AST 2255 Learning Through Experience in the Northern Death Demon Mountain

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2255 – Learning Through Experience in the Northern Death Demon Mountain

“I don’t plan on going up against her anymore. And I’m going to win her back,” Qing Shui declared confidently.

The Sky-Obstructing Crow’s words allowed Qing Shui to think it through. If he could do it before, why couldn’t he do it now? Qing Shui was able to see the trace of light in the darkness. Even though Tantai Lingyan had attacked him and hadn’t hesitated to kill him, she didn’t remember her past either. That was forgivable.

“If you truly want to win her back, then why don’t you take a trip to the Northern Death Demon Mountain? Perhaps you’d be able to see things even clearer when you come out from there,” Sky-Obstructing Crow said as he put down the wine cup.

“Where is that?” Qing Shui asked.

“The Northern Death Demon Mountain is directly due North, around 80 million miles away. It’s crowded with Demon Mountains in that area, densely packed with Spiritual Qi. There are invincible demonic beasts there, including pure-blood desolate beasts among them. It’s their territory there. There are some spirit bodies there which are just as terrifying,” the Sky-Obstructing Crow explained slowly.

“Spirit bodies? What are they? Are they strong?” Qing Shui realized that there were many things he was unaware of.

“You’ll find out about that in the future. However, since you’ve asked, I can explain now. You are aware that besides humans and demonic beasts, there were also other types like the Aquatics. There are other species as well, such as the spirit race. These people are self-proclaimed God’s descendants. They look just like humans, but they have a stronger aptitude than humans. While they are fewer in numbers, each of them is a prodigy. They are a strong race, with both looks and abilities. Hence, they slowly became the divine race.” Sky-Obstructing explained with a smile.

“So, while they are divine, they’re really just humans too. Then, they’re not much different compared to the demonic beasts, aren’t they?” Qing Shui was an atheist. He believed that these so-called gods were really just humans.

“Don’t underestimate them, they’re a race to be feared,” the Sky-Obstructing Crow reminded him once more.

“I understand. Thank you. I’d have to trouble you with the Divine Palace.”

“It’s my responsibility. My abilities have grown during this period as well. You don’t have to worry about the Divine Palace,” the Sky-Obstructing Crow reassured him confidently.

Qing Shui could feel that the Sky-Obstructing Crow had grown stronger as well. It was subtle, as though it carried a sort of unique power. With a nod, Qing Shui left the rear mountain.

Even though Qing Shui had spent much of his time at the Despondent Divine Mountain, he returned home every day. However, he was going to leave for a place 80 million miles away this time. That was not a distance which would allow his daily-return routine to be executed. The Earth in his previous life was only tens of thousands of miles in circumference. This was like the distance of going a full circle around his past life’s Earth.

The distance wasn’t far for Qing Shui, and it wasn’t that far away from the Taiqing Immortal Palace either. However, distance had nothing to do with it. He was there to learn through experience.

Beihuang Fan and Shen Huang stayed by Qing Shui’s side, but they slept in different rooms. Still, they were under the same roof and in the same living room.

Dining together.

“The Northern Death Demon Mountain is a dangerous place. Flee if you can’t win when you’re training there.” Beihuang Fan smiled.

She was different from the past now. After she had broken through and had been staying with Qing Shui recently, her mind had changed completely. Her desires had been fulfilled as well, and her heart was completely devoted to Qing Shui.

“Why don’t we get married when I’m back?” Qing Shui asked.

Beihuang Fan was startled while Shen Huang lowered her head.

“Young Mistress too. I want to marry both of you.” Qing Shui didn’t know where he got the guts. He reached for both of their hands.

Even though it was apparent to everyone, no one had once clarified it. Qing Shui knew it as did the women, and since they all knew, what was the point of hiding? He felt himself grow courageous.

The two women didn’t say a word. It may not be a rejection, but rather, they were too shy to say anything.

“I’ll take it as your consent if you don’t say anything.” Qing Shui laughed but didn’t dare to go overboard. These women weren’t ordinary women. Even he was surprised at his own gestures. Thinking back about it, perhaps it had something to do with what he had gone through. After an experience in between the lines of life and death, he was clear on what he cherished.

Qing Shui headed for the Northern Death Demon Mountain the next day using the Nine Continents Steps and arriving within three days. Even though the Northern Death Demon Mountain was in direct North, it had a slight tilt to the East.

The Taiqing Immortal Palace was located at the Taiqing Mountain, which wasn’t a great distance away from the Northern Death Demon Mountain. The area near the Northern Death Demon Mountain was one of the most dangerous lands.

Qing Shui wore a simple white outfit. With his youthful looks and outfit, he looked exceptionally young. A subtle purple seal decorated the area between his brows, exuding a feminine, yet strange and devilish aura. However, his eyes were bright and radiant and didn’t feel like he had a lack of masculinity.

He landed in a city about twenty million miles out.

This was the first time Qing Shui had been there. The Nine Continents Steps would go past many cities, and he had casually landed in one of it.

It was a huge city filled with ancient architectures. It flourished in a different way, with inns, medical halls, and some stores which sold huge demonic beasts. It included those which were still alive, others dead. The city was bustling.

Qing Shui landed here precisely because of this. The ground beneath his feet was made up of granite and was incomparably sturdy. Many of the buildings were penetrating the skies. With a careful look, the structure seemed to include the bones of huge demonic beasts, just like reinforced concrete in his previous life. The architecture here used bones of demonic beasts as their version of reinforced cement, and it was naturally much stronger this way. Even some powerful warriors may not be able to break it down.

Besides that, there were also runes in its structure. These were part of the unique culture of this city. Otherwise, the buildings would collapse easily.

A flash of silhouette went by in the distance; a blood red attire, scarlet hair. Qing Shui was far too familiar with the figure and was momentarily stunned.

“Why is she here?”

Qing Shui didn’t expect to see Tantai Lingyan here, and she was alone. Qing Shui followed behind her slowly, wanting to see what she was up to. Why was she there?

Qing Shui didn’t think of it as fate. He was just surprised to have bumped into her here. How coincidental was that?

Tantai Lingyan didn’t seem to be running any errands but merely shopping around. She strolled along the street and took a casual look around.

“What a beautiful chick. I didn’t expect to meet such an extraordinary woman here,” a voice reached Qing Shui’s ears.

“Bing Shao, take a careful look. She could freeze someone to death. How can she be considered extraordinary?” Another voice joined the first.

“You won’t understand it. With such woman making you happy from down below, won’t you feel a sense of accomplishment?” Bing Shao replied, his eyes lighting up.

“Stop looking for trouble. I have work to do,” a young man spoke up. He had stayed silent while the other two were going on about it.

“Yang Shao, what’s there to be afraid of? What would happen even if we do this? We’re from the Nine Continents Food Residence, we aren’t afraid of anybody.” Bing Shao retorted nonchalantly.

“Capture the Ninth-Grade Divine Chicken first before anything else. This is critical to the Nine Continents Food Residence. You can talk about whatever else later,” said Yang Shao gravely.

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