AST 2258 Frail Battle God, Wang Ping, Future Battle King

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2258 – Frail Battle God, Wang Ping, Future Battle King

Even though his might was reduced to the level of Peak Martial Saint, Qing Shui’s physical body was still strong. Besides, his Flying Swords and Stellar Transposition could still be used without disturbances. Qing Shui had not met a match from people on the same level as him and below. Even a pure-blooded desolate beast wouldn’t scare him; he was confident that he could defeat it.

On the contrary, Qing Shui was elated. Perhaps he would be able to obtain the skull of the Primordial Golden Bear at this rate. Qing Shui came to train initially. As of now, not only was it crowded with people, but there were many demonic beasts as well. Demonic beasts were also fighting to get their hands on the Primordial Golden Bear’s skull. Once they had it, they would be able to get the Primordial Golden Bear’s mighty Battle Technique Inheritance. This would allow their strength to increase tremendously.

“Younger Brother, did you see? These people are all here in groups. That’s the Beiming Clan, and the Xigong Clan over there. There’s the Sea Moving Immortal Palace, as well as the Moon Plucking Immortal Palace there…”

Qing Shui listened to the man’s introduction as he looked over. The people were all Peak Saints in might. Rather, since everyone here had been reduced to the Peak Saint level, the number of people present was crucial. After all, they were trying to suppress others of the same level.

Within the same realm, it was natural that their might would differ. However, the discrepancy wouldn’t typically be too drastic and could be mended through quantity. Therefore, no matter their strength, they came in big groups, bringing everyone from Peak Saint and above.

The people were foreign to Qing Shui; he didn’t recognize any of them. Even with the man whom he had referred to as brothers, their relationship was nothing more than ordinary. However, after a whole day of interaction, their relationship had improved.

His name was Wang Ping, a name that was not at all exceptional, and he was part of the Wang Clan. The Wang Clan was a huge clan in Kaoshan City, not far from here. They had a few hundreds of members and were decent in strength.

“Why are you alone? Where are the others from your clan?” Qing Shui asked curiously.

“The others?” The man clicked his tongue, then continued. “They looked down on me. They thought I would only drag them down, so I’m here alone.”

Qing Shui was startled by this. Did the Wang Clan have such a strong foundation that they didn’t even need a warrior of the Peak Martial Saint level? What was this? Qing Shui observed the man and understood right away.

While the man was a Peak Martial Saint, he was the weakest among the rank. However, his fragility was because 80% of his Meridians were clogged. Qing Shui was surprised by this. Innately, the man had decent potential. It was then when Qing Shui realized another issue; the man was a Battle God Inheritor.

Frail Battle God!

Adding on to the surprises, Qing Shui was shocked that such Battle God existed. In addition, he understood its existence; the man qualified for the prerequisites to be a Frail Battle God Inheritor because his body had been harmed by others, clogging 80% of his Meridians.

He supposed this was a form of blessing in disguise as well. For that very reason, combined with fated coincidences, the man attained the Frail Battle God Inheritance.

Being a Frail Battle God didn’t mean that it wasn’t strong. The Frail Battle God had a mighty ability; it was able to unleash an attack with greater damage than normal. Additionally, it could reduce the battle prowess of the opposing warrior. It was a type of balance.

However, it was difficult for a Frail Battle God to break through. For those in the same ranks, it would be difficult for them to win against a Frail Battle God, even though the latter had a handicap.

This was the unique point of its inheritance. Only those with a handicap could attain the Frail Battle God’s Inheritance and practice its Frail Battle God Battle Technique.

Even so, the man’s handicap was severe. Even with the Frail Battle God Inheritance, he was still weaker than those in the same rank. It wasn’t because he was laying low. Once he got out of here, his abilities would be even less impressive.

Of course, for a normal person, the man was a Battle God. For those in the realm of Peak Saint and above, he was weak. Anyone around his realm would be able to win against him. Hence, giving birth to the nickname he had in Kaoshan City: The Weakest Saint.

The nickname was an embarrassment to the Wang Clan. Within the clan, Wang Ping was a joke. Many thought that it was mere luck that he had managed to attain Peak Saint with his aptitude, like a blind cat stumbling upon a dead mouse.

“Brother, you’re a Battle God,” Qing Shui said with a smile.

Wang Ping was stunned momentarily before flashing Qing Shui a smile. “I guess you’re one too. It’s a pity that I don’t really count. A Frail Battle God, I might as well have been a normal warrior.”

Qing Shui noticed a hint of disappointment behind Wang Ping’s eyes and chuckled. “There’s a Divine Palace at the Northern Emperor Domain. You can head over there when we get out of here. It should be a huge help to you.”

There was a glimmer in Wang Ping’s eyes. He knew about the existence of the Divine Palace there but with his Peak Saint status, he was too embarrassed to head over. For this very reason, he had never planned to go there. Not until now, when Qing Shui told him that it’d be a great help to him to go.

Anything beneficial for a warrior would naturally be due to an increase in power.

Qing Shui watched the surrounding crowd as they proceeded further in. “Let’s go to somewhere secluded. Let me help you a little first.”

The man had an unexplained faith towards Qing Shui and nodded.

It was a small mountain here, covered densely with plants. Now that the sun had risen, thousands of golden rays illuminated the place. They were surrounded by a forest and couldn’t see anyone when they looked down.

Qing Shui used the Gold Needle and cleared around 10% of Wang Ping’s Meridians within half an hour and increased the man’s powers by leaps and bounds. Don’t belittle this 10%, it wasn’t as simple as being proportionate to the powers it increased upon clearing.

Wang Ping could feel his abilities increase by a lot. More importantly, he felt different, even his vision was different. Even within the Northern Death Demon Mountain, Wang Ping could feel his powers increase by at least 30%.

That wasn’t the most critical point. Wang Ping had broken through. It was a pity that his powers were being suppressed here, but once he got out, he would have entered the Martial Emperor realm.

A Martial Emperor was a strong existence within the Wang Clan, especially Peak Martial Emperors. There were only about a dozen warriors who attained the Peak Martial Emperor state and they were all the older generation warriors. There was only one person who exceeded the realm of Peak Martial Emperor, but they weren’t even sure if the person was still alive.

Wang Ping was now a Martial Emperor, and most importantly, the clogging of his Meridians had improved by 10%.

“Younger Brother, your medical skills are unrivaled. I didn’t expect to meet a benefactor here.” Wang Ping was ecstatic, but he didn’t express much.

Qing Shui laughed. “A Frail Battle God’s constitution can’t be perfect, but I could recover your Meridians to at least 80% with time. By then, the Frail Battle God’s potential would make its appearance, and you would have no problems countering those on the same level.”

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