AST 2281- Widow Qing’s Mysteriousness, Returning Home

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2281- Widow Qing’s Mysteriousness, Returning Home

Qing Shui and Young Master Tai followed Nalan Qing into the Fragrance Shack. This time, she let them into the main courtyard, compared to last time Qing Shui didn’t even get into the house.

The courtyard was very plain, with the only interesting thing being that it was clean. Actually, It was far too clean; it seemed too simple with just a table and four chairs, not a hint of decoration in sight.

“Sit!” Nalan Qing gestured for the two to take a seat.

Qing Shui was feeling slightly overwhelmed by the welcome, and Young Master Tai was feeling the same. This was their first time sitting here, so the Young Master was still adjusting, not knowing whether this was due to him or Qing Shui.

He quickly realized that this had nothing to do with him. He had come here before but never been received this way. Obviously, this special treatment had to do with Qing Shui. Recalling the events at the Northern Emperor Domain, Young Master Tai began to feel that Qing Shui’s luck with the ladies was simply way too good.

He had just been talking about the lucky fella who might obtain her heart, but now he strangely felt that this little brother of his would be the one. However, he quickly erased that thought as it could be just his gut feeling.

“I’ve brewed the Fragrant Wine.” Qing Shui directly took out a vat and a few jade bottles.

Qing Shui looked closely at Nalan Qing and was simply stunned. He could clearly sense that she had about 700 billion Dao of strength.

This was a ridiculous number, and if Qing Shui hadn’t powered up in the last two years, this level of strength was definitely enough to rock him. He could basically confirm that Young Master Tai was speaking correctly—her family background wasn’t simple, seeing as they were able to groom such a powerful junior.

It was still strange to Qing Shui that such a person would be staying at the Fragrance Shack, selling wines, only on the weekend to boot.

Qing Shui had some guesses. She might have not enough money but didn’t want to stoop so low as to borrow or rob. He thought that she had a great need for money, as all cultivators did in the end, so she opened the Fragrance Shack. It wasn’t to earn money per se but just for living expenses.

Although this was purely one of his guesses, he felt like they were rather accurate.

Nalan Qing was slightly embarrassed while being stared down by Qing Shui, but seeing the shock in his eyes, she was confused as there was no way that he would be shocked to meet her on the second time. For a man to be stunned on their first encounter was comprehensible due to her outstanding look and demeanor.

Since this wasn’t the case, then there was some other unknown circumstance that shocked him.

Young Master Tai was alarmed by this brother’s guts, daring to stare at Nalan Qing. He felt that he had basically jinxed Qing Shui about the bastard from before.

He quickly poked Qing Shui, making him return to his senses. Qing Shui quickly deduced the reason for his panic, he smiled, “It was an accident, I hope this lady would take a sip with me!”

Nalan Qing didn’t say anything, simply raising a cup to drink. Her eyes brightened suddenly; she stopped for a while before taking another gulp, then proceeding to drink all the wine in the cup.

Young Master Tai had long since finished his cup; he turned to Qing Shui. “This is good stuff!”

He had already praised it and didn’t know what else there was to say. Nalan Qing then said lightly, “Seems like it was a good decision to give the recipe to this sir over here.”

“Actually, it’s just that I already have a good batch of materials, and this batch has been fermenting for a thousand years.” Qing Shui came cleanly.

Nalan Qing’s eyes lit up as she nodded. “For our family’s wine recipe to wind up in this mister’s hands is truly an honor. By the way, I will have to leave soon, so don’t return to this place anymore.”

Young Master Tai was shocked as he asked, “Miss Qing is leaving?”

Qing Shui was also slightly astonished, but he knew a lady with this kind of strength would not grow old here, no matter how lonely she looked.

“En, it’s been a long time, it’s high time I returned.” Nalan Qing raised her cup as Qing Shui gave her a refill.

“I wonder which of the Nine Domains does Miss Qing’s Clan reside in?” Qing Shui asked abruptly.

Nalan Qing’s body visibly shook as she stared at Qing Shui, her beady eyes wanting to see through him. Qing Shui, however, had honest eyes, naturally maintaining eye contact with her.

She then lightly shook her head, refusing to speak.

Qing Shui knew for sure her clan was in one of the Nine Domains.

Qing Shui didn’t inquire further, smiling as he continued, “I’ll head to the Nine Continents Star Ocean Domain soon. If we meet there, you need to treat me to some good wine.”

Nalan Qing actually nodded, “If we really meet there, I’ll treat you to some wine.”

Qing Shui gave her a variety of wines, including the Fragrance Wine, as he didn’t know if they would ever meet again. Though he had only seen her twice and there were no sad feelings to be had, any sort of long term or even final farewell would be slightly saddening.

“We’re leaving… Miss Qing, take care. If fate wills it, we will meet again, and I will do my utmost to make your life whole.” Qing Shui smiled as he bid his farewell.

His words came out of the blue, but they made Nalan Qing shake. She then lightly nodded her head as a response. “Take care!”

Qing Shui and Young Master Tai left the Fragrance Shack as Nalan Qing slowly watched them disappear into the background. Qing Shui’s words had moved her... making her life whole? He didn’t know anything... She only knew that this man was strange, and also strangely powerful.

“Ole brother, you’ve become strong. But tell me if you like Widow Qing.” Young Master Tai chuckled.

“A love for beauty is different from the traditional love, not to mention liking someone. Liking something is just another emotion. It’s as if you like a certain place, a certain industry, and a certain kind of product. But whatever, talking to you about it... is pointless, you won’t understand. Brother, I’m leaving. If I have the chance, I’ll visit again.” Qing Shui smiled.

“Go, you philosopher-wannabe. It is a pity that you’re too fresh and unreliable. Liking is just liking, you can’t be a real man yet not willing to admit it,” Young Master Tai said disdainfully.

“Fine, let’s not discuss these useless things, I’m leaving.”

“Oh, you’re really leaving, remember to come and have some fun sometimes…”


Qing Shui was going to the Nine Continents Nine Domains, and he was unsure of the duration of this trip. Thus, he decided to first return to the Qing Clan. He decided to get rid of all of his worries, so he wouldn’t have any reasons to be anxious even if he didn’t return.

Qing Shui delayed the trip to the Nine Domains by another half a month. Using the Five Elements Divine Flag’s Husband and Wife power, he appeared by Yehuang Guwu’s side.

Yehuang Guwu felt the strange ripples beside her and got emotional; she was currently taking a shower in a large bath. Of course, she would be instantly embarrassed as Qing Shui appeared right next to her.

Seeing the soaked beauty, as well as the shy face, Qing Shui didn’t say anything. A thirsty wolf emerged within him as he tore off his own clothes with one hand, hugging this mature, divine beauty with another. They began the wild love-making, succumbing to their primal desire and longing towards each other.

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