AST 2309 - Killing She Dao, Berserk Dragon Fist

Ancient Strengthening Technique

AST 2309 - Killing She Dao, Berserk Dragon Fist

The battle didn't continue for very long. Blood dyed the surroundings of the She Clan in red and the air was filled with the stench of blood. Qing Shui's Spiritual Sense was always activated throughout the battle and suddenly, he saw two figures leaving rapidly through his senses. They were about to disappear from the boundaries of his Spiritual Sense.

Heavenly Vision Technique!

Qing Shui used his Heavenly Vision Technique immediately and then rapidly leaped out in the direction where the two people had disappeared from.

Nine Palace Steps!

He immediately surpassed the two figures and when Qing Shui opened his eyes, he saw She Dao and an aged old man.

"There's no escape for you!" Qing Shui said softly.

Toward someone from the She Clan, Qing Shui decided that it was better to get rid of them. He didn't wish to let too many people from the She Clan off, especially people like She Dao.

"You've already created a great trouble. When the time comes, all of you will die." At this moment, She Dao smiled and said cruelly.

"There's no need for you to worry about this. You'll die before the time comes," said Qing Shui without any hint of changes in his icy expression. He had already activated the Nine Palace Laws' confinement ability. This was an ability which he had gotten from the Nine Palace Laws at a later time. Within the Nine Palace, Qing Shui was the heaven. He was the one to call the shots.

There were some abilities, which the Nine Palace had, that would allow Qing Shui to be able to suppress the opponents no matter how powerful they were.

She Dao wasn't too anxious and continued to do something without batting an eyelid as he said, "You've killed Wu Xingyun. Do you know who Wu Xingyun is?"

Of course, Qing Shui knew about this. The reason he had remembered this name was because of Bu Clan's Young Miss. Moreover, he also found Wu Xingyun's death strange. Now, he had a faint suspicion, but he said without batting an eyelid, "It doesn't matter who he is. He's already a dead man now."

"Have you heard of the Divine Rain Sect?" She Dao smiled coldly and said.


"The Divine Rain Sect? What's that?" Qing Shui hadn't heard of them before. However, he didn't fear any ordinary force in the Lower Three Regions. However, if it was some major influence that came from the Upper Three Regions, then it would be a different story altogether.

"The Divine Rain Sect is the dominator in the Lower Three Regions. Do you know what it means? It means that even if the top-notch forces were to join, they wouldn't be a match for the Divine Rain Sect." She Dao looked at Qing Shui and smiled brutally.

Although Qing Shui wasn't very worried, he was still shocked for a moment, what kind of existence was this Divine Rain Sect...?

"I've already said it, you're doomed. If you have something to say, then go ahead and say it!" Qing Shui knew that the other party would definitely go on and speak his mind. The more Qing Shui tried to stop him from continuing, the more the other party would speak up.

"Wu Xingyun is the youngest and most doted on disciple of the powerful Grand Elder in the Divine Rain Sect. If someone were to kill the Grand Elder's disciple, I wonder if you guys will be able to withstand his fury?" She Dao grinned coldly.

"Alright, it's about time for you to go on your way!" Qing Shui was about to make his move.

"That might not be the case. If I want to go, there's no way for you to stop me..."

However, before he finished his words, his countenance changed drastically and became extremely pale. He looked at Qing Shui as if he had seen an unbelievable existence.

"Are you going to use your Five Elements Talismans to escape?" Qing Shui smiled.

The reason She Dao had remained here was because he had a final ability to escape—the Gold Shield Talisman. However, he now realized that there wasn't any reaction from this treasure at all nor was there any hint of spiritual wavelength. The reason he was able to remain so calm earlier was because of his last ability to escape.

When this ability lost its effect, terror rapidly filled his entire body. He suddenly felt extremely cold, and his legs seemed as if it had been filled with lead and sunk in the soil, unable to move in the slightest.

