AST 2291 - Bu Clan’s Beautiful Young Mistress

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2291 - Bu Clan’s Beautiful Young Mistress

The Cai Clan’s business had nothing to do with Qing Shui, and he was not fond of meddling in matters that did not concern him. As for his small scuffle with the Bu Clan, he hoped that they would not also bother him.

The Chi couple’s injuries were recovering quite well. At the same time, their acceptance and trust in Qing Shui began to grow. They also began to see hope in his promise.

As they were recovering, they were also getting stronger. However, this improvement in strength was not significant in comparison to regaining their original strength. Before, they were not able to use even half of their strength, but now, in just a week, they were able to use six-tenths of it.

Besides treating the Chi Yang couple’s injuries, Qing Shui also took it upon himself to help to consolidate the foundation of the other people, helping them to nurture their constitution, removing their impurities, as well as teaching them some powerful formations and the Yu Emperor’s fist.

Qing Shui only cultivated in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, while his morning routine was only filled with Taichi.

Hua City was peaceful, or at least the Chi household was quiet. No one came over to cause trouble, and everyone was peaceful and content. However, on the second day, people had come over and requested to speak to Qing Shui. Qing Shui could see through their intentions upon looking at them.

There were three people, and they were led by a beautiful lady whose beauty only paled slightly to that of Shen Huang’s and Beihuang Fan’s. She was elegant, dressed luxuriously, had bright eyes and pearly teeth—clearly a unique beauty. Shen Huang and Beihuang Fan were obviously one in several billion, but this woman could indeed be the match with the likes of Huoyun Liu-li, Mingyue Gelou, and Yun Duan.

She had a thin waist, a plump bottom, and a busty chest. The way her slender figure moved created a strong but wavering sense of pleasure to the onlooker.

At first, Qing Shui had no clue as to who this woman was. However, after taking a glance at the ugly, youthful face of the person standing behind her, he finally knew what was going on.

Bu Feihua… The young man behind her was the one and only Bu Feihua.

The other person who stood behind her was an old man. Qing Shui had already filtered the identity of this old man out of his mind. He was probably in charge of their safety.

“Greetings, Sir.” When the woman saw an intoxicating smile start to form on Qing Shui’s face, she inclined slightly at the waist into a small bow.

Qing Shui thought about what Nie Wu had said: that the Bu Clan’s daughter was not bad. That must’ve been the woman in front of him.

“You recognize me?” Qing Shui feigned surprise.

“Now I do. I am here to resolve some misunderstandings with you, kind Sir.” The woman smiled elegantly before nodding towards the Chi Yang couple. “Greetings, Mr. Chi and Mrs. Chi.”

As the saying goes, don’t slap a smiling man. Since the Chi Yang couple had no history with the Bu Clan, they nodded back at her, “Greetings, Ms. Bu!”

“Sorry to disturb!”

“If there is something you need, say it. We still have other matters to tend to,” Qing Shui followed.

“This is my younger brother, and you probably recognize him. I heard that he had provoked you a few days before. I brought him here to ask you for forgiveness for his wrongdoings.” The woman said smilingly.

“Feihua, hurry up and apologize to this Sir here!” The woman turned around to face Bu Feihua, her voice stern.

Bu Feihua was clearly extremely fearful of her. He walked over and said, “I am deeply sorry. I had no eyes and have offended you, sir.”

“Haha, it is fine. I forgive you. As I said previously, we still have things to tend to. Please take your leave and do not bother me in the future,” Qing Shui waved off his apology.

“That...that…” Bu Feihua stammered a few times.

“Mister, you have already punished him, and he has already offered his apologies. Could you remove the restrictions placed on him, for the sake of the new friendship? If you ever need a favor from the Bu Clan in the future, you can just directly ask us,” The woman said matter-of-factly.

Qing Shui was impressed by this woman’s gentle and patient personality.

“I did not specially ask him to offer his apologies. Anyone who makes mistakes will have to suffer the consequences. If I obeyed what you just said, wouldn’t it be like killing someone and regretting it for a bit, before declaring everything is fine again?” Qing Shui laughed out while looking at the woman.

“Sir, we came here with a lot of sincerity,” replied the woman gently.

“Sincerity is not something that can sweep everything under the rug. Please leave!” Qing Shui shook his head.

“Sir, I know that you see little of the Bu Clan. I don’t know if the Eight Desolates Region’s Wu Clan would allow you to be generous for just once.” The women knit her eyebrows.

The Wu Clan was extremely prominent in the Eight Desolates Region, slightly stronger than the Chi Clan in its heyday and not one whit inferior to the She Clan. Qing Shui had begun to recognize some of the more supreme powers in the Lower Three Regions, and upon hearing the Wu Clan, he knit his brows. “What relationship do your two clans share?”

Qing Shui held no fear for the Wu Clan. However, his preparations were still insufficient, and he still didn’t know the true power of these clans.

His frown did not go unnoticed by Bu Feihua who immediately blurted, “My sister is the Wu Clan Young Master’s fiancee. If you don’t remove the restrictions, you and your kin can await the Wu Clan’s onslaught!”

Qing Shui’s brows shot up. Just at this moment, the woman turned around to slap her brother. “Shut up!”

“Sir, I have no other intentions. Feihua is insensible, I hope you’d forgive him. My parents only have this one son who grew up to be useless. Sir, I don’t know if you have any siblings, but I only have this one. Although he grew up a little foppish, he has not done any truly despicable acts. I hope you, kind Sir, can give him a chance,” The woman said.

Qing Shui couldn’t deny that this woman was intelligent. She had beauty and brains; most importantly, she was determined and could see clearly what was set ahead of her. Someone who was able to be fancied by Wu Clan’s young master could not be just an ordinary woman. She was Wu Clan’s future mistress, not just some insignificant concubine.

Qing Shui hesitated for a while before taking a step back. “Since you put up such a compelling argument, I’ll give your brother a chance, but only if he can do something for me.”

“Thank you so much, Mister. Just name what he has to do, I’ll accept it on his behalf,” said the woman earnestly.

“I don’t know if you people believe in karma. I am only able to say that it is not as mysterious as it seems to be—it is a causal cycle and it exists. Let me be frank with you, even if I remove his restrictions until it was like what he wished for before, I estimate that in 10 years, even without restrictions, he would end up like that.”

Bu Feihua’s expression immediately changed.

Qing Shui looked at him, “I’m not trying to scare you. You have a depression somewhere in your third rib. The souls of the next generation will bear a horrible disease on their right, fourth finger. I forgot to mention that I am a doctor. Whether you choose to believe me is your own problem. If I remove the restrictions, just be reminded that if your carnal desires are as rampant as before, no one can save you in ten years’ time. Besides, the Wu Clan is not a threat to me. I’m only sparing you on account for your good sister.”

Once Qing Shui finished speaking, he raised his finger, removing his restrictions.

“Doctor, that…”

“It’s done, don’t think too much. I can cure you, but you aren’t worth it. Remember my words, else, not even I can save you,” Qing Shui mercilessly cut him off.

“Thank you, Mister. If you are ever free, let me treat you to drinks,” said the woman smilingly.

“We’ll see!” replied Qing Shui indifferently.

The woman did a small bow before she took her leave. This woman was elegant, yet intelligent. Even though she was lacking by just a bit as compared to Shen Huang and Beihuang Fan, her presence and charm, in their entirety, was not at all lacking compared to those two.

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