AST 2266 - So Angry that It Makes One Want to Puke Blood, Leaving the Tome

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2266 - So Angry that It Makes One Want to Puke Blood, Leaving the Tome

Qing Shui entered the limelight once again. But he looked at the man from the Nine Continents Martial Association and asked, "Do you guys know why he tossed the bear palm here earlier?"

"Why? That's something good!" There were no lack of people who would chip in their opinions.

"If you only bear the small sacrifices, you won't be able to reap great rewards. He's from the Nine Continents Martial Association. Everyone should know what organizations with 'Nine Continents' on their names mean, right? They signify the strongest experts in the Nine Continents. You guys might think that I'm strong, but I have no confidence in winning against him at all. He wanted to shift the blame to us earlier, distracting everyone. Why did I smash the Golden Primordial Bears head? It's because I want to crush the demonic beast inside. It's because the demonic beast inside is his, but it isn't the Dragon Slaying Beast." Qing Shui said very seriously.

"That's true. The people from the Nine Continents Martial Association are very strong. If he wishes to shift the blame onto someone else, he'd have to do it to someone strong. The target he found isn't bad!" Someone else chipping in as well.

"That's right. This guy from the Nine Continents Martial Association harbors malicious intents. Don't fall for his tricks."


Qing Shui's story was very vague but still had some basis to it. What he had said were the things that had happened earlier. It was unlike the story given by the man from the Nine Continents Martial Association which held no truth to it.

When the man heard Qing Shui's words and saw the reaction from the people around them, he had the urge to puke blood. Qing Shui was too shrewd. When had this man ever suffered such a big disadvantage before? Qing Shui was even more shameless than him, not even batting an eye when he lied. He had a feeling that he had found his match...

"Everyone stop him! Don't let him escape! He definitely has the Golden Primordial Bear's skull on him!" shouted out another guy.

This shout made the man from the Nine Continents Martial Association panic and he quickly explained, "Don't listen to his gibberish. Alright, I'll say the truth. We were working together, but that Dragon Slaying Beast is his. I saw that he wanted to keep the good things for himself and thus I stopped him. I can swear that what I've said is the truth"

"The ones I'm working with are from the Dragon Slaying Force. I am a part of this group. So, who are you? I can also swear that I have no idea who this guy is or what his name is. Do you think I'll work with him when this is the case?" Qing Shui said with a solemn expression.

The man from the Nine Continents Martial Association was so angry that he felt like puking blood. He shouted loudly, "I don't know you either! Neither do I know what your name is..."

"Everyone, you've heard what he said. I never speak to strangers, let alone work with them. You've also said that you don't know me, yet you claim that we're working together. What are you planning? I'm sure everyone can tell." Qing Shui said angrily.

"You... you..." The Nine Continents Martial Association was almost driven crazy. Judging on this situation, no one would believe in what he said at this point. He quickly turned and ran off. The Golden Primordial Bear's skull was already in Qing Shui's hands, and he probably would be unable to get it today.

"Thinking of escaping despite getting your hands on the skull? Stay here!" At that moment, the Heavenly Golden Bull charged out toward the man.

Many other demonic beasts joined in as well.

Qing Shui charged over as well, dealing moves in secret, damaging quite a number of this guy's meridian channels. The man would be fine in the short term, but things would take a downfall after one month. He would lose a lot of his cultivation, and it would be all over for him.

Qing Shui wasn't against fighting or seizing something, but he just didn't like this guy. He was scheming and pushed the blame onto him even at the expense of implicating the people from the Dragon Slaying Force. There was no way that Qing Shui would go easy on someone like him. It might not be very painful to just kill him, so he decided to cripple a large part of his cultivation. The man would only be able to use an early Xiantian level of power in the future. This would be a great blow to him, and he probably won't be able to stay on in the Nine Continents Martial Association.

Qing Shui had about enough of the good things from the Golden Primordial Bear. He had also gotten about 1% of its hide and flesh. The Golden Primordial Bear was about 5,000 meters tall and the chunk which Qing Shui had gotten was 50 meters in length and 10 meters in width. This was enough. Qing Shui kept feeling uneasy to stay and thus planned on escaping in the chaos.

Qing Shui secretly made a move on the man from the Nine Continents Martial Association but skillfully used his strength to negate dangers to avoid him being killed on the spot. Otherwise, if the man was killed and they couldn't find the skull, they would probably change their targets to him instead. With so many people around, there was no way that Qing Shui would be able to fend them off.

Although the man managed to escape, his injuries didn't allow him to return to the Nine Continents Martial Association. This was something Qing Shui hadn't expected. It was only after some time had passed that his corpse was discovered at Kaoshan City, with his stuff all robbed from him. Therefore, everyone was stumped over who had been so lucky to get their hands on the Golden Primordial Bear's skull. This was something that happened half a month later.

Qing Shui left after leaving the place with the others. As for why the man had died near Kaoshan City, Qing Shui had no idea either.

After Qing Shui left, the Golden Primordial Bear's tomb remained open for a week. The massive Golden Primordial Bear was cut up, and there was nothing left of it. Many people departed happily as there were basically not many experts left toward the end and there weren't great conflicts either. They were all snatching the Golden Primordial Bear's hide, flesh, and bones. All of these were good stuff and of great help to one's cultivation.

Qing Shui wasn't too sure about this either since, at the moment, he had already arrived in another side of the Northern Death Demon Mountain. He went there to train and gain experience but encountered such an event instead. Before Qing Shui left, he handed the bear palm to the Dragon Slaying Force.

The palm was very big and was enough for the group to eat for a long time. They could also forge complete sets of weapons and armors from the bones. When Qing Shui handed it to them, he passed them an interspatial silk sachet. Other than the palm, there were also medicinal pills that weren't bad in quality. Since he had a lot of them accumulated, he decided to just forge a friendly relationship to use them as a gift.

Qing Shui gave it to Gu Yaoyao. This young lady had a mysterious power in her body with unknown potential. This was why he had given it to her. He wasn't worried about her safety and most importantly, Qing Shui trusted in this lady's character.

After walking for a bit, Qing Shui found a cave and entered. This place was very quiet. He had already arrived in a dangerous zone, and he wanted to sort out the things he had obtained. He then needed to make preparations for his training.

The cave was naturally made and the moment Qing Shui entered, his hairs stood up. Then, he saw a bunch of Bone-Corroding Rat Worms charging out. Qing Shui turned and bolt off without any hesitation. He mustn't come into contact with them. What were these creatures? When coming into contact with them, a person would have a layer of his skin removed even if he managed to survive. 

The Bone-Corroding Rat Worms were about one foot in size and had the head of a mouse but the body of a long worm. They had sharp teeth that had a powerful corrosive ability, and they liked to gnaw on bones. Most importantly, there were over 100,000 of them right now, and this could count as a beast tide. Wherever they passed by, the place would be completely wiped clean.

Qing Shui was only at the Martial Saint level at the moment, and thus he was also very worried to have encountered these. The moment one fell into a swarm of these disgusting small creatures, even a Martial Saint would be dead in no time. There were too many of them and their most interesting feature was that they could attach themselves onto a person's body, skillfully avoiding attacks. Some cultivators would strike out at them crazily, but as these creatures were on their bodies, they would inflict serious injuries on themselves as they attacked. In the end, they wouldn't be able to escape death.

Many people would rather fight a life and death battle with a powerful demonic beast rather than being caught by the Bone-Corroding Rat Worms. These things were especially fast and if one wasn't fast enough, the only route left for them would be death.

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