The old man was equally shocked. When She Dao escaped, he would bring the old man along with him. The old man was very powerful, and She Dao was still young after all. Even if they were to make their escape, She Dao would still have to rely on this old man for the next few decades.

The old man appeared a little lewd and was very skinny. His clothes appeared very loose and strange on him. It could be because his age was too old that he didn't appear very anxious even after finding out that they were unable to escape. Instead, he stared at Qing Shui with a pair of eerie eyes.

The old man made his move. He held a rustic dagger and his movements were as elusive as a ghost's. He charged out toward Qing Shui with a dash and then pushed She Dao toward the distance, "Quick, run. Run a little further and you'll be able to use the Gold Shield Talisman. He has applied confinement onto this area."

The old man was knowledgeable after all and knew that with Qing Shui being so young, it was impossible for him to be able to apply confinement onto a very large area.

She Dao appeared a little hesitant. Although he wasn't a good person, he was still very respectful toward the old man. This person was someone of his grandfather's generation. He was a personal bodyguard of the previous clan head and was apt in the art of assassination and concealment. He treated She Dao very well and had also saved his life before.

How could Qing Shui possibly let She Dao escape? He used his Heavenly Vision Technique to lock She Dao.

The moment he made his move, it was with Stellar Transposition!

She Dao might be considered quite strong amongst people of his age, but he was still of a different level when compared with existences like Wu Xingyun and the Bu Clan's Young Miss. With the Nine Palace Laws, the speed reduction from earlier in addition to the Heavenly Vision Technique, the result was decided.


She Dao had already disappeared at the moment he died an unresigned death.

The old man's countenance still appeared to be very calm, and he knew that the difference between him and this young man was huge. Qing Shui's movement technique was so much better than his. He was an assassin and his movement technique was his strongest skill. However, even the skill he was the proudest of was not comparable to Qing Shui's.

If he were to know that what Qing Shui was using was the Windwhisk Willow, he wouldn't be so surprised. This was one of the most terrifying and best movement technique there was in the past.

Windwhisk Willow!

One punch!

Qing Shui didn't think about anything and merely smashed out a violent punch.


The old man wasn't able to avoid under Qing Shui's Nine Palace Laws and was struck by the punch. This was nothing, but Qing Shui was stunned. It was because a set of fist technique rapidly flashed past in Qing Shui's mind.

An additional set of fist technique had appeared in the Dragon Form of his Nine Animals Mimicry Technique!

Berserk Dragon Fist!

It had a simple name. At this moment, Qing Shui no longer cared about taking a long look at it. He directly performed it to check how strong its prowess was.


Qing Shui launched out his punch and with a faint dragon's roar, it was as if his entire arm had the movements of a dragon's shadow. When Qing Shui swung out this punch, he felt that it came with a strong turbulence of power. This was something that he had never felt before. Even when he performed the Paragon Strike, he didn't seem to feel that it had been this powerful.


With a loud boom, the old man was sent flying and spurting blood by Qing Shui's punch.

This result left Qing Shui stunned. The power of this punch was very strong, but he felt that there hadn't been a need to deal such a heavy blow. However, this wasn't the time to give it so much thought. He immediately gave chase with a flash and then followed with another Berserk Dragon Fist. Both his arms seemed to be like huge dragons and when his punch struck out, it felt exhilarating. The prowess of that punch made even Qing Shui feel exhilarating. It was as if he could blast a hole through the sky.

This punch landed on that old man's chest and ended the battle directly. Qing Shui looked at the surroundings and saw that everything seemed to be ending soon. A number of people from the She Clan, Wu Clan, and the other opposing forces had run off. After all, there were too many of them and some of them had mysterious items that could allow them to escape. Therefore, it was impractical to want to make all of them stay.

The battle ended. Putting aside those with slight injuries, there were twenty people from Chi Clan's side who had died and eighteen of them who were injured.  The twenty members who had died were the weakest amongst them and although it was a little saddening, all in all, it was still a happy ending.

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