AST 2263 - Unrestrainedly Eating the Primordial Bloodline, Sea Moving Art

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2263 - Unrestrainedly Eating the Primordial Bloodline, Sea Moving Art

Qing Shui wore a faint smile. Although he had only finished tempering his physique before this trip, his body definitely surpassed that of an adolescent pure-blooded Desolate Beast. The pure-blooded Desolate Beasts here were still young and below 100 years of age or even possibly below 50 years of age.

Qing Shui would be able to defeat them easily even if he were to go against them head-on. This was despite the fact that it was harder for Qing Shui to temper his body as compared to a Desolate Beast.

No one noticed that the Dragon Slaying Beast had slowly gotten closer to the Golden Primordial Bear.

The Golden Primordial Bear was too big and thus, no one noticed anything even though a good-looking demonic beast that was the size of a cow was slowly creeping towards it. There were many demonic beasts in the world which looked good, thus no one really noticed this Dragon Slaying Beast.

The few strong forces, who were being stared at, were also feeling a little bit at a loss. No one wanted to make the first move.

However, at that moment, an agile figure dashed out toward the Golden Primordial Bear's body. It was the Dragon Slaying Beast. Its movement was at the speed of lightning, and its sharp spiral horns made a tear on the Bear’s body directly. Then, it opened its mouth to take a bite at its flesh. Its entire body darted inside the Golden Primordial Bear.

This entire process was very fast. It was penetrating through the bear's guts and not the head where the ‘skull’ was located. Despite so, this still took many people by surprise. It was almost instantly that over 1,000 people struck out toward the Dragon Slaying Beast.

The powerful attacks were like lightning flashes and rumbling thunders. At this moment, everyone here seemed to be in sync as they charged out toward the Golden Primordial Bear.

The Dragon Slaying Beast darted into the back of the Golden Primordial Bear only to realize that its flesh was extremely sturdy. Despite its great sharpness, the Dragon Slaying Beast was also extremely tired out. If it was a Golden Primordial Bear that was still alive, then the Dragon Slaying Beast wouldn't have been able to pierce into its body.

The Dragon Slaying Beast wasn't planning on making itself a living target and thus, it continued to move further into where the bear's heart and guts were at.

It was a huge heart and guts. These things were too precious, and the Dragon Slaying Beast just unceremoniously started chowing down on them. Despite that the Dragon Slaying Beast was only the size of an elephant, it had no problem eating a piece of meat at its body size.

Qing Shui naturally knew what the Dragon Slaying Beast was doing, but he felt that it seemed a little too extravagant. The Golden Primordial Bear's guts were definitely good things, so much so that they could be said to be divine. The Dragon Slaying Beast had only taken a few bites of them before feeling that they weren't tasty and instead, it went to the heart. It then proceeded to eat a large part of the heart.

The heart contained a huge amount of energy. It was the organ that produced blood, and the Dragon Slaying Beast's body had absorbed a tremendous amount of energy by eating it. The Dragon Slaying Beast itself was a strange existence to begin with and now, it had taken half of the Golden Primordial Bear's heart.

The source of the Golden Primordial Bear's Primordial Bloodline was the heart where the blood essence was created. It was the Golden Primordial Bear's core and if some other demonic beasts had eaten half of it, they would probably explode and die.

However, the Dragon Slaying Beast didn't feel any discomfort. It only sensed that there was a large amount of energy clashing about in its body, and some strange changes were about to happen in it.

Right now, everyone outside had dashed over to where the Golden Primordial Bear was at, their weapons out. They started slashing out at the Golden Primordial Bear, hoping to get their hands on its flesh and blood, hide, bones, and others. As for the skull, many people knew well that they wouldn't be able to get their hands on them and thus, they hoped that they would be able to get a piece of its flesh or hide. They might even be able to get their hands on its organs if they were lucky.

"How hard. This hide can't be cut open."

