AST 2307 - Wanting You Guys to Also Experience the Feeling of Having Your Clan Wiped Out

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2307 - Wanting You Guys to Also Experience the Feeling of Having Your Clan Wiped Out

Chi Yang looked at this arrogant and devilish looking man. They were of the same generation, but the other party looked more like a young man. He was the She Clan's Junior Sect Master, She Dao. He was one who would do things his way and was a little arrogant. It was very normal for him to be occasionally trampling over the common regulations and lie through his teeth to spite others.

"I always felt that I'm shameless, but it's only now that I know I'm still far from that. So, there's no such thing as a limit to shamelessness; there are only people who are even more shameless. I've finally seen it for myself today," Hao Tian looked at She Dao and said seriously.

Although Hao Tian's words weren't very loud, the people around could hear him very clearly. The people from the Chi Clan felt that his words were very right, and there were even others who chipped in.

"If a person is shameless, then he'd be invincible."

"There's nothing strange about this. It's not the first day that we know of this b*stard from the She Clan being this shameless. Who in the Eight Desolates City isn't aware of it?"

"Calling him shameless is showing him too much respect. He's just outright despicable. If this b*stard were to die one day, it will definitely be because he's too despicable." Hao Tian continued.

Qing Shui hadn't expected that Hao Tian was so exceptional in scolding others.

"Brother Hao Tian can really see through things. I wonder if you can tell if he'll die of being overly despicable today?" A man who got along well with Hao Tian smiled and said.

"Today? It'll definitely happen," said Hao Tian seriously.

The people on the Chi Clan's side were extremely lively, but those from the She Clan were all wearing grim countenances, especially She Dao. Usually, it would be She Dao who spite others, but now, he was the target of spite. Those words earlier carried a much greater impact than what he had said before. 

If the Chi Clan were enraged and cursing them, She Dao wouldn't feel angry but overjoyed instead. He had always wanted to spite others to the extent that they would puke blood. However, not only were the Chi Clan not angry, he was the one who was so enraged that he felt like puking blood instead.

"Won't stand on ceremony? I shall see how the She Clan is going to not stand on ceremony with us. Do you know what standing on ceremony means? You're just a bunch of crazy and evil creatures." Chi Yang looked at She Dao and said coldly.

There were over ten elderly men behind the She Clansmen. They were also the She Clan's experts. Although there were quite a number of people behind them, those people weren't really strong enough to put up a fight against the Chi Clan.

"The people from the Chi Clan are really bold. To think that you've really returned!"

At that moment, a group walked over. The person in the lead was a monk who was the size of a king kong. As he was bald, it was hard to tell his age. He had a tall and strong physique, didn't look too handsome but appeared domineering. He held a huge staff.

A group of monks of varying ages followed behind him; each of them seemed as if they weren't weaklings.

The Divine Buddha Sect!

The Divine Buddha Sect was the first to rush over. Back then, the Divine Buddha Sect had sent the most number of people and thus, there was no way that they could wash their hands off this matter. Therefore, it would be better for them to come over earlier and join hands with the She Clan. With him around, the Demonic Elephant Sect and the Wu Clan wouldn't shy away from stepping forth.

"The Divine Buddha Sect's name has really been put to shame. People who are under the teachings of Buddhism and eminent monks are all righteous people who eliminate evil and support what's right, providing salvation and help to the people. People who cultivate Buddhism saves people in trouble, and saving people is also a form of cultivation for themselves. They would strive to reach a selfless state, becoming extremely benevolent. You people have tainted the word 'Buddhism' and can never become true 'Buddhas'," Qing Shui said to the monk who was in the lead.

"Who are you? What rights do you have to speak about Buddhism here?" The monk from the Divine Buddha Sect was stunned for a moment. A strange glow shone in his eyes before he bellowed toward Qing Shui.

"Who am I? I'll show you who I am!"

Buddha Diamond Seal!

Stellar Transposition!

