AST 2261 Heavenly Golden Bull, Dragon Slaying Force

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2261 – Heavenly Golden Bull, Dragon Slaying Force

This was the Primordial Golden Bear’s tomb palace. It was incredibly spacious, and they were almost at the end of the walkway. The view ahead looked even more spacious. At this time, the grunts increased and a strong and young demonic beast appeared.

Powerful demonic beasts and warriors wouldn’t typically come here. After all, their powers would be reduced to the Peak Saint state when in here. For a powerful being to die in this place, he reckoned it wouldn’t have died in peace. It must have felt wronged.

Hence, Peak Saint and Martial Emperor grade warriors flooded the place more than others. Of course, the stronger existences would sometimes appear as well.

Numerous gigantic demonic beasts charged forward. They were huge in stature and there were some who looked like beautiful human beings. They looked young, about twenty to thirty years old with an arrogant expression, seemingly belittling the human beings who crowded them.

The Primordial Golden Bear was a demonic beast and a powerful one at that. Its skull was something that these beasts felt belonged to them. For human beings to set their eyes on the prize displeased them, and hence, their eyes were filled with murderous intent.

Many halted in their steps. These demonic beasts were at least half-blooded creatures with great forces backing them up. Several came from the Ancient Divine Beast Mountain with a few exceptionally strong contenders among them. There was a Heavenly Golden Bull who looked as if gold was plated throughout its body. Qing Shui didn’t think that a bull could look this good.

Its entire body radiated in gold with a pair of horns which reached to the skies. Its limbs were muscular and strong, and the pair of golden eyes exuded an aura which would make one’s heart palpitate upon sight. Most importantly, Qing Shui found another horizontal eye between them that was shut.

The distinctive Heavenly Golden Bull seemed to have its mind set on obtaining the Primordial Golden Bear’s skull. It held utmost importance to it, and he needed it more than anyone else.

Not far to its side was a snow-white tiger, about ten meters long. In comparison to the Heavenly Golden Bull, it was exceedingly graceful. The Heavenly Golden Bull was majestic and formidable, while the white tiger was beautiful. Its body emitted a jade-like radiance.


The resounding roar shook the area. The mystifying power spilled from the white tiger, giving off an inexplicable demonic charm.

There were others with the two beasts which were just as strong. None of them held a friendly gaze towards the humans.

“It’s the Western White Tiger!” Someone exclaimed.

“Look there, it’s part of the Divine Hog King. And that’s from the Heavenly Elephant race…”

Those beasts from the Ancient Divine Beast Mountain had a bloodline that was stronger than the others. Many of which were pure-blooded with invincible innate skills. They had inheritance abilities, unique battle techniques, and their own cultivation methods. Each of them was formidable, far more than those standing on the opposing side.

Despite being at the Peak Saint level, those among the same ranks had a great discrepancy in power. Pure-blooded demonic beasts were able to annihilate human beings on the same level and even those who were slightly stronger.

However, it was fortunate that the number of human beings was more than those of the other side by several times, and so they didn’t back down. Demonic beasts had always been fighting against human beings; while humans devoured demonic beasts, the same situation applied to demonic beasts towards humans.

“Don’t be scared, everyone. We have a greater number. Since we’re all on the same level here, there’s no need to fear them as long as we fight as one,” At this time, a handsome man spoke up. He had donned a set of white battle armor and held a white halberd.

“Fang Gongzi is right. We are not afraid of them,” concurred someone else.

“Fang Gongzi is the prodigy of the Star Plucking Immortal Palace. It was said that he could destroy pure-blooded desolate beasts that were on the same level,” someone continued.

“How do you do, Fang Gongzi? Please count this little sister in,” a pleasant voice sounded.

She was beautiful, like a genie. Her eyes were her most unique feature, looking like a pair of black gems. She had an agile air to her, holding a longsword as she stood among the crowd around her.

“That’s the princess of the Beiming Clan. It’s said that she’s genius, a rare sort whom you might not even meet in a millennium. She’s incredibly agile; her sword has slain countless demonic beasts. Her Yin pupils are the source of her amazing ability,” Wang Ping told Qing Shui.

Qing Shui realized that Wang Ping was decent, equipped with much knowledge about the existences around. This would allow them to take shortcuts and receive much information. All of these were important.

“Since Lady Beiming has joined, then so shall I,” A young man with flaming red hair offered.

“Haha, good. Since Lady Beiming and Ming Shao have both joined, then that’s great. Let’s head in together, we’ll advance and retreat as one,” Fang Gongzi said and laughed gleefully.

“That Ming Shao is a member of the Sea Moving Immortal Palace. He is the one who got the stalk of Spirit Grass,” Wang Ping informed Qing Shui. He wasn’t sure if the latter knew about these.

Xigong Duzai didn’t announce his intention of joining. This man was a dangerous figure. Nobody in his right mind would be willing to come to an agreement with someone like that. It would be hard to guard against such a person in close distance. Who knows, with such a character, one may already be poisoned during a discussion on their alliance.

There were many who chose to remain with their own alliance instead. Hence, little teams were formed all over. While they would follow the powerful team, they had to be cautious as well.

Qing Shui and Wang Ping were being pulled into a team as well. There were eight of them, increasing to ten with the inclusion of the pair. Among them, there were three women, young and pretty with bright eyes and white teeth. They were decent in appearance and filled with energy.

Qing Shui had seen many of these energetic women in his past life. His women were far more beautiful than them, even their grace was beyond comparison. However, none of them had this carefree radiance of glee. This was the temperament of youths.

It was difficult for Qing Shui to be grouped in their age group. He had the nagging feeling that he was far older than them. In all honesty, he was about twenty or so years older; this wasn’t a huge gap in the Main Continent.

The oldest of the three with beautiful hair was called Xu Qing. Another with white knight armor was named Liu Yi. The one who looked the youngest had a ponytail and was the most eccentric; she was called Gu Yaoyao.

The remaining were all men. The leader was tall and manly. While he couldn’t be considered handsome, he wasn’t ugly either. He would have been considered good-looking in his past life with a great body and height, filled with a masculine aura. There were many women who would like this type of guy.

Pan Gang!

His name was Pan Gang, the leader of the eight. They called themselves Dragon Slaying Force.

Pan Gang was the one who got Qing Shui to join them. Pan Gang was decisive and upstanding; this was also why he joined upon their invitation.

As for the reason behind Pan Gang’s invitation, they weren’t sure and neither did he ask.

“Big Brother. With so many people and the powerful pure-blooded desolate beasts, along with the alliance of those strong contenders, what can we get out of this? I am bewildered by the number of people here, aren’t they just seeking death?” Gu Yaoyao observed her surroundings and with a blink of her eyes, set her gaze on Qing Shui as she spoke.

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