your side. If you come with me, I guarantee they’ll all survive,” Qing Shui tried to tempt it.

“I repeat, you’ll definitely die.”

As the worm fell, its gigantic stature lunged towards Qing Shui. ‘How quick’. A group of crystallized droplets rushed towards Qing Shui.

“What a weak attack!”

Qing Shui stood rooted to the ground. With a wave, Earth Thorns emerged. They were gigantic and able to shield Qing Shui completely.


Earth Thorns collided with the Black Ice Divine Worm. However, the impact was completely deflected as the venomous toxin splashed towards Qing Shui again.

Nine Continents Mountain!


The Black Ice Divine Worm’s body was much weaker than usual, and it was flung aside by the Nine Continents Mountain. After all, the Nine Continents Mountain had up to 140 billion Dao Force.

If the Black Ice Divine Worm hadn’t been spawning, it probably would not be as easy to knock over.

Thereafter, the Nine Continents Mountain smashed itself against the creature. Qing Shui didn’t feel bad for the creature either. Besides, Shen Huang had nearly been poisoned to death by it previously. It finally pleaded for its life after it was critically injured from the smashing.

Qing Shui retrieved a Supreme Sacred Beast Pill and passed it to Shen Huang. He said, “Have it eat this.”

Qing Shui had done up a seal hastily and exchanged a drip of blood essence. This was the harshest master-beast contract. If Shen Huang died, then so would the Black Ice Divine Worm. However, Shen Huang would be fine even if the creature died.

The Black Ice Divine Worm didn’t have a choice. If it didn’t agree to the contract, it would die immediately. It didn’t want to die; it wanted to see its kids growing up.

Qing Shui had always been giving out the rewards after fighting, and this time was no different. Qing Shui gave Shen Huang the item and had her feed it. He took the role of the mean officer, so it was only natural that Shen Huang would play the nice character.

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