"That's right, what should we do? Brother [1], your saber is so sharp, can you lend it to me for a while?” A person saw that someone's blade could successfully cut through the Golden Primordial Bear and got himself a big chunk of flesh.

That man smiled and asked, "Are you sure you want to borrow it?"

The man who asked earlier saw the cold gleam in the man's eyes and quickly said, "I'm just joking. I won't be bothering you..."

Many of such cases happened, but elsewhere, people were just snatching the blades and flesh. The demonic beasts had joined in as well, and a chaotic battle broke up. Very soon, agonizing cries and curses filled up the place.

The two bear palms had been taken by the group of people from the Azure Dragon and a group of demonic beasts. The palms were extremely big and were good stuff as well. Qing Shui got himself one as well. During this process, he also got into contact with the Dragon Slaying Beast to store the remnants of the heart and the almost intact guts into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

"Brother [1], you really have great means. That demonic beast that started in the beginning is yours, right?" Just as Qing Shui stored the bear's guts and other things aside, a voice rang out.

Qing Shui smiled and looked at this young man. He was the young man who had used the Wind Dragon Kick, and he was now smiling as he looked at Qing Shui. He appeared very calm, not showing hints of fluctuations on his face. Right now, his voice wasn't very loud, but many people heard him and were now looking at Qing Shui in surprise.

"Is anything the matter? If not, I'm going to get some flesh for myself. Although I have no idea how long this Golden Primordial Bear has been dead for, its flesh is still extremely fresh and delicious." Qing Shui neither admitted nor denied but just said that he wasn't free.

"Can we have a talk about something?" The young man smiled and said, still extremely peaceful.

"Not interested," Qing Shui said outright.

"It's about the skull. There are those people and those pure-blooded demonic beasts out there. If we were to work together, we might be able to get our hands on the skull. Otherwise, the skull will definitely end up in one of their hands." Although Qing Shui said he wasn't interested, the young man still carried on speaking.

Qing Shui saw viciousness and decisiveness in the young man's eyes. He knew that this person wanted to use him to get the skull. It was likely that the young man wanted to make use of his Dragon Slaying Beast.

"How do we work together?" Qing Shui saw that there were many people around them. If he didn't agree to the co-operation, the young man would probably have the means to make him a target for the others around them. For example, the young man could shout out what Qing Shui had gotten, or that the demonic beast was his. When that happened, those pure-blooded demonic beasts would first come to get rid of him. After all, he had the chance of stealing away the skull.

"There would definitely be conflicts between these people and when something a little better appears, such as the Origin Essence Pill, there would definitely be a great battle. At that moment, I'll create a chance for your demonic beast to sneak in to dig out the skull." The young man seemed to be certain that Qing Shui would agree to the co-operation.

There were no technicalities involved in this co-operation. This meant that this guy wanted to let Qing Shui get the skull and then he'd think of a way to get it from Qing Shui. This would make Qing Shui target for many, becoming a scapegoat while he would be able to escape unscathed.

Qing Shui wasn't an ignorant kid and could see what the young man was planning. However, he still nodded, "Alright, we'll do it this way!"

"The Origin Essence Pill! Look! That White Tiger has gotten the Origin Essence Pill! That's good stuff!"

Someone had just shouted this when someone from the Sea Moving Immortal Palace charged out, raising his hand and forming a huge palm imprint.


The White Tiger was lifted up by the huge palm imprint and flew toward where the humans were gathered. The Star Plucking Immortal Palace's Young Master Fang, the Beiming Clan's lady, and some mysterious people were there. Suddenly, all of them unleashed their killing moves.

The White Tiger instantly tensed up. Earlier on, it had been pulled over by the Sea Moving Immortal Palace's Sea Moving Art and was suppressed by a lot of people. It was unwilling to accept things when he saw so many great killing techniques targeted toward it and it suddenly burst out in white light.


When this pure-blooded White Tiger saw that it couldn't escape death, it self-exploded, wanting to blow up all these people along with it.

[1] Speaking to a complete stranger in a friendly tone.

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