AST 2279 - The Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain is the first of the Nine Domains

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2279 - The Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain is the first of the Nine Domains

“Senior, do you think I’d be capable of surviving in the Nine Continents’ Nine Domains?” Qing Shui quickly fired off the question upon meeting the Sky-Obstructing Crow.

“Do you know what’s the first of the Nine Domains?” The Sky-Obstructing Crow countered with another question.

Qing Shui was stumped. He really had no clue and didn’t even think about this issue, he mocked himself. “Pray tell, senior.”

“The Nine Domains are all on the Nine Continents, but to head there, you needed to fulfill certain conditions. Only if you meet the criteria can you enter, but the same goes for their inhabitants, only those that meet the criteria can leave. The first Domain is the Nine Continents’ Star Ocean Domain, as well as the massive continent next to it,” replied the Sky-Obstructing Crow.

Qing Shui was once again stunned, as he didn’t expect the powerful Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain to simply be the first Domain, the weakest one. However, he was happy with this revelation.

“The Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain is the first, and to enter the rest of them, you need to go from there. The Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain’s size is comparable to the continent’s. If you keep heading North from here, you’ll see a Heavenly Gate as the entrance to the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain. You can enter the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain once you truly step into the Heavenly Dao Realms.”

Qing Shui recalled that there were many underwater beasts that could not meet this requirement but could still leave, he asked, “Other than reaching the required realm, are there any other methods of entry?”

“Yes, transmission arrays and plaques.” The Sky-Obstructing Crow said.

Bringing up plaques, Qing Shui recalled the plaque Yunlong had given him to grant him entry into the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain. He hurriedly took it out. “Would this work?”

“Yeah, there is a powerhouse’s intent sealed within which is able to withstand the Heavenly Laws just for a second, just enough for one entry.” The Sky-Obstructing Crow began to explain.

There were many loopholes usable for entering the Nine Domains. Qing Shui didn’t continue asking as he decided to head over to the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain before talking about anything else.

The rise of the Divine Palace was meteoric as Hao Tian and gang gradually eased into the Divine Palace. His confidence had been dealt with a heavy blow, and he spent all his time cultivating. He had never received such a blow before, and now he didn’t care for women any longer.

Other Battle Gods in the Divine Palace were also growing quickly, especially the Hill Moving Battle God and the Diamond Battle God. However, the fastest rate of improvement could be seen in the Beast King Battle God and the Mighty Strength Battle God’s progress.

Qing Shui had given them two super Origin Essence pills, and the Nine-Headed Golden Lion’s heads were simply growing bigger. With the Jiao’s head, its ability to control the battlefield was also outstanding with every aspect undergoing a massive improvement. The Beast King Battle God’s strength received a massive boost, as he had treasures to increase the strength of his demonic beasts.

The Mighty Strength Battle God’s strength had also undergone a qualitative transformation with each passing meeting. He could use about 70% of his strength now, a massive increase from his pitiful 20% in the past. His Inheritance would only allow him to use up to 80%, so getting any stronger was truly difficult for him.

He was still in a good mood, and his strength had reached a ridiculous level. His Realm of understanding had improved greatly in the two years, and even the Hill Moving Battle God could only tie him in physical strength. The Mighty Strength Battle God, however, was still young and could progress further eventually.

Qing Shui recalled that the Demon Gate was still in the Northern King Domain, still remaining a branch of the main Demon Gate established by the elite few who had entered the Nine Domains. It was like a fast-food chain; the two were not mutually exclusive. Besides, the main goal of the Demon Gate was to swallow up other Demon Gate and grow stronger in the Nine Domains.

If Qing Shui were to enter the Nine Domains, he would be unable to bring a large crew as he needed people to keep watch over the Divine Palace. Hence, Qing Shui needed some time to ensure the prosperity of the Divine Palace, only bringing a few experts and leaving the rest to hold down the fort.

Qing Shui didn’t plan on bringing Yin Tong and the rest and didn’t want to involve the Sea King’s Palace either as they were already a paramount existence in the Northern Sea. As for entering the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain, that would be at a later date for them.

In the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui was looking at the nine Black Ice Divine Worms. They had only been alive for three years in the outside world, but in here, they had already become adults, having lived for thousands of years. However, their lifespan would not abruptly end as it adhered to the natural time outside of the Realm.

Their bodies were kept at a reasonable three meters long, healthy and strong, capable of shooting up to hundreds of meters in battle. They contained a powerful toxin in their bodies, but they were nothing compared to their parent.

The Black Ice Divine Worm had incredible defensive abilities and powerful speed, but their most terrifying aspect was still their poison. Qing Shui even had the Divine Soldier Soaring Blade to allow their strength to be even more pronounced. Hence, they were an integral part of his extended arsenal.

Many days later, Qing Shui decided to depart for the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain in half a month, bringing Hao Tian, the Beast King Battle God, the Mighty Strength Battle God, the Mighty Spear Battle God and Zi Ye, as well as the two ladies for a total of eight people.

He decided to have the others remain and even left two Black Ice Divine Worms. He let Yin Tong and Lan Lingfeng bind them, allowing them to freely grow here before passing on his Palace Lord position to Yin Tong.

He had originally planned to pass it to the Hill Moving Battle God, but he wasn’t willing as he just didn’t suit the role, so Qing Shui didn’t force him either. He just told them that they needed to protect this area and when the other side had calmed, they could go over as well.

Qing Shui had already granted them too much, and his sincerity begat sincerity from the rest as they agreed to it without any considerations. Anyway, their accomplishments were only due to Qing Shui’s help.

Giving Yin Tong and Lan Lingfeng the Black Ice Divine Worms was a little bit of compensation and anticipation for the future. Due to their brotherly relationship, the two were initially reluctant to accept, but Qing Shui was simply too worried about them and the powerful Black Ice Divine Worms would allow him to feel safe and secure about the Divine Palace.

He suddenly recalled the Fragrance Wine that Nalan Qing had given him the recipe for, telling him to brew some for her. It was ready after fermenting for a thousand years. It had good ingredients, and some even had special stuff in it.

Thinking about going to the Nine Continent’s Star Ocean Domain, Qing Shui decided to resolve the matter and just pay her a visit first so that he could discard this issue.

Qing Shui headed to the Pure Domain the next day, at the spot not far away from the Northern Death Demon Mountain. Hence, a single trip would require a few days, but there would be no problems. Though he had set the date to be half a month later, a few days late wouldn’t be an issue. Qing Shui even wanted to return to the Qing Clan, so he would be even later than expected.

He had arrived at the Pure Domain and wasn’t sure about whether or not to visit Young Master Tai since they were good friends and his son was Qing Shui’s godson.

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