AST 2302 - The Human Buddha’s Nine Caves

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2302 - The Human Buddha’s Nine Caves

Qing Shui’s Bright Buddha Seal stunned She Chou who was already bogged down by his other abilities.

Currently, the Chi Yang couple’s power, with Qing Shui’s help, had become relatively terrifying. Two shattering sounds rang as She Chou exploded.

She Chou died right as the battle started!


Upon seeing She Chou’s death, endless roaring rang out beside the Reverend Human Buddha. Many people summoned their beasts, and a gigantic red wolf appeared next to the Human Buddha. The Chi Yang couple and the others also summoned their own beasts.

In an instant, the place was filled with gigantic beasts. Qing Shui also summoned his own beasts but lost them amongst the sea of beasts

The Human Buddha was also surprised as he felt that this young man was truly strange. He had a rough gauge of this man’s strength but couldn’t actually fathom the true depth of his abilities.

The battle had merely just begun, yet the majority of casualties thus far had been on the Human Buddha’s side, amidst the furious clashes.

The Divine Flying Sword and the Emperor’s Qi had already halved the opponent’s power and doubled their own. This allowed the Chi Clan to stomp on the She Clan’s alliance, especially with the Chi Yang couple on their side.

Qing Shui didn’t even bother attacking. This battle was to re-establish the prestige of the Chi Clan, so unless necessary, he would just simply watch. Besides, there would be plenty of opportunities to fight in the Eight Desolates Region.

The Chi Yang couple still had the third Chi uncle, the fifth Chi uncle, and the people on Qing Shui’s side like Hao Tian. They were like tigers amongst sheep. While working alongside Qing Shui’s demonic beasts, they were killing machines, even capable of saving quite a few of the weaker Chi clan members.

The Chi clan was inferior in terms of numbers, outnumbered several to one. Therefore, when the battle started, some of them were surrounded, but this situation displayed the advantage of the formation. There were tens of people clustered together, allowing them to watch out for one another. Furthermore, each position had someone powerful guarding them. As for the Chi Yang Couple, they were in charge of the White Tiger position in the West.

The Western White Tiger position specialized in killing, increasing the user’s attack power to terrifying levels. The Chi couple’s power was simply unrivaled. Hao Tian and the rest guarded another spot, while a portion of the Chi family took up another spot in the formation.

Qing Shui occupied the last remaining position, facing the Human Buddha.

Qing Shui caught the Human Buddha’s attention right from the start. He felt that as long as he killed Qing Shui, his opponents would collapse in on themselves. However, the previous face off nearly blew him up. From then on, there remained a lingering fear in him against Qing Shui.

He was in too deep; he had no choice but to charge ahead.

Buddha Clothing!

The clothing on the Human Buddha instantaneously glowed with golden Buddha Light. He became very solemn. His figure seemed to be continuously expanding, just like a gigantic Buddha.

The air was filled with an aura of death and reeked of blood. However, at this moment, his solemn state was less intense. The Human Buddha stared at Qing Shui with his gigantic eyes wide open, and two golden rays locked onto Qing Shui.

Qing Shui did not expect this Human Buddha to have such great attainments in his Buddhist doctrine. This Divine Buddha Sect truly had deep foundations. The Human Buddha also seemed to have unlimited resources, as well as having great talent and perseverance.

Golden Buddha Eye!

The Golden Buddha Eye that Qing Shui picked out was similar to the Buddha clan’s real eyes. However, compared to Qing Shui’s Heavenly Vision Technique, these techniques were all inferior.


The Human Buddha’s Hands struck with the force of a divine mountain.

This moment, Qing Shui realized that the Human Buddha’s power was terrifying and had already reverted back to his original strength. However, under Qing Shui’s boost, his defense was also particularly unbreachable.

Mountain Push Stance!

Qing Shui knew that the Human Buddha had called on the Golden Buddha which required him to be stably seated. Any vibrations to its foundation would cause it to collapse in on itself.

Qing Shui did not defend against the opponent’s strong attack. He chose to attack instead.


The gigantic hands slammed onto Qing Shui, but he seemed unharmed as though nothing had happened. He slowly extended his hands.


The unthinkable happened. The enormous Buddha was flipped over by Qing Shui.

This image shocked the people around—the enormous, seemingly almighty image of Buddha fell and collapsed, just like that.


The gigantic boom rang out as though the heavens had collapsed. Thereafter, the Golden Buddha’s image collapsed and returned to its human form once again. However, it seemed much more disordered, not as composed as before.

“Aren’t you always calm and collected? Continue!” Qing Shui mocked as he smiled at the Human Buddha.

He couldn’t stand the Divine Buddha Sect at all. Dozen of years ago, their sect was in the wrong, yet they killed a bunch of people from the Chi Clan. Finally, they were not even expressing any regret or apology, as well as not punishing the initial offender.

“I admit that you are very strong, but it won’t turn out well if you continue going against the Divine Buddha Sect!” warned The Human Buddha, his face ghastly pale. He had never been in such miserable straits as an expert of the Divine Buddha Sect. Moreover, he was the next Sect master, with a chance to exceed the sect master and become the Divine Buddha Guardian.

“You think I don’t know that you’re from the Divine Buddha Sect? Since I dare to fight you, it means that I never thought much about your sect! Don’t you feel dumb using your sect’s name now?” Qing Shui replied with disdain.

At this moment, the Chi Yang couple were already clashing against the Demonic Elephant sect’s Xiang Ba.

“How can you be so strong?” asked Xiang Ba as he retreated. He had suffered great injuries. And if not for his big and powerful body, he would have long since been chopped up.

“The Demonic Elephant Sect has helped the evil side by attacking our Chi Clan. It seems like you never expect today’s revenge?” Chi Yang said as he continued attacking.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a lone warrior or an expert from a prominent sect, you always need to be aware of the possibility of being destroyed,” said the Elephant Overlord calmly, blood dripping from the corner of his little smile.

“You seem pretty at ease. It seems like you are already mentally prepared, then let’s send you on your way. Don’t worry, the Demonic Elephant sect will be visited by us as well.”

The Dragon Slaying Beast trod through the crowds. Every time it struck, someone died. The Dragon Spider was even more terrifying, immediately laying out the Inescapable Net, capturing one-third of all opponents, tangling them up into a gigantic dumpling. The ground was filled with cobweb, and any movement from them would just worsen their situation.

The Human Buddha was burning with anger. He extended his hands and opened his caves simultaneously—Nine caves!

Qing Shui could tell that this rascal was strong, but having nine caves was truly the pinnacle of all experts, especially since having ten caves could only be a myth.

Roar, zoom...

Between the nine caves, there was the silhouette of a demonic beast waving about. In a moment, it struck with unmatched brightness, landing like a gigantic interwoven net.

A cave also opened behind Qing Shui. An enormous golden figure appeared.

Primordial Golden Bear!

With an indomitable spirit and a deafening roar. It started to expand as thought it was the beginning of the universe, blowing apart its surrounding as a resplendent halo dispersed in all directions.

Upon seeing the Primordial Golden bear, the Human Buddha’s complexion paled once again. This young man actually had such a high-level trump card.

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