An extremely big buddha’s image appeared around Qing Shui, surrounding him. This towering Buddha shone in a brilliant gold color, and its powerful aura gave many people the urge to want to kneel down and lay prostrate. The monk was also taken by surprise by Qing Shui's Buddhism arts. Moreover, his mastery of the skill seemed to be very high.


The monk exploded from the strike!

Qing Shui could already tell how powerful this monk was. Moreover, he was a person who cultivated in dark Buddhism arts. He cultivated the Thousand-heart Poison Palm, a technique which required 1,000 hearts of young children to train. 

This was also why Qing Shui annihilated him directly when the monk said something earlier.

Qing Shui was infuriated. Toward someone who was so crazy, he wouldn't go easy.

This one strike astonished everyone. At this moment, Wu Xingyun and She Chenggang had just arrived and saw this scene. Both of them were taken by great shock. The people from the Demonic Elephant Sect had also arrived. This time around, many people had come and there were now over several thousand people. About 80% of the experts from the various forces had come.

Wu Xingyun had initially come to fight against Qing Shui, but when he saw Qing Shui killing the monk so easily, his fighting momentum wilted.

Earlier on, Qing Shui had already applied formations and the Battle God Halo on himself. Qing Shui boosted his defensive prowess and then applied the Buddha Diamond Seal, followed by Stellar Transposition. The prowess of this strike was too powerful. In the Lower Three Regions, this attack would be able to wipe out everyone in its way, even god or Buddha.

When Wu Xingyun saw this scene, he lost confidence. He had no idea if these few clans would be able to stop Qing Shui. If they couldn't, then the results would be clear. However, at the thought of how the Divine Buddha Sect was also a massive force, he felt that it wasn't that easy for these people to wipe them out.

"How vicious!" An old monk looked at Qing Shui and said furiously.

"Vicious? Since you guys are from the Divine Buddha Sect, do you know what martial technique he cultivated? It's the Thousand-heart Poison Palm. He must have already succeeded in learning this technique. Do you know what must one do to be able to learn this technique? It requires the use of the hearts of 1,000 children." Qing Shui didn't let them ask and answered directly.

"What? Back then, I had a child who had died from having his heart dug out. Could it be that it was done by them?" Someone from the She Clan bellowed out.

"Calm down. Why are we bringing this up at a time like this? Don't fall into this guy's trap to bring us apart." An elderly man from the She Clan quickly said.

However, everyone knew that this possibility was very high. Many people knew how vicious the Thousand-heart Poison Palm was. However, given the current situation, they weren't too sure if what the monk had cultivated was really the Thousand-heart Poison Palm.

"You're talking rubbish. Although my Teacher cultivates the Thousand-heart Poison Palm, he uses the hearts of demonic beasts. Teacher is a kind and benevolent person." A younger monk said loudly.

"If the hearts of demonic beasts are used, one could either entered a state of Qi Deviation or even possibly have died long ago. There's no way to cultivate the skill. The Thousand-heart Poison Palm requires the use of human hearts, and the children mustn't be over 12 years old." Qing Shui answered right back at the young monk.

This young monk had wanted to speak up for his Teacher but ended up being on the disadvantage. With that, everyone now knew that the monk had really cultivated the Thousand-heart Poison Palm.

"Chi Clan, what happened back then has already passed. Why doesn't everyone sit down to have a good talk? Don't worry, we're in agreement for the Chi Clan to set up a place in the Eight Desolates City." The She Clan's head stood out and said.

"It's true that what happened back then has already passed. But if I were to let this go, the ancestors in the family won't be able to die in peace, and they would come to ask me to seek redress for them. If I don't kill you people, I won't be able to eat or sleep well. Moreover, who do you guys think you are? Allowing us to set up our Chi Clan here? Now, what I want is for you guys to also experience what the Chi Clan had felt back then," Chi Yang raised his head to look at the She Clan's head before saying this slowly.

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